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*opening credits*



Chelah : We did it!

Mash : Chelah has summoned her powers with our help! Harious : Yes , Chelah manages to summon her powers on time..

Mash : Now , the monster has been destroyed! Taby : That`s a relieve..

Mash : Brother , how about invite them to our house.. Taby : Yes.

Taby : Come along Harious and Chelah. Harious : Okay , let`s go.

Mash : *closes the door*

Taby : Go ahead and take a bath, and join us for dinner.

Chelah : Yes! Please!

Harious : Arghh.. My leg is wounded.. Taby : *observe Harious`s leg*

Mash : His leg are wounded from the battle...

Taby : Yes it is wounded , it needs to be treated.. Mash : Are you okay? Harious : Maybe I fell down on something..

Taby : *picks Harious up*

Chelah : Yeah, treat it before it gets worst..

Harious : okay

Mash : Let`s take him to their room.

Harious : Sorry for the trouble..

Mash & Taby : It`s okay..

Mash : *puts wet blanket on the forehead* Harious : the medicine is too strong!

Taby : It seems he need some rest for awhile before he is ready to walk again..

Chelah : How is he doing..

Taby : His right leg need some rest I`m sure 2 -3 days he will recovers.. Harious : But what about our journey?

Taby : Try to minimize your movements for now, or else it will lead to unwanted injuries on the tissues..

Chelah : Yes , you should get some rest.. Mash : Just rest in our home for awhile .

Harious : Hmm. It seems I don`t have any choices left..

Taby : Rest well.. Chelah : Tomorrow we will continue our journey..But if this the case we need to rest for awhile..

Taby : Chelah , go a take a bath.. Chelah : Alright..

Taby : Take a good rest, don`t pressure yoursel

Harious : Thanks everyone.

Harious : Come on Mash, let`s give Harious some space

Mash : Rest well , Harious, If God wills you`ll be good as new by tomorrow.

Chelah : Now we`re here.. What now?

*closes eyes*

Chelah : Come and see me..Cheva...

Chelah : Maybe , that is the next hint?

Chelah : I need to ask Taby and Mash

Chelah : maybe they know who is this Cheva...

Taby : *put foods on the table* Taby : all we need is some water..

Mash : *heat up some water*

Taby : Does the water heated up?

Mash : Done, brother..

Mash : *closes the stove fire* ( I know it sound weird in medieval era )

Chelah : Hey everyone, I feel so fresh after taking a bath

Taby : Thats good.. Mash : Hai Chelah :D

Chelah : Is there anything that I can help you with?

Taby : There is no need to trouble yourself. Mash : Just sit a enjoy the meals

Chelah : This meal look so delicious.. Taby : I will wake Harious up for dinner.

Mash : Brother, please call Harious for dinner , maybe he is hungry?

Taby : Okay

Chelah : But, I saw him, he`s tucked up in bed.

Mash : Really?

Taby : I don`t want to awake him while he`s asleep.

Chelah : Yes.. Mash : It`s okay, I`ll just save same food for him later.

Taby : Good. Chelah : Guys ,theres something that I want to ask.

Taby : What is it? Mash : Yes , what is it?

Chelah : Does Cheva exists?

Chelah : Do you know anyone named or called Cheva?

Taby : Isn`t it... Mash : That name is so familiar..

Chelah : So , it is REAL?

Mash : I think it is a dangerous monster, isn`t it ,brother?

Taby : She stays inside the frozen lake, nearby this mountain..

Mash : Yes, it is.. Chelah : I know my request is odd, but can you bring me to the place, tomorrow..

Taby : But it is dangerous.. Mash : Yes brother..It is dangerous..

Mash : That place is freezing cold.. Taby : Yes

Mash : That place was cursed with snow.

Chelah : Don`t worry , I think I can warm our bodies with my powers.

Mash : Chelah are serious that you want to go there? Taby : can you handle your powers Chelah?

Chelah : Yes, maybe I can`t really know what I am capable yet..

Chelah : But, with focus , I think I can pull it off.

Mash : How about Harious? He`s wounded.

Chelah : Let him rest..or...

Chelah : I`ll go there alone.. Mash : No!

Mash : You need someone to accompany you along the way.. Taby : I will accompany you..

Mash : It`s okay me and my brother will accompany you along the way

Taby : That monster could be vicious and surely it will attacked you. I can back you up.

Mash : How about , I ask my friend to take care of Harious?

Chelah : How about, Mash stay in home , taking care of Harious.

Chelah : Me and Taby will go , together.. Taby : Harious are not familiar with strangers.

Chelah : Yes, so tomorrow morning?

*Mash and Taby Agrees*

Mash : Now let`s eat, before it gets cold.

Taby : Eats Chelah : *recite the dua* Chelah : THIS IS DELICIOUS!

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