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Hi, I'm Maria and I'm an academic advisor for exploratory students. Today I'm going

to share a little bit information with you about the intra-university transfer

process. The term intra-university transfer, or IUT for short, refers to the

process by which CU students transfer from one school, college or

program to another on our campus. Every student in Exploratory Studies will

complete an IUT to one of the seven programs on campus. Each school and

college determines their own IUT requirements but there are some

commonalities. It will typically take a minimum of two semesters to complete IUT

requirements and be eligible to apply to the program of your choice. Each program

has a minimum cumulative GPA that must be met by the time of application.

Several programs require specific coursework and individual grades as well.

Let's use the Leeds School of Business as an example. To qualify to apply to the

business school students must have completed 24 credits, they need a minimum

CU cumulative GPA of a 3.0 and they'll complete 4 classes; microeconomics,

macroeconomics, introduction to statistics and math analysis in

business. They must receive B minuses in each of those four classes. Over the

first two semesters these classes will be combined with additional general

education classes of the students choice. It will take two semesters to complete

these requirements at CU. Once grades are posted at the end of the second semester,

students can apply to transfer. Students usually apply to the program of their

choice for their sophomore year but they can stay in Exploratory Studies for

longer if needed to complete the IUT requirements. Exploratory Studies students

can complete a degree in four years. As an Exploratory Studies student you will

be assigned an advisor in the University Exploration and Advising Center who will

guide you through the IUT process while also helping you to explore parallel

majors and minors and certificate programs. So, please visit our IUT

website for more details about the program that you're interested and feel

free to contact us by email with any questions you might have.

Welcome to CU.

The Description of Program in Exploratory Studies - Intra-University Transfer Process | CU Boulder