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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: let

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there are many different ways to use the

verb let the verb let is used when

permitting something or allowing

something to happen he let me use his

car he allowed me to use his car he

permitted me to use his car this sounds

much better when somebody gives you

permission he let me use his car the

teacher let the students leave class

early the teacher said okay you can go

and here's the main verb

the verb lat is often used in the form

of a command so at the beginning of the

sentence we have the verb the subject is

you let him do it let them find it let

me have this so in this case I'm talking

to you the subject is you to make it

negative all you have to do is put don't

in front of let don't let him do it

let go means to drop or release I have a

marker in my hand if I let it go the

marker drops to make this negative use

don't don't let go this is used in many

situations when a person has to hold on

to something you have to keep your hand

on something don't let go

all of these sentences are negative

beginning with don't the subject is you

don't let them go don't let him in don't

let the door closed

here are some examples of when the verb

lat and a pronoun are blended together

when someone speaks quickly let me in

let me in let him go let him go let it

be let it be

let's is a contraction for let and us

use less for invitations you ask

somebody to do something with you and

you begin the sentence with less and

then whatever the invitation is comes

here let's see a movie let's get

something to eat

let's go so again you have to use this

when talking to another person and this

is the contraction for let us here are

examples of things that are commonly

said to another person using let's let's

be quiet let's eat let's stop

let's go this is often used when talking

to another person you're with and you

want to leave let's go


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