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Yo, I'm Giel, -Thomas, -Stefan.

This time you determind...

...that we have to walk with...

...sheep through a construction market.


Okay, guys.

You know how much trouble we can make...

...if we go and board a construction market. -Yes

So imagen with 10 sheep.

Thomas, lovely Thomas.

Can you please tell me...

...what we are going to do today.

I don't think we'll have much trouble today...

...cause we just go in with 10 sheep.

Totally normal ofcourse.

Super normal.

We just gonna do some groceries.

Yes, just walking around...

...wandering if we need something.

Okay, I say sheep into the trailer and...

...on our way to the construction market.

No, no, no. What a bad idea.

Yeah, sheep into the trailer.

We could better have it done now.

Are you ready?


Imagen when we walk at the...

construction market and this happens.

How are you gonna catch them?

Gonna be fine. -Yeah gonna be fine

It's quite a succes this, isn't it.

Thomas is not really an animalfriend.

Nice work boys, super.

Stefan, I'll open the valve and... chase them inside, okay?

Come on sheep, come on.

There is the food 2X

Really good, all inside.

yes, yes, you inside.

I need that stick.

I don't want with it.

No, dude, act normal.

No, no, Tho, dude.

It's full of poop.


I really don't like you.

It stinks inhere...

...and the sheep stands on my foot.

Can you get to know them.

You really have to know them.

See you at the CM h. - yeah see you.

Dudes, seriously, let me out.

You don't have to worry... -Giel let me go.

...because we have two wonderfull...

animal caregivers with us.

I want out.

I'm not joking, let me go.

It stinks dude. See you at the CM.

Giel, let me out!

Au! That's my leg dude!

F*cking hell, you're kidding.

Jezus, guys relax, relax!

Stop it.

Ahhh, the speed bumps.

Auhhh, the sheep stands on my foot.

Au, my neck.

Thomas! Let me go dammit.

I'm not kidding, let me go dammit.

They pooped all over me.

There is poop everywhere.

Look how close I am to the poop look!

Ohhh, the poop dude.

We are standing in front of the CM.

We are ready but, you'r not ready? -No

Okay, to be clear,..

...we have an animal caregiver with us.

His name is Herbert.

Thanks Herbert.

And he will make sure the sheep are safe.

Okay, our plan.

You are going first of all with the lumps.

O no. - I will take the buck.

And you'll walk at the back with Herbert... hold the sheep together.

And then it is just going.

I don't wanna think about it,

let we just do this shit.

There we go!

What a chaos.

Are they walking behind us or not?

This way.

Giel, shake with your bucket, faster.

I think they are walking quite aggressive.

Come on.

I'm so curious on... this CM is going to react.

I think they don't know what to do and...

...they gonna be f*cking mad.

Oh. -Come on.

This is not going so well.

Come on.

Oh what are gonna do?

Okay, we need fences.

This way.

Come on little sheep.

Oh. Watch out.

Sir, do you have wood?

For our barn.

Wood left?! Thank you.

Okay, those poop.

Oh watch out.

Boys stick together please.

They are pooping on everything.

Be neatly please.

Stay together boys.

Yes, good job.

Hello, good day.


Let them stay here Tho.

Oh, this is going wrong.

Come here.

Let them come here then.

Thomas hold them on joh.

We should find a fence.

Tho, this way.

I lost my sheep.

Boys help, help boys!

Help, Help.

Thomas. -Help.

Yes this is going wrong ofcourse.

Tho! -You should come and help!

Come on, yes, relax.

Okay, we still do not have a barn.

Good afternoon.

We are looking for a fence.

You can't come in... Look at that.

You are seriously going to clean this.


It is a little mess, boys.

Boys, come on.

Don't touch the shoes.

You can't do that, come.

We are not at home, come.

Look what a piss, dude.

We really have to go outside.

Come to home, not a barn this time.

Yes, come.

Shake heavier.

Oh oh. -relax boys.



Why isn't it opening?

We could better go out boys.

They are locking us up.

They closed the doors.

We can't go outside now.

But the animals can better go outside.

They are calling the police now...

...about a few sheep.

Lets go.

Too bad, we still not found a barn.

Yes, that one is opening too now.

They could better go outside...

...otherwise they poop on everything.

They hold us capture now...

...cause the cops are coming.

We are locked up.

What do you say?

I say it is ridiculous...

...the whole store is covered in poop.

Yes... that was not really planned.

No, but you could tell us first...

...if it is okay to do.

Ah, but you do understand too that...

...this also funny is to just walk... and see the reactions.

Yeah, but we don't like this.

Yes, I understand that.

But we did not had the intention to...

...left poop behind everywhere.

No, but those animals are not..

wearing diapers, you know that.

no, but listen, if you...

let us out. The sheep are

The cops are on their way.

Fine, that's fine.

But if you just open the door...

...then we can put the sheep outside.

Then there will not come any more mess.

And we stay there.

The mess is already here so.

If you just open the door...

the sheep can go and it stays clean there.

And the costumers can go inside.

Then we will open it. -Yes?

Okay, the door will open.

Yes, come on.

Good boys, come on.

Good job boys.

Watch them!

We have to go that way.

Oh, shit.

Where are they going?

What a chaos. This way!

This man was honestly really angry on me.

Yes? -Yes he was really angry.

What did he say?

Yeah, I'm really not letting you go.

Listen you can choose...

or you let the sheep outside and...

I will put them in the whey...

or we are making an even bigger mess.

Your choice.

We really have to clean though.

You know what it is..

I cleaned alone last time, and... -Yeah, okay, look...

someone has to watch the sheep.

So if the two of you. -...that's were Hebert is for.

I will stay with the sheep. -Hebert you can stay with the sheep right?

I have to be with them. -No you...

Herbert, he doesn't have to be...

with the sheep right? -He only listens to me...

I've got my sheep clothes. -Yeah, I saw that at the CM.

He is driving along. -It is a cop.

There's coming a lot of cops

Yes, probably. -Shit!

Hello. -Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Let I be clear, I want the...'s to be turned off.

STEFAN: Clearly

COP: I just heard, uh, my co-worker...

...talked to the owner of the Gamma...

...that there is one big mess, that...

...there is piss and poop everywhere.

That you put feed on the floor on purpose... get the sheep with you.

Anyways, you are going to clean the mess.

You gonna get a warrant from us.

All of you. For disrupting public order.

Alright, we have a lot of trouble.

All of us are getting a fine.

And a warrant for disrupting public order.

And we have to clean all the poop and piss.

So I see you later, guys.

Oh, oh, oh.

We have quite a lot of trouble.

And it is all bullshit.

5 times a warrant, for us 3..

...and our 2 cameramen.

They are also calling the legal department...

Yes. -...from Gamma.

This hasn't end yet.

They are sweeping everything.

Now we have to mop, guys.

The droppings can be swept with the hard thing.

You have to scrub heavy Tho.

I have to disapoint you. -THOMAS: yes anyways?

You also get a retail ban. -Oh.

COP: Because you helped them.

GIEL: but is that because Gamma first.. -COP: same oppertunities.

GIEL: ...because we politely explained...

...and he said fine but now you...

...still give him.

STEFAN: because of you or the Gamma? -COP: In consultation with Gamma.

STEFAN: Oh, okay.

Okay. A lot to explain.

We cleaned everything and the...

shop assistants are happy how we left it.

But unfortunately we are getting a...

...beautiful A4 paper in our hands...

...with a retail ban for the next...

...twelve months for all the construction... in the country.

Both Gamma and Karwei.

Do you please want to tweet to the Gamma...

...and the Karwei: May STUKTV please do...

...groceries at your's because they need...

...the stuff for their STUKTV assignments.

Thank you.

And at last we also have a warrant from...

...the cops.

We still have to know how much we...

...have to pay.

I'm sorry, it was meant a joke.

I want to thank

You made a beautiful mess.

I enjoyed it. I laughed.

And we never may come back.

This was the longest endtalk ever.

Guys, see you next week!

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