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- Today is the day.

This is the day we surprise Lincoln.

- What?


- So it's just about time for school.

We're gonna pick him up in like an hour and a half.

He has no idea.

We're gonna pack all of our stuff for him

and then we're gonna take him to the airport.

And get on a direct flight to Hawaii.

He's gonna be so happy because look outside,

snow white.

It's been so cold and he loves the beach.

So yes, we're gonna go to Hawaii for four or five days,

just me and Lincoln and our friend,


and we're gonna meet up with Devon Supertramp out there.

It's gonna be awesome,

but first I gotta get him to school before he's late.

(piano music)


- [Lincoln] Yeah?

- [Dan] We gotta go.

You're late.

You're gonna be late.

- Where are we going?

- [Dan] School.

Get in, get in, you don't have time.

Why are you so late?

Why'd you take so long?

- I was brushing my teeth and putting my clothes on.

- You don't need to brush your teeth in the morning,

just do it at night.

- [Mom] No, no, no.

- That was a joke.

(upbeat music)

- [Girl] Bye Lincoln.

- [Dan] Goodbye Lincoln.

- [Girl] Bye.

- [Dan] Have a good day we'll see ya,

see ya later.

We did it.

He has no idea.

Do you know what's going on London?

- Yes.

You guys are going on a trip.

- I know, give me a huggy, I'm gonna miss you.

- Okay, bye Dad.

- [Mom] Bye honey, have a great day.

- Bye Mom, bye Dad, bye camera.

- [Mom] Bye, babe.

- So now it is

8:42 and our flight is at 11:50

and we haven't even started packing at all.

Not only do we need to pack my stuff,

and I need to shower and shave

and get rid of this ugly beard,

but we also have to pack Lincoln's stuff

and then we've gotta get to the airport.

And we've got an important trip,

like we've got some important things

we need to do for the YouTube side of things.

So as much fun as it's gonna be,

there's also some work in there.

I can't wait.

I'm ready to go.

(upbeat music)

- [Woman] Can you send Lincoln Markham

to the office to check out please?

- Why did you check me out?

You're filming.

- [Dan] I'm filming you.

- Luckily you got me out of art.

- [Dan] Yeah, why, is it awful?

- Yeah.

- [Dan] Good.

- There's a brand that wants to meet with us in Canada

and it's super cold and we're going there right now.

So I'm glad, hope you're happy.

- We're going to Canada?

- Yeah, super cold.

- What?

- Get ready.

- Canada?

- Canada.

- [Lincoln] Canada?

- See you guys.

- Canada? - Canada.

- Isn't that way that way?

- It's north, it's so cold, it's like Alaska cold.

Are you cool with that?

- No, I'm not alright, today?

- Right now.

We gotta go right now.

- Let's go, we're gonna be late.

- Canada.

- [Dan] You like Canada?

- You said that you really liked it.

- [Dan] Alright well, let's go.

- Are we gonna go back to pack?

- [Dan] No, I gotcha.

- [Lincoln] Already? - [Dan] I packed ya.

- Already?

- [Dan] Yeah, you're all good.

- Everything?

- [Dan] Everything's packed.

I got your boots.

- [Lincoln] What?

- [Dan] I got your hand warmers.

I got your gloves.

Alright, we're off to the airport.

(Lincoln laughs)

- Yay.

- [Dan] Yay, you're happy about that?

- Slug bug yellow.

- [Dan] Owe.

- Do you guys play that slug bug game

where you punch somebody when you see it?

- You should play!

It's really fun.

So if you see a slug bug, you gotta-

- [Dan] What's a slug bug?

They don't even know what a slug bug is probably.

A Volkswagon Bug or a Beetle,

I don't know what they're called.

Those ones that look like the little bug.

- When you find one of those, you say slug bug

and then you say the color of it

and then you get to hit them.

Slug them.

It's awesome.

- You're wondering why I was filming in the morning?

- I knew that there was going,

I knew that you were doing something crazy today,

or you wouldn't be filming it.

But I didn't expect that I would be part of it.

- [Dan] Does that make you happy that you're

gonna miss school even though it's somewhere stinky?

- Yeah.

- Okay, I'm excited.

- [Lincoln] Canada.

- Okay, our flight is at 11:50 so we gotta hustle.

(upbeat music)

- Slug bug yellow.

- [Dan] Oh great, ow!

(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

We're here at the airport.

We have an hour.

Why did we even hurry?

Why were we stressed?

- Why did you check me out of school so late?

- I know you could have done more art.


- Well art was ending in like three minutes.

- Okay, so you're happy to be at the airport.

- So that's why my fingers are all painted and stuff.

- Alright okay.

He has no idea.

That's an angel.

- That one, those two make me sad.

- [Dan] Why?

- Cause of the snow.

- [Dan] What about snow?

- It's horrible.

- [Dan] Don't be so sad.

That's where we're going!

That one over there is going to Spokane, Washington.

That one back there is Frankfurt, Germany.

That would be cool.

- Oh.

- [Dan] What?

- That one makes me sad.

- [Dan] I know.


Oh, that would be nice.

- Look who we found!

- [Dan] Dude, what are you doing here?

- You know, just here to go to Hawaii.

- What?

- Yeah.

- We are going to Toronto.

- For what?

- [Dan] It's cold, man.

- That sucks.

I'm sorry about the Canada stop.

- Can we just switch Lincoln?

Can we just switch him?

- [Lincoln] Yeah.


You want to switch ticket?

- Alright you can have mine.

Where is my boarding pass?


- [Dan] Let's go sit with him because we have an hour.

Then we can pretend like we are going to go

somewhere warm too.

- Yeah.

- [Dan] That sounds better.

Look what he's got going on here?

Door hinges on laptops.

What is this?

- Well I saw that thing at CES where the laptop opens up,

I think it's from Razor.

- [Dan] Yeah the Razor one.

- Anyway it has three screens.

And I was like, I can totally do that.

Cause theirs doesn't even close.

Their prototype or whatever.

But mine works just fine.

- [Dan] They let you through security with that?

- Barely.

They were like, what is this?

You have to put them in separate bins.

I was like, it's not coming apart anymore.


- So Lincoln has no idea.

I didn't tell Zach that, oh yeah,

Zach is coming with us.

I don't know if I made that clear.

But I didn't tell Lincoln.

And I was calling Zach and I was texting

cause I wanted to say,

hey we wanted to walk up to you at the gate.

And just be like,

"What are you doing here at the Hawaii gate.

"Ah, I wish we were going there."

But instead I'm getting some food and I look over.

And Lincoln is like, "Dad look who it is!"


It will still work.

Alright take a break we gotta go.

- Now?

- [Dan] Yeah, we gotta get our stuff and get out of here.

- So if you had to pick between Toronto and Hawaii

where would you rather go?

- Hawaii.

- Hawaii?

You want to come with me then

to Hawaii?

You and your dad have tickets on my flight.

- What?

- [Dan] Let's go to Hawaii buddy.

- Now we're going to Hawaii!


- Nice.

- Devin is waiting for us there.

We are going to go film a video with him.

Kevin Supertramp.

- Yeah.

- [Dan] We tricked you!

Were you onto it?

Did you know?

- No.

- [Dan] You didn't know at all?

- No.

Not in anyway.

I actually thought we were going to Canada.

- No offense to all of you from Canada.

It's a great place.

But, it's the cold.

It's just the cold.

We'll go to Canada sometime but.

- We're going.

- [Dan] Right now.

Good thing you brought your jacket.


Okay, let's do it.

(chill guitar music)

Playing Monopoly.

- Your turn.

- [Dan] Why don't you share that.

- Hey, what?

- I just whooped Lincoln in Monopoly,

like completely demolished him.

- I gave you so many things.

I call a rematch.

- No, no, no.

(chill music)

- I like your camera.

- Everybody, you're in the vlog right now.

Let's see who's in it.

Yes, Ren Wahey.


Tiny George.

We're filming you.

- Yes.

We are filming you.

- [Dan] Look you made a friend on the flight.

This cute little girl.

See you guys.

Have fun.

Ah, the airport is open, look!

- Ah my eyes.

They are burning looking out there.

- [Dan] Your eyes are burning.


(chill music)

Okay, so we are at the rental car place.

We are trying to figure out what to get.

Zach is smart.

He is thinking,

if we are going to see where Jurassic World was

we should get this.

Get the top taken off of it.

I don't know.

It's either this

or one of these SUV's right here.

Yeah a Jeep with the top off.

- Yeah, dude.

It's gotta happen.

- This trip is about to get ten times better.

Alright it's still cool,

but maybe not exactly what I had hyped up a minute ago.

It's more like a T-Top, like an old T-bird,

or Camero or something.

We just take off that right here.

The back will still have the top on it.

But, it's still okay.

- It's still a Jeep Wrangler,

so it's gotta happen.

- He's got some big plans with this thing.

He's going to do some crazy stuff.

You gotta check it out on his channel.

It'll be pretty wild.

I can't even tell you.

I'm not even going to tell you what it is.

It's too dangerous and possible illegal.

(chill music)

Oh, yeah.

Cookie time.

That's why we stay at the Doubletree right there.


Anybody interested in that?

- Uh, who wouldn't be.

- [Dan] They are even warm.

We just totally got hooked up by the nice people at Hilton.

They just gave us the Penthouse suite.


It's on the floor PH.

We are about to see what that looks like.

Very top, yeah, it's PH.

- PH.

It's right there.


- [Dan] PH.



- [Linoln] Eighteen.


- [Dan] Fff, we are on the fff floor.

Okay, buddy.

Find us our room.

- [Lincoln] Tah dah!

- [Dan] Oh, get me out of here.

I don't know if this door actually opens.

- [Zach] THat's it right there.

- [Dan] Yes.

I'll just take the drone and fly it right over there.


Are you guys seeing this view?

Cookie numero dos.

- You can never have too many cookies.

- [Lincoln] Dad!

- [Dan] What?

- Slugbug red!

- [Dan] Oh no.

You have five seconds.

Five, four, three, two!

Ah, owe!


There's our room.

We've made it

to Hawaii!

It's late even though the sun is still up.

It's pretty late back home.

- I want to slugbug Zach but his muscles are so strong

that if I hit it it would hurt me

more than it would hurt him.

- What are you saying about my muscles?

- They are weak.

- We got to figure out we need some food,

we gotta make a plan for tomorrow.

But I'm just happy to be here.

Right next door to our hotel is this place

that we've got to go to it.

I mean, Waikiki Cheeseburger.

- It looks so good.

- [Dan] Lincoln had to change into his pink clothes.

Looking like a tourist now.

- Yeah.

- [Dan] That's the place you go.

Waikiki Cheeseburger.

Warriors, look at this place?

It's rad.


No can.

You can do it or you no can do it.

(reggae music)


We got live music.

Check out his guy playing over here.

(man playing and singing chil guitar music)

I'm going to ask this girl about here hair.

It's so long, okay?

- Yes.

- We are asking her about their long hair?

My hair is not long enough for you?

- [Dan] Not you.

- Not me?

- [Dan] You could put her hair on.

Nice hair.

Can you see this hair?

All the way down to the earth.

Okay, how long have you been growing your hair?

- Eleven years.

- [Dan] Eleven years you haven't cut it at all

or do you just trim it?

- I cut it once a year.

- [Dan] Like how much do you cut it?

- A foot.

- [Dan] A foot!

- Yeah!

- [Dan] That is rad!

That is awesome.

So not only does this place have good burgers

and amazing music but also hair.

- Thank you.

- Well, anyway.

You are awesome.

Thank you.

- Thank you, Dan.

- This is dark at night.

It's night!

I'm wearing this and I'm not cold.

- [Dan] You're not cold at all, I know!

- I'm not cold!

- [Dan] That's great!

Alright, on a little adventure here.

I need to pick up some stuff from the apple store.

Left Lincoln back home all by himself watching basketball.

He's super tired.

- The apple store is my favorite.

- [Dan] Was that sarcastic there?

- Yeah.

- Not an Apple fan.

- [Zach] They love me.

- You haven't really exposed Apple for anything wrong.

- Just the sapphire lens.

- The sapphire lens on the camera.

- Yeah.

- That's right.

If you haven't seen it.

There is a video where he takes the phone

and he does, he scratched the sapphire lens

and it turns out to not be sapphire.

- It is sapphire but just not pure sapphire

like a Diesel watch would be.

This is actually the same watch I use in the videos.

- [Dan] You scratch that?

- Yeah, it's got a big ol' mark right through the center.


- [Dan] Alright the end of the day.

- Yes.

- [Dan] You ready for tomorrow?

- I don't know.

- [Dan] It's going to be awesome.

- I'm going to wake up super early I'm sure.

- We've got a great day planned tomorrow.

Stay tuned for some great Hawaiian Vlogs.

Today was a travel day.

Still fun because of the surprise.

But just wait.

The next couple of days, we've got drones, we've got beach,

we've got trees,

we've got Zach, who's a genius with iPhones and fixing stuff

- [Lincoln] Lava.

- We've got Devon.

Possibly lava.

We'll see.

So, thanks for watching guys.

Get ready for the adventure.

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