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Energy is vital to daily life.

It keeps our world moving

as populations and living standards rise,

so will the world's need for energy.

That's why to help meet tomorrow's needs,

were working responsibly today.

For us responsible means applying standards for safety and the environment.

So when we produce biofuel from sugarcane in Brazil,

we use the best practice international standard

to help protect workers and the environment.

Responsible means sharing benefits with people in places where we operate.

For over 30 years our LiveWire programme has helped young entrepreneurs

to kick-start their ideas.

On one project in Pakistan we've partnered with Care International,

so that hundreds of rural women can bring their business ideas to life,

to benefit them, their families and communities.

And responsible means finding ways to deliver cleaner energy today,

while deploying tomorrow's technologies.

Prelude, our new floating facility,

will collect natural gas from remote areas at sea,

chill it and shrink down,

to bring cleaner burning gas,

to more people every day, around the world.

Working together, to keep the world

moving today and help shape our energy future.

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