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welcome at GamerGeeks! We are at the Grand Finals of World of Tanks

The eSports competition of

The best teams all over the world are here to compete with each other

They can win 300.000

But what is eSports exactly?

eSports stands for Electronic Sports

It's a new branche within gaming

It's about Proffesional players who compete with each other

in order to win a prize, or start their careers as pro players

It started in a basement, friends who played videogames to win beer!

It became the phenomenon we now call eSports

Here at the GrandFinals, we can see how huge eSports has become

Wargaming, the company behind the games, invested $ 8.000.000 in eSports

40.000 teams joined the competition

Thousands of matches has been played, Thousands of hours have been practised.

But it's about the passion and the winning!

If you think you can arrange a competition like this in a day?

You can't be more wrong

The most important aspect is the game itself

What is important in a game as World of Tanks to call it an eSports title?

You need more than a community

What have you seen at this tournament?

It's so huge! That was something what occurred to me

I'm wondering where the boundaries are!

Money is an important issue, but in the end its all about the players!

How to they experience this event?

I studied light-design and what I experience here is amazing!

The sounds is amazing, this is because the event is being held in a cinema

Which is converted to a stadium!

Outside you can watch the event on a lot of monitors.

And you must not forget the importance of the host and the shoutcasters!

And then there is Streaming!

The audience can what's the competition on Twitch. This is without a doubt a huge contribute to eSports!

Na'vi is the winner of the Grand Finals of World of Tanks!

They collected 60.000 and the monolith toffee!

This is a tribute to their skills.

A Tribute to their persistence

Jordi, can you describe this feeling?

This is beautiful, I'm about to cry!

It's like a homage of the Olympic Games.

Instead of gold they have 27kg of steel!

These are the champions of World of Tanks!

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