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alright! hey guys whats up its dylan skellydun

its has been quite a while

i don't know how long its been

it feels like a while though right?

I feel like we haven't like

done this in a long time

my laptops fixed

so we're going to be doing this more frequently so I'm super excited about

that yeah you have your drink cause I have my drink slowly trying to like make sure

make sure I drink a video make sure i drink a video?

that-that be real nice

just grind it up

like a smoothie

uh drink a drink in video

so you know maybe you guys think of drinks and you hydrate

don't want to dehydrate this is me caring for you so so I mean I'm gonna



alright um

say like this because it's not going to be any different than the other ones I'm

still gonna talk for 10 minutes about really nothing and I'm still gonna talk

like you are right there and not wherever you are in the world

i got a haircut

its kind of not styled right now but

I'm like living large man

living large got new haircut new shirts

harry's chilling in the

background to waiting to drag me down

to hell

yeah so I was thinking I was then tell you another story about how weird my

life has been but then I just was thinking in the car and I would question question for the world

okay are you ready?

right it's me like ranting about how crappy moviegoer I am so right so you

it has to deal with crying because what in my life doesn't?

have to deal with crying?

so alright

know everyone cries occasionally you know some ppl are like hashtag blessed with how they cry because i

there's some people who just like they cry but its like

they're not even crying

like a few tears

and they sniffle and like they barely get red just like the crime you know

and thats just like it them crying

that's good I'm like wow I'm so jealous and then you have the normal crier with

some snot and some like tears and you know they will look like they're really really sad

and you know you like it's cool I don't know how to deal with crying but you know what I just

i just

hit my hand but I'm gonna power through yeah but then there's me ok I got cursed

man I swear to god i've i've been cursed and it's just so bad man so bad when I cry

it's not like one single manly Dean Winchester tear or it's not like you

know cute little ones that get all like you know red you know I cry it is like

OMG they're such a cute crier


man when i cry its like

you don't get the like a little hole in the front gate like a little water like

comes down naw man it's like either I'm not crying or the floodgates have opened

and it is raining now on me it is raining men on me as i cry

because literally I cry and cry and cry tears and snot and I will start like a

bad thing about me is that I'm the type of person who likes to make people laugh

so when I'm crying ill just start laughing

can't help it it's so embarrassing

its so loud

ok so now that were on the subject of crying

ok so I'm a sympathetic and I totally sounds made up and it probably

could be you know I know but when I see people crying and I'm not talking about

like a kid crying in like a toy store because he didn't get the toy

he wanted no I'm talking about like you to examples alright so my friend and I

this is not a spoiler because I really don't remember the movie because I hated

it so much my friend and i went to see ant man

went and saw antman?



we went to see

we sawsee antman


and so I don't know any I could not tell you what happened in the movie I was so

there's this woman I don't know my name I think I her name is hope

she sheds like couple tears in the movie

and I wasn't expecting it because you think a

man like what's going to happen in a man in literally sheds these tears OK and the

next scene he's freaking riding ants like

like in the grass

and its its not sad

she shed these two tears so I'm like oh my god she's crying

and it just opens

inside of me that says you have to try to you can't let them feel awkward being

being the only one crying even though they're on the screen so I'm bawling my eyes out in the

in the middle of ant man while he's riding ants I'm crying and I'm like

trying to fix my face and she's laughing out being like the guy next to me

staring at me and he taps his wife girlfriend I don't know and she like

she gets a purse and hands me some tissues

thanks! thanks for not thinking this persons a weirdo

so i cried during antman and thats like

the crier that i am

but I'm going to tell you

the time that i saw the fault in our stars

even though I'm not

green fan I my friend my two friends Im not friends with any of them anymore

push the bad out

i saw the fault in our stars

i almost said the fault in our antman

what is the fault in our antman?

you know I can spoil this movie because if you haven't heard about it you had to

live under a rock because you know and you know somebody dies I won't spoil who

you know somebody dies because the entire thing is about cancer

know so I read the book and I didn't shed a tear and the movie cannot be that


none of my friends brought tissues like we were just going to go out that I wish I

was right more often in my life than I have been wrong because

we freaking sit down

the entire movie I'm so good I'm not tearing up I'm not laughing

I'm just like wow this is a really ok movie

ok so then one of the characters


because you know thats going to happen

they set it up in the beginning

because its a cancer movie

and somebody has to die

they can't be happy

they can't all live forever

and like go

into remission

and live the fricken rest of their life

nope has to be the fault in our stars brutus

our stars!

we have to die!

but you know whatever!

of them dies and its even before they die like the deteriorating

really bad and so I start tearing up because this persons tearing up and

crying while snot of course they don't want to die because really who does but

some people out there

I'm sorry if you do

it'll get better

anyway ok so they're like crying then i just then like me and my friend

and this is why you can't take me to the movies

because i start

scream crying Im like crying

and my friend next to me she's like

and were so

not like loud

but we were quiet so like

so you could hear us

and so I'm like I'm like crying

because this fictional freaking character!

just dies!

which i mean i shed a few tears for bucky

really I didn't want to shed these tears

for a character from a john green book

so I'm trying to tell myself jokes

in my head to make myself stop crying

know what my friend who's laughing and crying and crying on how we fit into

this position on the side bowling he likes this hoodie over his body and his

money in my bra crying I just hate sad movies why am i sympathetic prior wasn't

even like sad it was because they were because he died and I have grown I shed

12 year and I'm like oh my god I have to cry with you prior died again would you

believe in that what movie you cried at do not watch good will hunting party

doesn't start

parties now

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