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Welcome to Rob's Weekly Numbers and Stone.

Today we begin in week 32 For a whole week forecast,

of 3 August till 9 August

The stone is then the stone of the week.

Week 32 is a week in which it comes to communication.

It comes to talking directly from your feelings.

That is our unlearned in our lives.

We should think first and then say something.

Thus there is a blockade arise in our throat, neck, shoulder area.

That blockade creates that it is difficult for us

to listen to our feeling and more difficult to be there.

The Chalcedony, this beautiful stone that I wear.

That's a stone that opens the throat and neck chakra.

Does make you spontaneously again

to say everything what comes into your mind.

That you do not to think what's need after what do you think of it another.

You will be there spontaneous and open by.

This is important in order to ensure you do not ache,

not suffer from your intestines, your lower back.

Also stomach and pancreas

problems are all related keep your feelings inside.

You keep feeling inside again dealing with anger,

sadness and disappointment that you take away.

Do not want to look at and do not express.

Because you are too wise for that. What can you expect this week?

Everything revolves around direct talk out your feelings.

That means, we do not want.

We do not directly talk from the feeling.

It means that we will be challenged by circumstances

to talk directly from your feeling.

One of those conditions will be dishonesty.

By dishonesty what happens, you will automatically

again turn to your feeling and you need to show that anger

or sorrow.

Another aspect is dominance. We have to deal with bad luck,

with dominant persons.

That way you will come back by your feelings

In a relationship, it will be that partner that that show you the mirror

how to set borders, should ask and learn to say no.

That's hard for you because you're the bringer of harmony.

You are the peace dove that mediates

and all in a beautiful loving harmony.

But by doing that you frustrate yourself.

Another aspect, which plays is your perfectionism.

You are quite a perfectionist

for that reason you will not bee satisfied with yourself.

In addition, you are also someone ...

It is about the authenticity of things. You can feel fine without all that matter.

If what is accrues to you is pure. I hope it is genuine.

You will notice that this week there is a severe situation

in which there are many of your

plans a number will not able to go through.

This has to do with your vigorously communication

which make that people wille be scared and don't want contact with you.

You come with the best and

cheapest proposal it is the fastest.

Yet people don't like it.

Because they do not overlook what you do oversee?

Another situation where it is about this week about is

that you feel that you're not good enough,

something goes wrong.

You blame yourself for that

because you blamed your live long for things that went wrong.

It went wrong to ensure you can sit in the creativity

and from your creativity and

improvisation trying to save the day

and you can also perfect.

If you give yourself some time

to investigate how it works.

Another aspect that matters

is to let go of control and go live in that minute.

And not busy tomorrow, yesterday and next week.

It is this one minute.

Which determines how about a year

or going to look like in 5 minutes.

The forward thinking in the future really does not make sense.

We are used to do so but it leads to nothing.

It is important that you do not attempt

save the world because that makes no sense.

All those wise advice that tells you to the people who come to you,

where you find out that do nothing with it,

makes you tired and thus becomes full of negative energy.

Learn to say no once and to set limits.

And try that addiction

get off to all those to have to save people.

Because you're not responsible, you do not need to save them.

You can give them a recommendation,

they do nothing with it then it stops.

Then it is further their case how they organize their lives.

The life pushes you always

forward, in which vortex of spontaneity.

You will notice this week by a number of things.

People put you in the spotlight. But since you have a wrong

self-image you flee out that attention area.

And on the side of the living

stand shine like a beautiful wallflower in the wings.

But you belong in that whirlpool of life at home.

Say spontaneous, this is me,

I can do for you, look, I do so.

You crack the qualities but

you do not come out of the paint because you keep yourself small.

Furthermore, it is also of importance this week

that you learn to listen to your

intuitive information you getting from the upper world.

And you take as much rest in the chaos of everyday life

you tend to forget yourself

because all goals had to be achieved.

You want this and that, but time is missing.

This is what you can expect. The red line running through this story

is stay open, keep talking out your feelings.

Continue this week to wear the Chalcedony because it's your best friend

to get through this week.

Thank you for looking and

hope you have something on my advice and like to see you next week again..


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