Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hope - Halottnak tettetem magam

Difficulty: 0


There is my picture where we show heart with Hope

I do not know how far should I hold the Go-pro to show

And there's someone

Faking death in front of the dog please

And I have watched it and its fucking good

i dont wanna...copyright

And I also try it with Hope

I should place it somehow somewhere


To visible. All the same I'll watch it on my phone because my vlog is going on

All the same because go pro is record everything, isn't it?

Ill call it and i place up you

I think..wait firstly tip it

It will not suck it. It will get sleep

It accustomed to I always fool around

And I die.


And I get down on carpet, isn't I?

How? From here to direction

All the same, firstly the dog.


Your bed is what kind of..


Come i will get heart attack soon just you dont know it

Come to play

Again you are in tired situation because It is too morning

Again do not happening something

Ahh.. it will suspicious

I'll be back

Tarara.. There's a draw I see what's in it

*die sounds*

It is fucking booring

You are not specialized to this





You are specialized to this

It is not stupid

Maybe some dogs are stupid for some peoples

Hope is know to he didn't die just drunk

Isnt it?

It is not stupid

And their ears is fucking good he hears when I breathe

Which dog thinks to I died

then teir parents and their dogs became a stupid

Leave alone.. Hope, you are clever, right? You waited to he will wake up to play

because he called me?

Oh.. HELP!

Ohh. You pretend to you die and i will sick


You are not in the mood to play this?

Hmm. You are clever!

As long as you could eat some sunflower core

While your owner died you can do that which you can't

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