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earlier this year the Florida House of Representatives passed a bill to ban new

forms of synthetic marijuana but products are still being made and sold

and more and more teens are experiencing devastating side effects medical

professionals and law enforcers say parents and teens need to know there are

serious consequences even though these products are for now easy and legal to

buy synthetic marijuana also known as k2 spice legal among other names has been

sold since 2006 as incense or potpourri although more often than not people

smoke it what we have found is that we've had multiple cases in two high

schools here where kids have have used it and had to be transported to hospital

for treatment Lieutenant Timothy eNOS with the Sarasota County Sheriff's

Office says it's an ongoing problem with our teens he says because it's available

in retail stores kids think it's safe an alternative to using illegal drugs some

of these students are having a terrible reaction to smoking it and that they're

actually looking like they're almost going into a seizure and that's only one

side effect hallucinations vomiting extreme psychosis have also been

reported with multiple unknown toxic substances in unknown amounts it's no

wonder the reactions vary they can spray the k2 or black diamonds or whatever the

substance is with anything and it is basically not regulated with the amount

of chemical that your body's been exposed to one Sarasota mother who

agreed to speak with us but didn't want to go on camera says her son started

smoking k2 at just 13 I knew things were up and and he was just his behavior was

erratic and he was angry and just blow up and like really like slam a door that

just shook the entire house and most drug tests won't detect the synthetic

marijuana so even if a parent tests their child it may not show up it was

only after searching her son's room that our mom discovered exactly what her son

was up to has it made him so physically sick that there was no way then I mean

he's just so obvious he was just he was just sick

I mean it was just horrible it's so easy for them to get it's it's a joke

in fact it's sold at several convenience stores gas stations and head shops and

because it's legal and sold as potpourri there's no age limit in buying it we

just purchased what was labeled as mr. happy at a local convenience store and

if you look on the packet it clearly tells you does not contain any

prohibited ingredients what it doesn't tell you is what it does contain we

don't know what's inside of it the companies are continually changing the

molecular compound in order to keep it as legal as it can be once the state

outlaw is a chemical the formula is changed and it's labeled as legal if

you're a student or somebody and you smoke it and you're allergic to

something that might be in it or you get a batch that has too much of whatever

the synthetic drug is or that chemical and you're kind of like you're rolling

the dice lieutenant inna says it's important to educate students and

parents to keep our youth safe and still there is an ongoing effort to get these

products banned so they're illegal to sell and not as easy to purchase as a

soda it's a fight parents and lawmakers hope to win sooner rather than later I

just can't believe I can't take it off the market I think it's so harmful that

these guys will sell it knowing exactly what these kids are doing with it

I mean it's suicidal in my opinion the Sarasota County School District has

reported 48 cases of recommended expulsion for synthetic marijuana used

so far this school year last year that number was 10 even though this form of

synthetic marijuana is not illegal the school district is able to punish

students found with it because of their policy against substances that are

capable of modifying mood or behavior

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