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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GET IN LINE! | Papers, Please #1

Difficulty: 0

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum

*Wapish* Top 'o the mornin' to ya laddies, my name is JackSepticEye and welcome to "Papers, Please".

I've played this game before on the Ipad version, and I've seen a lot about the game around,

and that its got a lot of praise over the years.

And it was always something that I thought in the back of my head that I might

play sometime, and- now I feel like- you know what I just wanna play it.

It's a good game, I really like it.

I haven't finished it, I- I didn't play that much of it on the Ipad,

just a little bit to figure out what I was kinda doing so.

You play- it- it's kinda slower paced

and you play a guy who's like stamping passports or stamping ID's,

going through a border or Arstotska? Is that what's the name of it?

I think, and it gets quite- it gets quite real after a while.

I- I haven't played the PC version though, I haven't even- I bought it today to get it.


The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled.

Sweet! That music is going fucking ham in the background right now.

For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission

at Grestin Border Checkpoint.

Ah I- I'm gonna channel my inner sugar plum for this one.

An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin.

Expect a Class-8 dwelling.

I don't know what that is. Glory to Arstotzka!

Best country in all of the land. All of the make believe land anyway.

Grestin Border Checkpoint opens at last! After 6 long years, can the Ministyr of Admission keep us safe?

Families to reunite. So when you're like stamping people's stuff you have to reject some others,

and they'll stipulate what you have to actually do, like let in all the people who

had Arstotzkan passports. Things like that.

So- and then when you- when you send people away, it gets kinda weird because you feel really bad for them.

Novermber 23, 1982

Ministry of Admission Official Bulletin. Inspector, welcome to your new position at Grestin Border Checkpoint.

I know, my Russian accent is terrible.

Stamp passport entry visa and return documents to entrant.

Entry is restricted to Arstotzkan citizens only. Deny all foreigners. Glory to Arstotzka.

Ok, so I have to deny all foreigners. Only Arstortzkan things are allowed.

Oh wait don't click that yet. Pay attention to the passport nationality. Ok.

Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission inspector's booth.

Shutter, counter, rule book, audio transcript and yeah, and then I have something that's able to-

I have to like bring across my things and then pick up

and like, accept it or deny it. And I have to move these things around. Ok. So.

Um... yes, yes, yes, Grestin border checkpoint opens at last, families to reunite, entertainment, sweet.

Uh, I'm gonna put you here

Here we go.


Pop on in and let me see you're face.

Papers, please! What have you got?

Um, ok you're an Arstotzkan, you're from East Grestin.

I think I'm gonna trust you.

You seem like a good lad.

Um we put you under here, and I'm very like- I'm very anal about the way I do these things,

I have to get them like- aw I didn't get it perfect within the square.

There you go.

Glory to Arstotzka. Yes!

So that's the premise of the game.

You bring in their passports, your- their ID's, you see what they have, what they don't have,

and then you accept or you deny them and they go left or right. But, stuff up here, gets crazy after a while.

I don't know if you're gonna be able to see it in this video, but you'll see it eventually.

And then you have to like manage stuff at home between the days.

Papers, please. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. What did you expect?

You are not an Arstotzkan.

Can I- What's- What's my thing to be able to um,

to like inspect. I can't remember. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. That's my audio transcript.

Rule book. Basic rules. Entrants must have a passport. Arstotzkan citizens only.

Booth info.

That doesn't help.

Um, I can't remember. I thought I had something that like,

uh, I could like check what people had. Can I ask them like questions?

Ok. You do not have a place where you're from here so, Imma have to deny you bro. I'm sorry.

You- You can't come into Arstotzka, sorry.

See ya later. Arstotzkans only. Not allowed. Next!

Next please! Or maybe I get it later. I can't remember.

I remember there was a thing where you could like, inspect. It becomes very inspector based.

I have waited in this damn line since for 8 hours. I hope it was worth it.

Are you an Arstotzkan? No, you're not

You're not allowed in!

You waited in this line for no goddamn reason.

You see how I tried to line it up all the time? It doesn't really matter where you put it.

Arstotzkans only.

Get out of my line!

'Cuz then some people get mad and they go rioting, and they start throwing like molotovs and shit at ya.

Shit gets real and you feel horrible about rejecting these people

'cuz they- they start to tell you like some really personal stories.

Ok, ok. Time is running out.

You're an Arstotskan.

Fuckin' welcome to the country- oh god. Welcome to the country bro.

It's good to have ya.

Glory to Arstotzka.

W're almost running out of time. I think we have time for like two more people.

Come one bro.

Do you have an Arstotskan passport? Were you not here already?

It was a mistake to open this checkpoint.

He didn't even want to get in. He just stood in line to tell me how bad I was.

'Kay. Day's over. Go home. Everybody go home, I have to go back to my wife and kids

Manage your expenses using the checkboxes below.

So, I have $5 left.

Yay. Because rent,food, and heat, but I can get rid of heat or I can get rid of food so.

It's kinda like, "This War of Mine" in a way.

That you have to manage what you're doing. My son- everybody's ok right now so I might

take off heat and save myself $15. And then I can bring in heat the next day.

Or maybe I can get rid of food and heat for now.

I'm gonna sleep for now and if they're- if they're sad the next day then I'm gonna have to figure it out.

Entry restrictions to relax, admit foreigners. Analysts upbeat. Increased trade and cooperation predicted.

So now I might be allowed to let in newer people.

Novermber 24th, 1982

I remember that day. It was the day I signed papers.

From today, foreigners with a valid passport are permitted to enter.

Your booth's inspection hardware is now installed. Ah here it is.

Yay and then you can like click on different things and you can like click on the person

click on their ID. If its like male- If they're a male and then their um ID says female you can kinda check that out

and see if there's problems with it and then deny them.

Ah, check all passport information carefully for discrepancies. Deny any entrant with inconsistent information.

So anyone who's consistent I can let in.

So anyone with a valid passport.

Enter inspect mode using the red button on your desk. Blah blah blah.

While inspecting, highlight two pieces of discrepant information for further options.

Rules and regulations. This post is bound by Ministry blah blah blah.

Okie dok. Yes. I remember how to do it now.

Yes. I remember how to do it now. Sweet! Here we go.

*sigh* Wish me luck guys.

The next day starts. I like- I like the sound of that.

doodle deedle doodle deedle deedle deedle do.

Papers, please. Are you an Arstotzkan?No. Date of birth 1951.05.25. Female

Uh, Korista City, everything seems ok.

Expires 1984. Crap I forgot what date it was.

Uh its 82. Ok. You seem to be ok though.

Blang blang.

Matching data. Blang blang.

No correlation. Ok. That with that?

No correlation. This with this?

No correlation. This with your face. Matching data.

Your name with you? no correlation. Fuck.

I can't-

I don't think there's anything else that I can really highlight. No correlation

Do you match this?

Than and that?

No. See you have to try and figure out if there's- If stuff is out of place.

I think you're ok. I think we can let you in.

I'm not sure. I can't remember some of the other discrepancies that you can highlight.

But, there you go.

Cause no trouble. And you have to get through them really fast as well I think.

Because then you um-

Or maybe you have to fill a quota. I can't remember

But I think you have to let in a certain amount of them. Are you an Arstotzkan? No.

So you're female, Outer Grouse.

Ok your name...

I'm trying to figure out the discrepancies. This matches this.

Matching data. Your name, no correlation. No correlation. This and this?

I can't remember what correlates with each other. Discrepancy detected.

Your- Your pa- your thing is out of date.

You cannot enter using an expired document.

What are you talking about?

You're not allowed in! Denied!


Its almost like that animal inspector game I played.

Except I feel terrible about this one. I didn't feel all that bad about the animals. I should'v.

But yeah. And then you can like, you can suss out their weight and different things. Papers please. Thank you.

What do you have here.

It says you're a female here. But you look like a dude.

Discrepancy detected.

You- Are you male or female? As the document says. So you're female.

See I don't know which to believe. James. If that even is your real name.

Maybe this says impostor right here. Are you- Are you still lined up?

Matching data ok, uh, name with you.

The picture matches up.

But this- this does not match up.

These two.

I dunno James. I dunno. Um, I might have to deny you.

I- I can't take any risks. I can't have you coming in here with- with misaligned documents.

Any discrepancies and you're gone.

I'm sorry but that's just the way it is.

You're gonna have to get out of my checkpoint now please.


How are you? You're an Arstotzkan.

I like you, already.

I am meeting a bus soon. Well just hold on here a fuckin' Jiminy cricket.

We'll have to see if your documents are in order. They're matching.

This matches? Yes. You're face matches, that's all good. Its all good.

Is this a- is this?

This an-

This match. I dunno, I'm runnin' out of time though.

Ah, Arstotzka, blah blah blah I don't know. These have no correlation. Ok, I'll let ya through.

Ah crap!

I- I clicked the wrong thing. Clicked out of the game. Crap!

It's paused now. Resume! Shit! I'm gonna let you in.

I'll let you in bro.

Here you go.

You're allowed in . Next! Have your documents ready.

Get in!

I only have a certain amount of time.

Hello. How are you? Let me see this.

Oh that face does not look the same.

Discrepancy detected.

Your picture. It is different.

I do not know what to say. It is me. Nope! Get out of my country!

There we go.

I did it! I got them all done.


I thought the day was finished.

Papers please. You're an Arstotzkan. Hello handsome. You look bored.

I am. If you want a good time, come see us. Ohhhh what'd you give me?

No! Go away!

What did you give me?

The pink vice!

Sweet! Thank you!

I'm gonna put this over here, behind your thingy.

Um, right. We're gonna have to see this.



I- I don't know what this is. I'm gonna have to match the date with this.

Matching data. Ok you're an Arstotzkan.

I think you can get in.

I think you're ok.

And I will come visit you guys.

Thank you very much!

I will be around a couple months. Don't forget to visit.

I won't.

Are we not finished?

You were beepin' at me. Maybe it was lunch time. I dunno.

Drag documents here. Yeah, I got my documents.

Uh, ok.

You are from Republia. Lets see.

Does that face match this?



What happened?

No! Get back!

He tried to jump the border! You can't do that, you have to go through the checkpoint.

Dude! No!

He got shot! No! (boom)

You see what happens?

I'm just trying to run a border patrol here.

The day was cut short by a terrorist attack. Applicants entering after 6PM are unpaid.

Your son is sick and needs medicine. Progress is saved at the start of each day.

Ah crap.

So, I need food, rent and medicine.

Everyone's cold. Ah crap, ok.

I'm gonna have to use all my money for this now. I'm lucky I saved some of the money.

Goddamn it. Terrorists strike at Grestin! Kolechian agitators suspected.

Checkpoint lock down. More guards- more security.

Lets walk to work now.

There's no guards here! Oh wait thee are.

Aw there's more guards up here and thee's guards on this side now.

A lot more guards people.

Entry for non-citizens is now regulated.

Ok. All foreigners require a valid entry ticket.

So, you have to have a passport and an entry ticket now if you don't- well, if you're not an Arstotzkan.

So all foreigner- Entry for non-citizens is now regulated. Ok.

So people who have foreign passports, they need an entry ticket. If they don't have an entry ticket they can't get in.

Ah, verify information before stamping passport entry visa and returning all documents to entrant.

'Kay, so I have to inspect people now as well at the same time.

Missing documents can be correlated by highlighting counter and pertinent entry in rule book.

Ok, got it, got it, got it, got it. Nah fuck off I don't need that.

Ah, you go in here.

Next please! Move it along! Come on in.

Hello, papers please.

Ok, you have that, you have your entry ticket.

Valid on- lemme see.

Matching data. Ok.

Ok, you're good. You're good.

Let me, uh, correlate all of this. Your picture match your face.

Yes. Does this match?

This? I don't know what I'm checking.

I don't know what I'm checking.

They have no correlation to anything.

You match up as female. I think we're pretty good.

I think I can let you in.

Ok. You can come on in.

And you're an Arstotzkan. Oh no, you're not.

Its an Arstotzkan ticket.

Here you go. Go on in, cause no trouble. Next please!

Its a good game. I like this game. Its very um- Its very like, Sherlocky in a way.

Uh, you don't have an entry ticket bro.

Um, I need to- oh wait- I need to take out my rule book.

Uh, basic rules. You need an entry ticket.

Come on dude. Uh-

What am I checking?

No correlation. You don't have an entry ticket though.

Um, all documents must be current. Ok, how do I- I don't know what I'm doing.

Is this expired?

Matching data.

Matching data. matching data. But you don't have an entry ticket.

And you're- You're not from Arstotzka.

You're from Obristan.

How do I check the-?

Ok. Require an entry ticket. Yes. Blam and-

Oh blam and blam. Blam and blam.

Discrepancy detected. Yeah! You cannot enter without a ticket. Here.

Ok. Fair enough. Wel- But is it valid?

Matching data. Ok, you can come in.

Whatever. You're making life hard for me though bro.

You're making life hard for me.

Just hand in your tickets when you get here, and then there'd be no fuckin' problems ok? Here, take your shit and go.

Cause no trouble. Get out.

It gets hectic. And then I don't know if I'm actually doing it right.

'Cuz sometimes you let people through and then they kill the guards. papers, please.

Hey there. I can make you happy anytime.


All these people giving me nice things. Thank you.

I shall visit your place. Matching data.

Matching data. Are you femle?

Do you match your picture? Everything is matching.

Ok. You can come in. But only because I said so.

Ok, go on. Get through.

Come to pink vice. Ask for Ava.

I will do!

Bye Ava! It was nice to meet you.

Hello there! My name is Jack, do you have entry ticket?

Somebody's gonna have a- a bad date entry ticket.

Matching data. Ok.

Matching data. Ok. Do you match? Yes.

Everything seems to be matching, Imma let you through.

I dunno if i'm actually stamping the wrong documents now. Aw that was almost a perfect one.

Here you go. Come on in.

I- 'Cuz, I'm being a bit, like, flippant with it, I'm not doing it super-

I'm not being super, like, scrutinizing about their information.

I heard about the terrorist attack. You are lucky to have a job still.

You're lucky that I'm gonna let you in.

Or am I? Matching data, ok.



You match that, and you match this.

I think you're ok. I think you're allowed to be let in.

I'm not gonna be too worried about you guys. You seem like nice people.

Be safe.

Do not cause any trouble. Do not cause me any grief.

'Cuz I'm the one letting you into the country. If I get in trouble then we're all dead.

Papers, please.

You do not have a ticket!

Oh you do. Never mind. Sorry, sorry, sorry. You do have a ticket.

This looks fake.

Discrepancy detected, It's fake!

You cannot enter today. It is my mistake.

Yes it is.


Doesn't matter. As long as- once there's one discrepancy detected, you can get the fuck outta my booth.

A bit harsh, but I have to be. We have to protect the glory of Arstotzka!

Arstotzka will rise proud! Mother Russia!

Well, I mean it sounds like a RussiaThn thing. I don't know if it actually is.

This looks ok. Wait. Wait a second. Wait a second.

Are you who you say you are?

Are you sure?


I'll trust you for now.

But I don't know. Wait are- do these correlate?

No. I think I tried that before actually.

I think the re- I don't know what they are. Oh wait, I'm accepting you.

There we go. Woosh!

Thank you.

Cause no trouble. This day is lasting longer than the others.

I don't like it. I'm very worried.

Hello little potato man. Oh you're the one that always causes trouble.

You have like fake tickets don't ya?

The greatest country.

See, he's like 'I wanna get in' but he doesn't even have any fuckin' documents.

No correlation. Um, you must have a fuckin' passport dude.

Hello? Where is your passport? Passport?

Arstotzka so great, passport not required right?

I- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Get out.

Get out. I come back again. And then I think he comes back with like a fake one.

And then he doesn't have an entry ticket and its like where's your entry ticket? And he doesn't have one of them either.

He- He's a- He's a little potato face. I'm gonna call him potato man.

Papers, please.

Hello, Kalroth.

Ok, we're running out of time.

Everything.s matching. Everything's matching. I think you're ok.


That looked fake. You're- You're good.

You're good. You can come into Arstotzka.

Arstotzka greatest country in the world,

all other countries are run by little girls

Aw shit!

Invalid issuing city. Oh I didn't know how to- I didn't know how to get them.

Ok. You are- Well you have an Arstotzkan passport so I think I'm allowed to let you in.

But how do I check that?

I don't know.

I don't know. Wait is it a valid date?

Crap, man! That means I'm gonna get something taken out of my paycheck.

Aw, little Billy's gonna die at home.

Go on in.

Dammit man!

I forgot how to check that.

I have $0. Everybody's ok though.

I think I can- I can- I think I can save for money.

Can I save for heat as well? I have no idea.

I don't want to get sick.

Ok, sleep.

Alrighty righty dity doty, I'm gonna leave this episode here.

I really like this game. Its really cool. It really makes you feel if like, you let the wrong people in.

And then you're like oh god no they're gonna cause trouble.

And then you get it taken out of your paycheck, and then your son at home is sick,

and you're like ah little Billy noooo!

But I like it! Let me know what you guys think of the game. I- I think its a cool game.

It was getting a lot of praise when it came out. It- its a couple years old now I think at this point.

I- I- I dunno. I liked the Ipad version of it better, 'cuz it fills the screen a bit more,

you can drag and drop stuff and you get to click the stamper yourself. It's a lot of fun, but

for the sake of recording its much easier to do the PC version. But for now,

thank you guys so for watching this episode. If you liked it, punch the like button in the face,


And, high fives all 'round. *Wapish* *Wapish*

But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes,

in the next video!

*Outro music*

Glory to Arstotzka!

Greatest country!

Make us proud!

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