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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UGC-NET/JRF English, Important Questions 2, Practice Tests, 2018, ENGLISH LITERATURE

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute I'm

professor of Sharma and again I have

started a new series on the important

questions which may be asked in your

forthcoming UGC net or grf exam English

literature see have done a lot of such

videos before also so do go and watch so

that you get a lot of questions to

practice I have solved the question

papers of previous near-net exam also I

have made videos on literary theories I

have made videos on different

literature's like American African

Canadian I have also done critical

appreciation of many many poems

I have made some animated videos so it

is for you people to take the advantage

of my hard work and watch them as much

as you can so that you can be successful

in all your endeavors


verse number one modernism is

characterized by a self-conscious break

with traditional styles of poetry and

worse modernist experimented with

literary form and expression a drink to

the maxim to make it new whose magazine

is make it new


Ezra Pound questionable truth it is set

in Jefferson Mississippi the novel

centers on the cumson family former

servant aristocrats was struggling to

deal with the dissolution of their

family and its reputation over the

course of the 30 years or so

related in the novel the family falls

into financial ruin loses its religious

faith and the respect of the town of

Jefferson and many of them died

tragically it is a novel written by the

American author it employs a number of

narrative styles including stream of

consciousness it was published in 1929


the sound and the fury written by

William Faulkner question number three

born in Port smoked he left school to

work in a factory when his father was

taken into a debtors prison despite his

lack of formal education he edited a

weekly journal for 20 years

wrote 15 novels 5 novelist hundreds of

short stories and nonfiction articles

lectured and performed readings

extensively was an enthusiastic letter

writer and campaigned vigorously for

children's rights education and other

social reforms named the author

he's none other than Charles Dickens

questionable fourth the modern theater

is the epic theater the principal a

variety of montage montage means editing

and reforming and all proposed bypassing

the great struggle for supremacy between

words music and production living in

Munich during the Weimar Republic he had

his first successes with theater plays

whose themes were often influenced by

his Marxist thought he was main

proponent of the gener named epic

theater which he preferred to call the

electical theater during the Nazi period

and world war ii he lived in exile first

in scandinavia and then in the United

States named the author


but Talde brushed course number v music

and poetry is his delight therefore I'll

have Italian masked by night sweet

speeches comedies and pleasing shows and

in the day when he shall walk abroad

like Sylvan names my pages shall be glad

my men like satires grazing on the lawns

shall with their goat feet dance and

enter K named the play and the

playwright of these lights

yes Marloes edward ii customer six it

was a modernist movement initially in

poetry and painting originating in

Germany at the beginning of the 20th

century it's typical trait is to present

the world solely from a subjective

perspective distorting it radically for

emotional effect in order to evoke moods

or ideas the artists sought to express

the meaning of emotional experience

rather than physical reality it was

developed as an avant-garde style before

the First World War

it remained popular during the Weimar

Republic particularly in Berlin which

movement is it this is Expressionism


important precursors of Expressionism

were the German philosopher Friedrich

Nietzsche especially his philosophically

novel thus Spoke Zarathustra I don't

know about the German pronunciation of

course so you can just read words here

question number 7 this is the 1908 novel

by English writer Ian Foster about a

young woman in the restrained culture of

Edwardian era England set in Italy and

England the story is both a romance and

a critique of English society at the

beginning of the 20th century Merchant

Ivory produced an award-winning film

adaptation in 1985 mainland ala I've

even seen this movie


a room video view during my school days

I think or college days had even seen

his other movies heat and dust based on

the book written by Ruth Parvati Ivana

question number 8 she was a prominent

New Zealand modernist short story writer

who was born and brought up in colonial

New Zealand and wrote under the pen name

at 19 she left New Zealand and settled

in the United Kingdom where she became a

friend of writers such as D H Lawrence

and Virginia Woolf in 1917 she was

diagnosed with extra pulmonary pubic

losses which led to her death at age 34

a cup of tea a 1922 short story first

published in the story teller in May

1922 named the writer Katherine

Mansfield I think you all must have read

the short story a cup of tea in your

bachelors I think question one night he

was a Chilean poet diplomat and

politician he became known as a poet

when he was just 13 years of age and

wrote in a variety of styles including

surrealist forms historical epics

overtly political manifestos a prose

autobiography and passionate love poems

such as the ones in his collection 20

love Williams and a song of despair 1924

he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in



Pablo Neruda an early example of

linguistic ambiguity and in determinacy

Conrad's tale of the corrupt imperialism

that upholds civilized culture is

constructed through a nested layered

narrative and features some of the most

cryptic language ever written example it

was the stillness of an implicit force

brooding over an inscrutable intention

things becomes increasingly surreal as

Marlow approaches the mysterious curves

if you think Marlow Marlon Brando's the

horror the horror is chilling wait until

you reach the one-two punch of Conrad's

conclusion in this heart of darkness

Joseph Conrad's very famous heart of


all these questions which I have chosen

here are not to test your knowledge but

to give you the factual information

about literature you may get any

equation out of anywhere but maybe

listening to this watching and writing

down in your notes copy will help you to

find out the right answer when the

questions around a given so please watch

all the videos very carefully I've

already done more than 200 videos here

on this channel so if you do all if you

watch them judiciously as I told you

before also then there are very strong

chances of you to crack this a

prestigious exam of UGC net or grf so

please listen to my advice go through

all the videos one by one topic by topic

and let me know in the comment box below

that how you are taking these videos how

you're liking them what else do you want

from me

you'll like and comment underneath the

video in order to encourage me to do

more and more for you

take care till I come with the next

video bye bye




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