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hello and welcome to the weekly wrap I'm Seth Miller from and I'm Maryann

Simson from APEX Media. This is The Weekly Wrap for the week ending July

17th, and this week we've had some or just now we've had some really big news

from two major American carriers can you tell us more about that

yeah American Airlines and JetBlue announced a strategic partnership this

morning our Thursday morning and it's basically cooperation at JFK and

LaGuardia and to an extent also Philadelphia and Boston and the idea

here is that JetBlue is going to provide additional domestic capacity and feed

more of the international services for American and so American as part of the

deal announced that they're going to add Athens and tel-aviv service from JFK in

2021 and they're also going to bring back their rio de janeiro service from

JFK as a daily flight for the northern winter southern summer which is peak

time down there so some interesting things there there's supposed to be some

loyalty component to it with frequent flyer program reciprocity there's a lot

of questions though because they announced it it's definitely happening

but they don't have details on things like when is going to happen or how the

co-chairs are rolling out or things like that

so definitely interesting gonna be a fun one to watch it's a surprise like a

particular surprise for any reason suffered which you you know have have

put these two carriers together if you thought about it before so there's a

history between the two of them from 2010 to 2014 they had a similar

relationship and it was sort of similar focus at the same time right now I'd say

nothing is surprising you know the way the industry is trying to recover and

grow at this point sort of everything is on the table where I do find it a little

surprising is trying to figure out how American is sort of claiming that

they're maintaining all their hubs and growing while at the same time sort of

yielding a lot of the feed here in New York to JetBlue and in LA to Alaska

Airlines which also today announced actually expansion at LA so there is a

definite shift going on then there's some surprise about it but at the same

time I think there's a need in the market for

this sort of consolidation and change great looking everybody's just kind of

doing what they need to do right now and that is no different for industry events

that we're all so fond of attending and you and I are fondant covering really

big news this week as well that apex and ste will be joining forces to jointly

deliver a really big FTE apex virtual Expo this will be taking place December

8th and 9th and I don't want to go to too much into the details of how the

event is going to play it out or some of the features that it's going to have

because next week Google have Dan Coleman from FTE

and Joe leader from apex back on the show to tell us a bit more about it but

I think it's a really exciting development for everybody who's sort of

missing the tradeshow circuit and if you want to learn more right now you can

check the link in the notes for this video and make sure you tune in next

week for the next episode where we would be getting deeper into that yeah

definitely excited about that disappointed last week when we had to

announce that the the conference was gonna be canceled in person so happy to

see that we got the virtual opportunity coming up other good news Middle East

airlines MEA is adding in-flight connectivity to its new a321 fleet the

Neos and Panasonic avionics got that deal which is exciting just it's great

to see a new customer announcement in a press release these days yeah okay that

was a really fun one it was at the top of our newsletter yesterday so that's

really cool and here to talk to us a little bit more about it on the show

today is Tom escolar who is the VP and general manager Middle East central and

southern Asia and Africa for Panasonic avionics hi Tom welcome to the show hi

Dianne I say it's great to be here on the show today thank you for having me

Tom we really haven't seen news of this kind since the beginning of the year so

how does it feel to sort of be getting back to these new sort of customer

announcements given everything that's been going on in the industry you know

it was really good to see this kind of event happening in the region

the airline spent a lot of time getting ready for the event it went off

extremely well the ferry flight was near-perfect I just really think that it

was a very exciting event the team is incredibly energized to be able to

continue working with the airline for the aircraft that just went into service

as well the airline's on a very accelerated schedule and I thought it

was great for them to to bring that aircraft in get everything done and work

with the team and get it into service Tom from a technical perspective the

release mentions 20x the bandwidth available to the aircraft these days can

you elaborate a little bit on what you guys are doing making that happen

panasonic has just completed the upgrade to the latest generation of our

satellite network including the high throughput satellites that are available

today and what enables this network to be so efficient is the latest generation

of modems that we have that get installed onboard the aircraft so the

combination of those two together is a significant performance improvement over

what was available just a few years ago middle east airlines also has invested

in this with our product in order to give their passengers the best possible

Wi-Fi experience onboard so we look forward with continuing our partnership

with MEA and bringing this newest generation of technology into the hands

of their passengers gazing a little bit in your crystal ball Tom if you would

what does this say about the outlook for connectivity in the Middle East and for

our packs future in the region airlines in the Middle East and also globally are

in a challenging time right now and I expect there'll be some reviews of

strategies for the airframes that they're operating and the routes that

they're continuing to fly I do expect to see the proliferation of newer and more

efficient aircraft entering the fleet for quite a few of our customers which

will also give the airline the opportunity to refresh the cabin and be

able to have new products that are available and we do expect that those

products are going to be more digitally focused based on

mobile device technology new application layers it's able to update and make

changes much more easily and faster than previous generations of Technology and I

think airlines are really demanding that level of support and the speed of

adoption and speed of change with the latest generation of products

interesting all right Tom given everything that's been going on have you

seen some changes to what airlines are asking for or demand in is easy onboard

this environment is really creating a demand for upgraded digital products

that are available sooner airlines may not be investing in full cabin refresh

programs or things of that nature but they want to change the interactive they

want to add an application to a mobile device that can pair with the seatback

they want to extend their brand identity all the way to the hands of the

passenger to see that same brand in your mobile application as what you'll see on

the seat back and maintain that consistency throughout the journey so

we're really looking forward to innovating with airlines and we have

quite a few customers that are looking at applications such as shopping surveys

onboard menus travel and tourism and even offering live news and sporting

events while in flight for the aircraft that are equipped with the connectivity

systems we really think that those changes the changes in the industry are

going to really push Airlines to push vendors like Panasonic to deliver those

solutions faster what's the coming year look like

obviously a lot of uncertainty in the industry

how is it gonna play out for you in Panasonic avionics my focus in the next

12 months is gonna be focused on customer satisfaction and making sure

that our customers have what they need to continue to operate and get through

this time we have an incredibly talented group of people at Panasonic our

employees are working very hard to deliver what we've already committed to

deliver and also look at innovation new products and different ways that we can

satisfy the customer needs and the customers are the airline's they're the

passengers we also have our latest best-in-class digital

that product on board map product that's gonna be available this year and we'll

be fielding our first full next system the embedded IFE system with the latest

generation of monitors 4k distribution just a tremendous opportunity for us to

move forward in this new environment with products that are relevant and are

available and line fit operable so I'm really looking forward that you know

this is going to be a difficult year but I do feel that we have a very positive

outlook all right thank you so much Tom and then moving along gate group put out

a press release this week as well it wasn't really a product announcement

more so much as it was an update that a product has the airlines seem to have

more interest in a product now than they did prior to the troubles right and so

this is the e pax platform it's the idea is again sort of touchless ordering

touchless catering solution and it is something that is existed for some time

and this is one of those things where you know we can talk about acceleration

of trends in the industry rather than dramatic shifts there is certainly a

desire for lower interaction levels but still providing the same level of

services and one of the real interesting things to me about a pax and about how

gait group is developing it is the idea they've been working with Black Swan

which is a huge data company and coming up with the concept of not just you know

we can digitally take your order and deliver it but we can do better

analytics about what are you going to need to wreak hater at the next turn you

know do northbound flights need more diet soda and do southbound flights need

I don't know more beer or something like that and so there are some interesting

opportunities there in terms of that data but what was really interesting

about it is we had Steve King who is the CEO of Black Swan basically say all the

data predictions that they've had coming into this year or I don't say useless

but pretty close to useless right now yeah so Stephen King CEO Black Swan

responded to the what we're made of set of question

that we sent out to the industry to sort it we basically did this at the

beginning of the troubles we were avoiding certain words in the show for

Google you know he said that they've had to update all of their algorithms so I

wonder if now you know what those updated algorithms are being able to

successfully predict what passengers will want in three four six months from

now because that's a big part of the offering with a pax is that using this

data from Black Swan they can predict trends or things that passengers are

going to want to buy early enough that the airline can actually source that

thing get the supply chain going and get it on board before the trend is over

yeah there's definite potential there assuming it works it'll just be really

interesting to see if the algorithms can update fast enough now because we really

just don't know what people want or doing anymore closing out the episode

this week we've got a couple bits of good news from airports Brisbane Airport

in Australia inaugurated its newest runway this week it's a 3,300 meter long

runway designed to be able to support additional international service and not

a lot of that flying right now due to border closures but it's going to come

back eventually and they're going to be ready for it some real interesting

statistics about it 6700 liters of paint which they say is enough to do a 120

kilometer long line which just seems like an awful lot of paint also 1.3 tons

of glass beads in the paintin we talked about glass beads last week is something

comfortable for passengers this time we're using it as reflective material in

the paint so comfortable for the airplane two beads it's the year of

beads in aviation okay and then in Salt Lake City they're building a new

terminal there and there was a press release this week that the release was

actually sent out by the PR I think for the artist who has been commissioned to

create these huge installations there's going to be seven of them throughout the

new terminal his name is Gordon Huether he's a NAPA based artist specializing in

large-scale site-specific permanent art installations and all the ones that he's

doing in the airport here are designed to sort of reflect the natural beauty

and landscapes of Utah and I think they do a really great

that yeah they're huge which is always interesting but just there really are

beautiful sort of the canyon concept and how they're putting that in sort of

stretching around the openings in the main hall things like that it really

does give it a sort of local Flair a local feel and a little Aviation is sort

of hint to it as well which is certainly for me important in an airport yeah the

candy one is really beautiful apparently it's nearing completion stage

right now it's really complex it's got 500 individual tensile membrane films

attached to the wall of the main terminal so that that one's about

halfway done and then the other one that your that you're seeing now is called

the falls and it's meant to reflect a waterfall falling through a canyon or a

valley presumably and that's comprised of about 300 dichroic that's a new word

glass panels 220 hand-drawn glass and pirates rods it's 65 feet tall and the

whole thing's suspended weighs 5,000 pounds attached to the terminal ceiling

and apparently it's it's attached with some spring boots to help retain tension

on the cables because in the winter months the roof bends under the weight

of up to four feet of snow so interesting interesting stuff glad

someone planned for the snow and they don't expect the roof to collapse that

would be bad you must plan for snow in these parts

all right well with all that we've come to the end of this week's episode of the

weekly wrap Thank You Seth for joining us today

always a pleasure and thank you everybody at home for watching please

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