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Hey! What is up? I am Hilah. Today I am gonna show you how to make a delicious sangria.

This is just a base recipe. You could mix and match to your heart's content and then

you can drink it on a porch all day long which is what I am gonna do afterwards.

[MUSIC] Okay, so here's what you need. I am gonna

use some oranges today. Some kind of citrus juice is always nice, about for a 750ml bottle

of wine, probably a half a cup of juice, lemon, orange, lime, I have used grapefruit. It was

awesome. So I will get these squeezed, and Sangria is usually made with red wine, and

they actually will often add brandy to it traditionally. I remember when I first had

it, I was like 20, 19, or 20 and I was in Barcelona with a friend of mine and we went

to this like really cool bar that was on the water and drank a couple of pitchers of sangria

between three of us and got trwasted, it was ridiculous, and I think it's a lot stronger

than I make it. So this is my old white lady, watered-down

version of Sangria, but it is delicious and refreshing. So there. Okay, and a little lemon.

I don't like my Sangria real sweet, so I am gonna put in some lemon, and I am using a

lemon cello instead of brandy which is something that I made last year, and I will show you

how to make that sometime whenever the Meyer lemons are in season again in the fall, but

it's like just a lemon liqueur, just, you know, you put lemon peels and sugar in the

vodka and let it sit for a million years, and then voila. All right, so I will put that

in. I am making a huge mess. So typical, and then maybe like a quarter cup of, you could

use a Triple Sec, or any kind of like fruity liqueur that kind of goes with what you're

doing. Another very important component is fruit.

I am gonna use some strawberries because they are beautiful and it's going to look so pretty

in my white sangria, but you can use mangoes or peaches or apples or whatever, and you

just want to cut it up into little pieces. Oh, my God! I totally almost cut myself. Ahhhh.

Whooops! All right, strawberries are in. Now I am gonna mix in a bottle of chardonnay that

has been chilled in my freezer. Basically done. Give it a whirl. Go to taste. Dude!

I cannot wait to put that on some ice and sit on the porch. I have to go to do that

right now, but what you should do is sign up for our newsletter, sign up for my YouTubes,

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