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what is up cog squad it's a beautiful day today and we're thinking about

letting the chickens out of lockup what is up sunshine

hey baby girl hey we're thinking about we think about letting the chickens out

of lockup what do you think ask peaches yeah better what you thought but um you

know the chickens have been in lockup for over a week you know trying to learn

the new coop and I think we're gonna let them out today what do you thinking

I appreciate your feedback girl I'll get you some breakfast good morning miss

foxy hey you don't mind if we let the chickens out I know it's gonna be a

little more work for you to guard but I was just alright good deal

good morning meatball how you doing baby girl what's up Cloverleaf hey little

man we're thinking about letting chickens out today hope you cool with it

but here's my question do you think they're gonna go back up yeah I hope

you're right good morning Bill and Ted I guess y'all heard the news this

morning fixing to feed you guys

yeah check on the new chicks here the blue egg-layers how y'all doing and a

couple of showgirls we got everybody okay y'all sleep good that's good

all right let's go feed the goat and one thing by letting the chicken down

there goes a mallard

Things fly like crazy around here whoa boys no come on Bootsie we are

definitely thinking you're pregnant not quite sure about bo-peep yet but feeling

pretty confident about Bootsie Top is doing his job that's what we want good

morning big Thomas how you doing brother I just wanted to talk to you for a

second there then inform you that MaryCarl will be down here in a minute

I know we talked about letting the chickens out so you'll have some company

running around here with you you want to let them out sure all right

and y'all gotta figure it out all right Thomas you take care of them now what's happenin ladies the girls have member to stretch your

legs out like this in over a week now y'all be sure to go back up there

tonight don't mean don't let me catch y'all roosting in the fig tree no more

no more roosting on the barn no more roosting in the goat pen gotta

go back into this fantasy new coop it took us six months to build you guys now

it's a lot safer in here plus y'all get Thomas out here hopefully we let

them stay in there a while this time so hopefully they've learned the coop

and they're gonna go back up there at

night we'll check tonight and see how many

stay outside fingers crossed not many there's go go

this is Go Go remember she's the one who had the chicks in the horse trailer and

she has not lost a single chick she got all well let's go get the goats some hay

this morning

there's a naked neck already up here how so we have some mallards sitting on some duck eggs in

here in the goat or the the boys goat yard a goat pen

of course the boy goats aren't in here they are with the ladies so she is had oh she does got

a baby on her back that's the only baby see it

looky here Oh Scott number one gal and has been for years go

Scott's three or four now ain't he it's popcorn this hen right here I mean they

have been like this from day one popcorns been in lockup to learn the new

coop and look Scott's already showing out for I hear you Scott

you're a gentleman you are a gentle man you've been missing you buddy popcorn

yeah she sure has been missing her buddy she's gonna bite your tailfeather Scott

better watch out there she goes oh my gracious popcorn that ain't how it

works girl that's not how it works crazy all right let's see how

everything's going with the girls nobody in the coop except the ladies laying eggs

yeah it's coming interested see if we have the 45 or 50 eggs we've been getting

every day girls really haven't been able to do this since they been out look at them they're

all dust bathing and they do that to really keep bugs off of them good morning miss

Ozella I saw Scott earlier today yeah he was up pretty early this morning I'm

sure you heard him all right what I am going to do today is I'm gonna take these

Bell style waterers and we're gonna hook them up we love these waters and it

just gets so hot here I want to make sure I got enough waters for our chickens we

got these waters over here which we love but we'll hook these up because we're

not using them for anything and I'm gonna hook them up to a barrel a big

barrel like this this would be my main water source for the waterers now we've

been using five-gallon buckets for the waters in the past but the chickens just

drink so much water and it gets so hot here then I'm gonna hook the barrel up

to it hey Scott Scott I just saw Ozella

she may be down there looking for you hey let all the barrels out this morning

so don't get no big head all right all right so here's our barrel we decided to

go with a little bigger barrel if you're interested in these waters or anything

for that matter that's on our farm always check our amazon page I tried to put

everything on our farm in there so it's a lot easier for you guys to find 95% of

the time everything that's on our farm or that we use on a farm is in that

Amazon page you don't let you have to buy it from Amazon it'll just give you a

reference point and give you the name brand and that way you can do your own

research and maybe you can find it cheaper or you can just buy from Amazon

and if you do use our page we get a small commission for it no extra cost to

you and it helps our channel out but I am gonna drill the hole a little bit

smaller than the fitting that way it'll be a super tight fit

and I'm gonna put some silicone around it too so you shouldn't leak and if it

does it be very minimum alright get it done gonna let this dry so we put any

water in it and get good and setup but this should work don't have to worry

about our chickens really running out of water

well it's official ole girl the hens of Cog Hill and chief are out now let's hope they

go back up tonight come check out this beautiful beautiful rose my gracious

we love this thing and this is just a old heirloom variety or antique rose

that we found that we took a piece of root stock off of and it too it does so

awesome it's a little fragrant but not super fragrant I do nothing to it

nothing I don't fertilize it I don't spray it

nothing the only time I prune it is when it gets out of hand like right here I'm

a prune this off but that's the it this thing is gorgeous and I'm no Rose expert

at all I honestly my knowledge of roses is

pretty slim to none but I love this one

all right got the water in as you can see I've got three water's coming off of

it this should work really well what I'm gonna do is I'm going to come back I'm

gonna run out at daylight today I want to beef this structure up because when

this thing gets water in it it's gonna be pretty darn heavy but I like it

I like it that'll be 55 gallons of water plus

we'll have one two three four five that's 20 gallons of water and then I

got two more in there and that's another 8 gallons of water so I really don't have to

worry about my girls and my boys what's up boy running out of water do we big Tom

no where are you going all right check out this big surprise we got from an awesome

youtuber called reap what you sow you guys be sure to check them out I'll put

a link to their channel down below and up here somewhere in this video now

they sent us something awesome and they're any little packages right here

all right so we can see be gentle a pretty color this is a pheasant egg ring neck

ring neck pheasants and they sent us we think there's 9 or 8

okay there's eight of them in here and so we're super excited about these bad

boys because we have been wanting pheasants so this is just too awesome

and thank you guys so much for these awesome awesome eggs our plan is to put

them in the gqf 1502 sportsman incubator even though it's this is really overkill

we could put it in another one but these are already in here this is an awesome

incubator so why not use it yeah we're gonna put them in we got our these are

pheasant I think these are actually pheasant racks yeah they are

does it fit okay on it good perfect good good we could put bantam eggs on these trays

yeah you could bantam eggs on them the different colors those are beautiful like an olive brown

color thing about pheasants is we read 23 to 26 days and said ideal temperature

was 99.5 so we got it set at 99.5 and then we'll goon lock down on day 21

according to what we read on mr. Google

good deal let's put is some water in there is it yeah all right we don't need the wick in

there that's to raise the humidity we don't need super high humidity at the

moment so let's go fill our tray up and get them going all right let's go

see how many eggs we got if there's any difference in eggs 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

43 44 45 46 eggs today that's not normal that is about normal we'll take it and

now I'm gonna come back down here tonight and see who all went up and he

didn't fingers crossed they all go up meatball meatball you think everybody's

gonna go up it is 7:30 it's not quite dark yet so you may wait a little

bit y'all got a campfire going up there's one that's not gonna go in that

is popcorn who is Scott's buddy Scott's over there girl wantcha jump

up there and go get her peak over there can you see them

that's a good many of them MaryCarl it looks like almost all of them I don't want to

cut the light on but guys it looks like a lot of let's go look in their normal

places like right here this was main area was on top of these others and

making it come here girl she may go up yes let's see if she goes up there she goes yep

there she goes she wound here you think shut the main door

I think everybody's up I think shut the main door think everybody's up oh

those are stragglers they don't ever go up do they

I am gonna look in the goat house wonder who's in the goat house

I'm gonna peak back down here when it gets dark and make sure MaryCarl here's a Ono

she's coming come on come on come on girl there you go

you think she can get in there you got Ono she was I think she was headed

back up though some chickens just go up later than others some breeds go to bed

early and some a night owl so I see y'all guys can see they did go up so

then your new olive eggers went up I'm gonna cut the light on well I'm scared if I cut the light on

If I cut the light on a lot of times they'll start getting down and

coming out crack the door

now look at that there look at their eyes lighting up that looks like almost all of them right there we will go look in the goat pen

the barn porch is one area they're not there the other place they would hang out is

the fig tree and I don't see any up there so here's the old Rollie pollie

y'all know this is where they stayed until we got the new coop

and it is

totally empty

oh yeah hive 5

yes all right all right now we can do it like two or three

days in a row that'll be awesome

so there's no sense even me coming down here tonight

they are all up

I am so happy

oh you know what we got this roost in here

forgot about this one let's go check it make sure there's none in here

there's none in here there's zero yes

they're all up mama

I'm still see standing by the fire

your stump is burning

this is one of the trees that

we had cut and it's just you as y'all can see it's too wet for him to get in

here to grind a stump without getting a Tract hoe coming here to get him out

so we've been burning it

burning wood and stuff on it

its deep down in there an I am going to get my tractor bucket and dig out in front of it and burn a little deeper

try to get it on out but I might can dig it on out with my tractor

want you just pull it up hook a chain up to it this is the area you like to

get stuck in it is but I am fixing to change that because I am planning on getting a load of red

red clay and building it up some so at least I can drive the tractor under the little shed area

plus to as we mentioned before we're gonna clean all this up and they're

gonna make our drain come over here instead of over here and then when the

guy comes to do all the land working site work he's gonna make our drain come

down through here and over there there and hopefully that will dry some of this

up in your reds gonna come around through here and up through there we

moving up we're like The Jeffersons we're moving on up here at Cog Hill

me too me too but I cannot tell you how happy I am the chickens are up you wanna

know why we call this little booger here clover leaf now you know what's up

clover leaf that's where he sleeps every night I see y'all just chilling out in

the Sun it's a beautiful day to day ain't it certainly is a beautiful day to

day Oh Scott

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