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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Captain America Wakandan Shield TEST (INFINITY WAR)

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Alright, are you guys excited? Its time for the video you've all been waiting for!

Testing our Wakandan Captain America shields that we made.

In case this is the first time you've seen one of our videos, I'm the Hacksmith and taking fictional ideas from comics movies and video games and making real working prototypes is our team's specialty.

We've done tons of projects, especially from Marvel, like Captain America's original shield, Thor's hammer and even some Iron Man stuff.

We've also done projects like Batman's grappling hook gun, Zarya's particle cannon from overwatch and even the Kingsmen umbrella.

In fact, we have over 50 videos in our make it real series. But enough about that, let's test this shield.

So ever since the shield got announced, I've seen people complain about how it isn't really a shield, it's way too small

And even thought we designed it to open, just like in the movie, and close, I think it's a bit more of an offensive weapon anyways.

So let's test just how destructive this is, then we will see how good of a shield it is.

We just got a Chronos 1.4 which is a high speed camera that records up to 21000 frames per second

I love slow mo and breaking stuff in slow mo is amazing, so we're gonna have a ton of that in this video.

So, a slight issue and I think this is why it's actually being stopped at the fourth, because I'm actually impacting the hand guard here and if you look it's actually getting curved.

So, if i hit it any harder, I may actually be at risk of bending metal into my hand

So I think we're gonna call it at this.

So you might be wondering where I get all these doors.

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I was pulling my punch there but...

I don't know what's gonna happen.

Background: Probably nothing good for that TV

Woah, oh my god, we entered a different dimension!

That is insane!

Announcer: Man vs. Car

The hit new show, where it pits a man, versus, a car

On tonight's episode, Captain America fights Thanos's red civic.

He's pushin his way through he's trying to fight that car but the car seems to have the upper hand, got a bit of pushback there.

Oh no, he just hammered and broke up the car with Thor's hammer, well, I guess thats another one for the heroes.

Wouldn't the heroes always win?

Alright, so we have demonstrated just how effective this is as a weapon, but how does it perform as an actual shield?

As fun as this is, I should really get out more...


Smells pretty good...

Alright so I already know what the number one comment will be about the Captain America shield, is it bulletproof?

Let's find out

Alright so we're gonna see if the Captain America shield is bulletproof using a standard 9mm

They got dented good,

And there you have it. It is actually bulletproof.

Take a look at that, we did dent some of the decorative pieces, but nothing got through.

There is no damage on the backside, and even when we hit it in the thinner steel areas like over here nothing happened.

Its because this middle section is almost an inch thick steel, on the outside it's only about 1/4 inch steel, and 1/8 inch in the silver parts.

So really you would have thought if we hit in between, which we almost did over there it would have gone through but it didn't.

So you could actually block bullets like Captain America with this shield.

Now I've noticed a lot of people have complained about this because the shield just isn't big enough.

And even with the extension, it's not very large and people think that it's not going to actually make a difference, but I don't think that's true.

So, we're gonna show you just how effective this is at providing defense

Now unfortuntely you do need superhuman reflexes to truly use the shield to it's full potential.

So for the rest of the video I think I should suit up and become Captain America.

But how can anyone become a Super Soldier?

So you want to know as well, okay, I'll tell you.

First, what's important is to make sure you stick to this training regiment

It took me a full three years to get this strong.

One hundred pushups, one hundred situps, one hundred squats and a 10km run, every single day for three years

Wait a minute, not genetic modification? Just training?

Listen., you have to keep doing it, no matter how hard it gets.


That's better

Bring it on!

You want me to put the hammer down?

Fine, I'll do it myself

This is for killing *SPOILERS*

That certainly puts a smile on my face!

Well, we hope you guys enjoyed that video! We put a lot of work into this one, with over a month between designing, filming and building the shields.

It's been a crazy amount of work, but I think it was a great video and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you want take a look at the rest of our Make It Real series

A big thanks to killerbody for this captain america costume, links in the description below.

Also, we have a few more Captain America videos coming out, including a Q and A video on our vlog channel so make sure you're subscribed to that channel as well.

I think this is my favourite project yet. Make sure you have notifications turned on because you're not gonna want to miss a single video we produce.

Plus, check out some of our older projects too.

But, but... I'm not ready to go...

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