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You and your family are going out for the evening, everything seems to be going

as planned. For the burglars waiting for you to leave maybe things won't be so

bad they might go straight for your television and leave the rest of your

home intact. What if you're not so lucky? Burglars could take everything you own

including valuables, all of your electronics and family mementos and even

caused significant damage to your home in the process. With many insurance

policies there are set limits for what they will pay to cover your loss but

with the EncompassOne Policy your total limit is available to cover every aspect

of your loss, the dwelling, the contents and any other structures on your

property. Encompass recognizes that every covered event is different and the

EncompassOne Policy is tailored to help you when the unexpected happens. Your

coverages are combined to respond to the demands of your actual loss. Now maybe

your home hasn't been significantly damaged but all of your personal

property has been stolen. With other policies you could be constrained by the

individual limits for your personal property which are only a percentage of

your dwelling value but the replacement cost may actually be higher. Encompass on

the other hand gives you a blanket limit to pay for your loss in increments as

necessary not based on categories. Did the thieves damage your landscaping?

Destroy your shed? Take out your fence? Encompass has you

covered for everything that's part of your property. With the EncompassOne Policy

you're covered up to 200 percent of your home's value to spend on repairs and

replacements. One location, one property limit, one less headache for you. Enjoy a

simpler insurance experience with the EncompassOne Policy. Discover Encompass.

Ask if an EncompassOne Policy is right for you.

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