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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

and today we're back with another episode of the not so berry challenge

pepper is enjoying some breakfast she made herself some pancakes and in front of her she has the card

that narissa once sent her very thoughtful and it's one of the most precious things in

pepper's life it's in fact so precious that she often stares at it while eating breakfast

and to be honest today we actually have a bit of a busy day because we have to

start making some money we have bills on the table they're very hesitant to pay these bills

because we have never been out of money like we have been ever since we moved here these bills

are eleven hundred simoleons and six freaking simoleon cents what do you call those senses

whatever smittens that is not nice that is that is not nice my lady before we go off to work i should

say we want to get our fun levels up a little a little more than what we have right now and a

whole cuddle with our favorite little lady will definitely do i think i'm actually gonna go and

praise her for being so playful because she was being a little [ __ ] earlier actually before i

go to work i have to make some toy robots come on yeah i'm all out of robots so as you guys know we

got a loan at the bank and we want to pay that up asap but if i'm not mistaken we actually are

already in more debt than we were previously when we last met up with pepper go ahead and check our

okay so our loan account is currently 29 400 and on top of that we still

have to make and pay our own bills so say that pepper has about 30k that she has to

pay back to the bank and currently a thousand that she has to pay forward to her rent which

yikes right yikes this is one of the reasons why i would never personally like loan any money at

the bank and because i'm really scared that one slip up one heat of the moment

decision gonna end me up with debt that i can never pay off like i'm honestly honestly kind

of like terrified that that's not gonna happen one day so you'll you'll never catch me getting alone

at the bank unless i know for damn sure that i'm going to be making a [ __ ] ton of money that year

and i can pay it off but other than that it wasn't so clever i think the bills that we

have to pay are also due and instead of paying them off i made her go make some more robots

yes it's gonna get us money but maybe we should have paid the bills first and then some robots

maybe we'll have to sacrifice something i already got rid of all the items in this room so we have

more money but we're still thinking i might have to verify something else i'm not sure what yet

i don't really want to get rid of anything else maybe the extra chair or maybe i can start selling

the outside i'm really not really not sure if i that's not enough oh oh my god okay let's sell

the blinds in here i think it was 1100 right so why don't we get rid of let's just poop in the

open like who cares right but okay okay hold up hold up hold up pepper pepper and don't pepper

i think we actually spend too much money now oh my god starting or having to sell our belongings but

at least we can pay the rent now which i think is important all right so i think oh my god danielle

danielle has left us the newspaper let's make sure we put this baby inside so danielle can

steal it and then i want to go and go to my store are we still friends i never hear from you anymore

would it kill you to make an effort every once in a while well maybe if you didn't

steal my newspaper hey guys just pause it for a second you know how much i like to pause

or actually let's go ahead and have her lounge so she can relax a little bit before i open the store

but yeah this is what i've done with the store and it looks very different than before but i really

wanted the minty theme to come through since this is the main generation so i had to get used to it

a little bit because i feel like this looks like chocolate chip ice cream minty mint it's

you know mint ice cream with chocolate whatever for the inside have that many items

to be honest that are minty colored so i thought that if i just kept it

to the outside once i have some more minty items i'll eventually update this a little more but i

think for now it's pretty cool so i'll take you through what i've done so this is a little area

that is just for pepper there's a kettle so she can make some tea she can sit down have a snack

and then this is the public bathroom which i am decorated with the minty theme when you

come through we have this is what's going to be peppers plant section and i made these really

expensive because i don't really want her to focus on this i want it to be like a toy store right so

oh we got a happy customer and here we have some more shelving actually you know i have decorated

maybe a little too generous because let's be honest i don't even think anyone is going to buy

this much like i decorated it with the intentions of having a freaking big ass good running store

but no let's have a restock one of these robots hard why does why why does everyone make beef

pepper pepper just decided to attack a customer pepper we have to apologize apologize now pepper

apologize how pepper this guy's like yeah it's okay i specifically came here to get

punched in the face and these guys appreciating him pepper i'm going to go ahead and set you to be

the cashier because i don't trust you with anything else you are such a little just i

just cannot believe the amount of bitching that pepper is doing right now like why is everyone

fighting each other like i don't understand it's not a store this is a fighter stop making beef

sharon sharon came to check out my store i've missed her so much i hope you're not gonna make my

store crash because honestly poor poor poor pepper pepper meets sharon at her newly open

store and sharon comes to her and he's like oh my god pepper i'm so excited you got your own

store it's so cute it's so minty it's empty but it's you pepper just breaks down in tears crying

i don't want my own store i want my job back i want my old life back everything is going

to [ __ ] love how pepper just breaks down the second that she sees her friend and has a very

vulnerable moment and then her friend is like hey let me help you out let me buy something i

just i just realized what's going on pepper showed her friend something that she like

she i don't know where it is but she showed her the picture i think this is what she showed her

um her award for like best newcomer or first simoleon earned i'm not really sure but pepper

showed sharon that and immediately like she just cheered up so i feel like this bite like i'm gonna

be honest despite that pepper is also very visibly upset like she collected herself immediately she

was like okay you know what pepper this we can't be like this we gotta breathe stop attacking the

customers just pretend hold up just pretend you can do this we can pretend we don't hate everyone

we can pretend like we actually want to own a business we can do this we can keep it together

pepper underestimated just how much she hates being around people because pepper is always

going to be always fighting with everyone pepper is a grumpy sim right a bit of a grouchy grumpy

them she's also not super outgoing i think we can all agree if i say that i don't think pepper

is a very customer friendly sim so i think pepper might just not be cut out to work with people but

you know that's just that's just how it is charles come and take a look at this

thing i think we have one more robot to stock so let's go ahead and do that

oh my god we could totally hire our friends sharon is buying something oh you're such a good friend

oh she's such a good friend she wants to help me out those eyes oh my god oh my gosh

oh struggling to put the money in and one of them was making a comment saying like hey

lady okay like it's good first like trying my hardest okay i'm barely keeping it together

and sharon is just like how dare you how dare you ask me to scooch you

[ __ ] she's the worst oh that's not the fun that face of her she's like um excuse me guys what the

[ __ ] going on look at the face that's the face of oh boy oh my god is the moment sharon realized

that pepper may not be cut out for this kind of job but she's too nice to say it so actually it

didn't go that bad he's kind of like are you are you gonna buy something are you

just gonna stay like you're gonna do sure is just you know it's it's just it's just starting out

right like we we can't expect ourselves to have the best and biggest and boldest store i actually

quite like this size i think this is the perfect size store it's not too big it's not you know

i mean obviously we need to make it look nicer always i'm always obsessed with making things

look nicer but for now like i think this will do for now like it's a cute little it's a cute little

it's a cute little store what can i say i'd actually just hold up i think for now

we're just gonna stick to these you have two more robots i think three more four more items to sell

so i might just have her pull an all-nighter now that she's you know unemployed i might as well

might as well do that she doesn't want to go shopping for some new clothes so they love

they love my little first simoleon side actually it looks like people are buying anything they're

just making beef now which this is 2 a.m i think that's beef hour so we're gonna go oh gosh we have

to unclog this well actually he's gonna take a [ __ ] so i think i'm just gonna leave it for what

it is like i don't really wanna i'm gonna make a video soon where i'm just gonna buy like a ton of

minty colored stuff that'll be interesting before we go home pepper wanted to buy

some new clothing or kind of tight on money i think we can you know gently say that have her

try on an everyday outfit because i want to see if i like it before buying it she only

wants it doesn't say what she wants so i think i'm just going to buy another maybe like a new

everyday outfit i actually don't think it looks very good but let's just take a look

oh okay um

yeah that's it that's a definite no we have to be frugal i really want to spend more money but

we have to be frugal there's only so many right so many things she wants to do pepper's bank loan

account has gained interest of 1200 that means oh my god you guys oh god she is worried i i

understand pepper i understand her is earned 1200 i think yeah it's like maybe a bit more than 1200

today and now we already have to pay off not even the amount that we had this morning we have to pay

off the extra that came in so we literally were didn't change the number whatsoever i understand

though i understand her worries completely honestly i understand pepper's frustrations

and her insecurities i think that she wanted to do something different no other choice and

sometimes she just makes these impulsive decisions and i think this was one of those even though she

kind of thought about it before i still think it was perhaps not the best thing she could have done

it may it may not have been the easiest thing to do because now she has to work triple his heart

to make it work going to work was definitely different than going to be your own boss you

know it's a lot it's a lot more effort and we also don't really have enough money to make enough of

these toy robots to eventually sell them so you're almost i mean i almost feel more inclined to get

a bigger loan just to be able to make more money we have a bit of money i am gonna have her

enter the lottery it's luck it has nothing to do with hard work okay but winning the lottery

can always be very much appreciated so we're just gonna have her enter even if it doesn't work out

to make enough robots to sell them but at the same time if we don't have any money to make

them we're not gonna be able to sell them so i think that i need to give pepper enough time to

really test this out because if you really can't make it happen we're gonna have to

get her a job it's gonna have to sell the store and then get a real job again which

there's nothing wrong with that it is what she wants but i didn't want her to have the store and

i don't really want her to not have the store right now and then just like scrap the idea and go

back to having her work normally really happy to danielle stop taking our newspapers because now we

can do our old school her old school puzzles again which is nice gives her some fun she really likes

doing it let's take a look at her skills so she doesn't want to max out all seven of them which

is quite a task you guys know that i really i really want to do that you know naturally so it's

kind of a long process to get your logic skill up in you know by by natural natural selection

you're gonna have to read and do a lot of puzzles thing another thing i think she could really

use is i actually i think pepper needs to talk more to herself uh i practice some um

customer service but yes a pepper girl that we're not or not but i think we're just gonna go and

make a bunch of these robots until we have no more and then i'm gonna bring her back to the store and

wait hold wait wait wait a minute thousand is added to bills and subtracted to

pepper's bank loan account i don't know why it automatically it automatically takes a thousand

oh gosh we can't even save up this banking this banking thing is really interactive you guys

yeah i'll stop it stop it get some help not to mention you guys this baby is gonna come any

freaking second now can you can you believe this we're gonna be a mother

well i mean a mother i mean technically biological will be our mother but yeah has danielle changed

her mind in these past episodes has she decided to get the baby is pepper gonna take care of the baby

or is the baby just gonna be adopted by someone else who knows who knows

either way this is a perfect chance please to end this episode i want to

see you guys so much for watching and i'll see you guys in the next video