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Dalbangatgan ::: The days of making rice cakes.

experiment_corn cheese seolgi(rice cake)

I bought it because I thought of the bread I had last time.

I often buy a dessert that is on sale, try it and apply it to my rice cake.

"I'll find out why you're delicious."

I picked up a spoon full of will.

First, I dissected what it looked like.

corn filling on baked bread

I tasted the filling.


an insipid taste

I tried bread.

It was very sweet and savory.

Harmony of sweet and salty

Now I turned on the computer and searched for the data.

I searched for more corn rice cakes and bread.

I made a photo paper.

And I also searched various recipes on YouTube.

Now free time to write anything.

Based on the data that I researched, I freely wrote down what came to mind on paper.

I have chosen a subject.

I have decided what to do in detail again.

Today, I decided to do various experiments with filling.

I clipped my nails before I started.

I'm opening the can.

a fighting with the can top

I divided up the number of experiments.

mayonnaise + corn

Cream cheese + mayonnaise + corn

And other cheese


internal conflict

go away!

Taste test of time.

A horror special

Evaluation of "corn + sugar"

Not sweet at all.

I meticulously recorded the assessment.


after adjusting its ratio

I made the filling again.

And I made rice cake with it.

I dug deep into the rice flour.

I filled up the filling to make sure the rice cake was bursting.

After marking each position,

I put the rice flour on top.

After putting up the steamer,

waiting time

I recorded it in silence.

When the rice cake was cooked, I was busy again.

Removing the wooden mark.






A large amount of filling made cracks.

Anyway, it's done!


Sound is successful!

The results of today's experiment...?

I was sighing.

But I had a long time of appreciation

with the feeling that there would be something special

and the hope that it was becoming delicious.

Thank you for joining dalbangatgan today.

It was a video of the day in Dalbangatgan. thank you.

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