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Good Morning - Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thank you for joining the First EK Cooling EXPO, where we will be showing you, how you

can elevate your computers.

As an industry leader in liquid cooling it is

at the core of EKs values to be passionate, innovative and technology driven.

As this years Computex is unfortunately not taking place, this is our solution to

to still bring you what we would have delivered at the show.

It is truly a privilege to be in this position to give you a heads up on what we have

been up to at EK.

We have all been working hard.

Our labs did not rest, even during the challenges presented by the Covid-19 outbreak.

We took it seriously, andby the wayEK was the very first company in Slovenia to

get employees to work from home and also adapt to work remotely.

So, why were we working so hard?

Well, we have a villain to fight: The heat which is screwing up the performance

and reliability of your computer.

And how is it screwing up your computer?

Lets start with thermal throttling, which, per se is, a good thing: This is a safety

precaution implemented by Semiconductor manufacturers to adapt to a worst-

case scenario.

If a CPU or GPU gets too hot, it lowers its clock speeds, thus

decreasing the performance in which gamers for example would see a decrease

in FPS in a game.

The root cause is that CPUs and GPUs are so powerful that

they get too hot.

But EK cooling enables the best-case scenario top performance in almost all conditions.

The heat also affects the longevity of your computer hardware.

High temperature differences when your PC is idle or when it

is under load cause your CPU and GPU to decrease its lifespan.

Liquid cooling significantly stabilizes and decreases

temperature differences.

For example, with AIR cooling the temperature difference from idle to load is about

40 to 50 °C. Your temps are jumping up and down excessively every time you

start and stop using your PC extensively.

The consequence is a thermal fatigue.

With Liquid cooling we are stabilizing and cutting that in half to a stable 20 to

25°C. Our team really mastered liquid cooling.

This is why we are known all around the world.

We have been working closely with the biggest names in the semiconductor industry.

AMD, Intel, Nvidia, ASUS, MSI, Powercolor...

We are also working with several companies in the automotive industry

we cant disclose names just yet and also we are involved with other markets

that needs a cooling solution to control thermal fatigue.

When you see EK integrated in a product you can expect the best cooling solution

on the market.

Year over year, EK has been the go-to-place for liquid cooling solutions, we are

the leader for the most innovative products that are not only silent with minimal

maintenance but are designed to be aesthetically beautiful.

The EK team is really proud to present products that are reflective of our

leadership in innovation, technology, and design.

We will be showing you how our love and passion for innovation flows through

what we create.

EK has provided solutions for supercomputers, sustainable buildings, and rugged computers.

Every year a new type of industry comes in with a problem and we

gladly solve it.

On EK site you can explore and discover everything regarding EK portfolio.

To sum it upwhy is liquid cooling so important for your computer?

It is simple, just remember this three:

No thermal throttlingwhich means maximum performance at all time

Liquid cooling keeps your PC noise levels at a minimum

And supports enterprise applications in extreme environments.

Today we will be talking about a range of fantastic new products:

From enthusiasts to professional users.

We are looking forward to sharing the latest and greatest of EK products with you

during the next 5 days.

thanks again for being here and without further ado, Id

like you to meet David, who manages our Custom Loop product line.

David, the stage is yours!

Hello everyone, Im excited to share a little background on where things started

with EK!

Custom loop liquid cooling is where it all began.

And wow, things sure did change in the last 14 years!

From enthusiasts, who were doing a lot of modding of parts and....even parts by themselves,

to present time, where we are in totally different world!

Every day, chips are progressing and becoming more powerful.

And we are hitting a limit with air cooling technology.

It is not only the overall power which dictates cooling.

There are hot spots constantly emerging with newer


It is actually pretty hard to cool efficiently with just air cooling.

You wouldnt start a 24hrs of LeMans car race without proper preparation,

would you?

Engines have to last during this hellish competition, in the most

extreme circumstances.

It is exactly the same situation here.

To keep your computer cool and performing well for a long

time, you'll simply need EK liquid cooling.

Our Custom Loop maturedit now has endless possibilities and cutting edge

technologyregarding development, it is all about the teamthe most

passionate team in the industryand our Quantum line?

It is top of the line in liquid cooling.

From the start, EK focused on the cooling performance of a just single part,

like monoblock but with Quantum we now focus on the entire loop.

The whole offering is greater than the sum of the parts.

That's why it makes sense that customers go with EK Quantum.

We are the only player in this market that offers

a comprehensive and completely tuned portfolio.

Nowadays, liquid cooling is simply becoming more and more common.

During this time we partnered with several big players in the industry to bring to

the market the best technology and innovation for our customers.

We are market leaders, global experts coming together,

to create a synergetic value for the customers.

All of these products are crafted with EKs vast pool of experience.

So, lets check out a few awesome products from our current partnerships:

With MSI, weve had a long and successful collaboration: its been 5 years

since we started working together: we now have EK X motherboard

and EK X graphics card: by combining the expertise of two market leaders we

can create a distruptive product: incredible performance,

incredible aesthetics, at an incredible price; Our starting point was EKs product

performance and then, as you can see, a truly unique design; where we join EK

Quantum and MSI Carbon asthetics.

To sum things up, this joint

product is matching the high-end product levels we want to achieve.

To go above and beyond with MSI that this supreme technology can reach broader

pool of users.

With ASUS, we have something different; APIO is not on the market yet, it is

innovative bridge formula developed to reduce four plugins to only two!

It is a patent pending innovation of EK.

APIO beautifully adds to streamlining your custom loop.

Meaning that the final result is; less is more.

Can you see how clean this final solution is?

All those and other products were developed in EK Quantum line which are

custom made for demanding individual user, the gamer - for you!

So now it is even easier to make your computer look like your wildest dreams.

Let us take you to unforgettable journey, starting now

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our custom loop businessnow, I am

handing the stage to Jaka, our Easy Cooling guy..

Let me ask you one thing.

Do you think remedy for pain should allways be dull?

Well, we at EK can be even sexy.

SO heat is the biggest pain in a computer and EK has exactly the remedy you will need to take.

We make liquid cooling simple.

It's beautiful, elegant, and it's EK.

Everything you needall in one.

So our AIO is the most affordable

a patented high-performance product on the market

and it's easy to use

And while developing a solution we had an idea, for users to be exceptional

Sparkle of technology and design and of course for users to be easy.

So our goal is simple: make an excess.

An excess because of incredible looks, incredible performance and incredible price.

So first step is simply EK AIO.

And what is EK AIO?

It's a sealed, maintenance-free liquid cooling system that combines best-of-class performance

with highly customizable ARGB lighting options.

Just look at our reinforced tubing with aluminium cover.

The EK-AIOs pre-installed rubber tubes are

highly durable.

Strengthened by a reinforced sleeve, they act as a protective layer against wear and tear.

These are fitted to the CPU block with diamond-cut aluminium rotary tube connections,

allowing for easy mounting with a full range of movement and a clean finish.

So we use only the best materials.


EK is offering an incredible five-year warranty for the AIO,

making sure you can use it without any headaches and worries for a long time.

And what is also extremely important: Material should look

as good as new even after many years of exposure to

heat and light.

Now lets talk a little bit about value.

So everyone wants to get... good value.

Even better if it is the best value.

And one of the attributes of value is the design of a product.

Our guys put their heads together.

And let me tell you something...

For us at EK, good design is not important, it is imperative.

We think that design, like music, is a deeply human endeavour that communicates on

a highly emotional level.

Good design is so much more than average design, as it creates that

indescribable feeling of the finest brand.

As on the technical side we want products to excel with increased performance, our approach

to design products is about pleasurable aesthetics

which is also elegant and fascinating.

Clean edges, sleek design, beautiful proportions everything as a whole seamlessly exhibits

minimal design and creates a harmonious appearance.

So we wanted to bring as much light as possible to your build so you can really stand out.

And the solution we thought out, is with the latest

A-RGB technology.

Chosen materials underline the premium character of the product.

The CPU block is fully covered by opaque not just plain plexiglass, and together

with LEDs it is creating a uniform, fascinating lighting effect.

Just look at this delicate harmony of colours.

So the feeling that we were searching for, is when you turn your computer on,

your components will literally shine.

It is the filling when the sun awakens and caresses the surface of the mountain.

It is not just fashion, is much more that showing off.

EK design is a design that defies heat, clock limits and


Any well-designed product or experience acknowledges the user.

We believe that it's that respect for you, the end user, that makes a design


When we talk AIO, our major effort is to make it

easy to install, but be sure, EK will always make your computer also look amazing.

And this is the magical connection and promise of the EK brand

because we turn ordinary to extraordinary.

Now some of you might ask: Water in your computer?

What the heck?

Let me tell you a fact: 71% of the world is water, so why not in your computer?

It just has to be right way, the EK way!

A reliable technology and best bang for the buck!

Who do you want to listen while you are gaming?

Is it your friends or your CPU air cooler acting like a chopper.

Now todays PCs are all about performance.

Now, you buy a 2.000USD+ gaming PC, and just

with adding extra 100 bucks, your PC can have: More performance,

can live longer and work in silence.

Isnt that amazing?

Back to you, Eddy.

What are the top 3 issues that PC gamers have with their PCs?

Its heat, noise and price.

At EK, we are known for our liquid cooling solutions and we have thought about this allot

and have come up with EK Fluid Gaming.

There are many options out there for liquid cooled PC but EK Fluid gaming

provides both CPU and GPU fully liquid cooled PCs at an affordable price.

How is that possible?

Let me give you an example.

Rolls Royce is a handmade car.

its a beautiful work of art and its the peak of handmade automotive engineering

but are unattainable for the masses to enjoy due to the price.

liquid cooled PCs are also handmade and can be works of art and performance,

but EK Fluid Gaming PCs deliver this in a meticulously crafted package at an

affordable price point for everyone to enjoy.

Just look at it.

Isnt it gorgeous?

So, How can we achieve such a beautiful beast for such a good price?

It is about Disruptive innovation.

With more than a decade of experience in cooling.

With engineering and technology.

With our approach to design for manufacturing and design to cost.

In other words, we streamlined it.

What you have to understand is that It had to be engineered from start to an end

to make it happen.

And not only that.

We have done it with legendary EK passion.

Not only a passion for making beautiful and high performing computers, but also

with a passion for gaming.

As you will see in this video, Fluid Gaming is all about Passion, Innovation and

Technology Now let's drill into it.

How can we obtain disruptive innovation and optimize the price?

Just remember this three:

Material, Production & Assembly and Optimal Configuration

First, let's discuss Aluminum in PC cooling

Aluminium is the proper solution for mass

production, but it has to be made a closed loop, as we did only in Fluid Gaming.

Otherwise copper would basically eat Aluminium for breakfast.

And what would it happen if we mix Aluminium and Copper in same loop you can

see on this picture!

Nobody wants that!

So, is Aluminium actually good?

The answer is yes! For this application.

Its Easier to machine.

It Weights 30% of the copper weight.

Its Much more cost effective.

And it does not affect gaming experience vs.

Copper at all!

- And I could continue even more, but I would like to add just one more thing.

That lighter weight during transport means much

less problems!

Second, in production we were inspired by the car industry, which is the

industry that is the most streamlined.

So, cutting costs for the benefit of user was

our main goal.

Looking at the assembly, let me give you a comparison between the custom

loop produced PC, the Rolls Royce that I mentioned before and our Fluid Gaming

PCthe shiny, sexy sports car.

Do you know much time it takes for a professional to assemble a PC with custom loop?

Its 8hours!

With EK Fluid Gaming Barebones, we cut it down to less than 2 hours!

Yes, you can build 4 fully liquid cooled Fluid Gaming PCs in

time that you assemble one custom loop PC!

So if you are an SI you can save on assembly costs and be more competitive!

The third one is optimal configuration.

Yes, fluid Gaming PCs are game tested and optimized.

For us it is important that you dont spend more money than necessary.

Our PCs are built by gaming computer enthusiasts for gamers.

We have 3 categories, that reflect the level of experience and we named them:

Battle, Conquest

and vanquish We can't skip EK support, which is known to

be the best in the industryespecially in our Custom Loop, and of course

we have Fluid Gaming covered too.

Do you know what is the best feeling when you unbox your Fluid Gaming PC?

It is when the coolant flows through the system

for the very first time,

when your PC actually becomes alive.

See it for yourself:

Where can you find our PCs?

EK Fluid Gaming machines are not only available in USA but also in

Australia, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands through our Fluid Gaming partners and

will be available also in other countries.

Yes, it is a global product!

So go with EK Fluid Gaming if you want to play it cool. Cool!

Now we will move on to Sandi, and our Enterprise Business unit!


were always on our mind.

All these architechts and programers and people working in front of

computers for their whole day........ coming to us.

Thanking us for what we've come up with so far, but also wanting more.

From the perspective of design, engineering, rendering and this type of

work, we are actually our own customers, too.

So, when we think about problems with workstations, what comes to mind?

How loud they are, how hot they are

how they are not performing well,.... these are problems we also face.

And you man can be a harshest judge of himself.

So we really wanted to push the limits.

And we were tinkering and thinking.....

How can we provide something better?

The question our team had is what

is the real pain that people go through?

Playing with different options and solutions, we figured out a few things:

After thorough research we figure that high temperature fluctuation is a nightmare

for your hardwareremember your cars dashboard after few years in Californian sun?

The same is happening to electronic components after continuous jumps in temperature.

You can see what happens to soldering joints after thermal cycling test.

With liquid cooling thermal fluctuation is much well stress on the components

which all leads to higher reliability

Reaching the throttling temperatures will

reduce computing performance significantlyand this is common with

conventual cooling.

How...let me explain.

Again...because it is really important....

What is Hardware throttling ?... semiconductor manufacturers built a solution to

prevent damage in worst case scenario: Scenario is pretty much straight forward.

Core temperatures are getting to high.

Clock speed is automatically lowered and everything results in a performance drop

In other words

Even if you have top notch componens in your computer, when thermal throtlling

happens the perfomance can drop to the level of entry level systems.

With fluidwork systems

thermal throtling is history and you will have 100% of utilisation of your

hardware each and every time you use it.

So EK cooling enables best case scenario But there is another pain


What if you have performance requirements for 3 GPU's when you strat your

business, but after six months it goes up to five.

Do you have to buy new one?

Let me show you how this works:

First I want to talk about effects of liquid cooling:

Full utilization of hardware in dead silence

You all can see this system, right?

By first glance, It looks like it is swithced off....but it isn't...not only that it is

turned on, it also runs at full load with 100%

utilisaiton of each GPU and yet

you cannot hear a thing.

Second important thing is upgradability I will show you how easy and risk free this actually is.

In my hands I am holding an addon GPU unit with preinstalled water block tubing

and Quick disconnect couplings.

Everything prefilled and ready to use...

ready to plug and torture.

This is the way you will get additional GPU if ordered separately.

Installing cannot get any easier.

As you can see, we are using quick disconnects couplings, and as reliability is our

top priority, we did not use just any quick disconnect couplings.

We went with one the best manufacturers of QDCs and with

their newly engineered composite series.

Third...Servicability....paralel to upgadability qdc's add a lot of value when it

comes to unfortunate events caused by gpu failures.

If this happens...You just need to switch off the computer,

disconnect and remove the non working GPU.... then switch it back on, and you are back on

track with one less GPU, but you are back on track!

When you receive the new prefilled GPU... just plug it in and continue.

It's easy.

Fourth important thing - Unparallel support

Purchase an our workstation and you will never be left alone

because EK support will always be there for you.

Fifth important thing to mention - Total cost of ownership.

Did you know that investment in desktop system pays back in 4 months comparring it

to cloud service rental and same hardware used?

Interesting, isn't it?

Six and final - saving time:

Working overtime hours?

With FW systems you will finish jour job and still have

time to grab a burger and beer.

Now you know solution... it is Silent, fully liquid cooled, reliable, high performance

workstationoffering an expandable hardware and software platform, and world class

technical support at a disruptive price point.

So I can say only thing now

We did our work,

so you can do yours... better!

And now back to Eddy.

I would like to thank you all again, for attending our very first EK Cooling Expo.

It is you, our customers and partners, that keep driving us

to be the best we can be.

We will continue to keep being passionate about where we came from, where we

are now, and also for the future.

We wouldn't be where we are today, without you.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon!

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