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Now today Im comparing three indoor TV antennas to see if theres a difference

between the cheap ones and more expensive ones.

Thats todays review.

Alright guys so what Ive got here is three contestants.

Number one, I paid a whopping 3 bucks for this one at the 99 Cent Store and More.

This isnt 99 cents.

I hate when they do that.

Now after that is the latest edition of the As Seen on TV Clear TV.

This one has been around for a while but Clear TV has kind of evolved over the years.

This is the newest version that I could find, so well see how that works.

I paid 18 bucks for that one.

And finally I picked a popular one on Amazon.

This is an amplified TV antenna.

This was about $27 so really not much more than the Clear TV.

Lets see if theres a big difference between the cheap antennas and the expensive


First up, crackem open and see how they look.

Alright well this feels very thin, but it looks cool, though.

And it has a sort of holographic almost look to it.

For 3 bucks though.

Will it work?

Got a suction cup mount.

This is an optional stick pad to help you with unfinished surfaces, so it seems like

it might be a good deal for 3 bucks.

Lets open the Clear TV.

Oh this packaging is killing me here.

Oh just tearing it all.

Alright well this is much more compact.

Looks like you canthe old school rabbit ears but much smaller.

Well see how it works.

And finally this behemoth.

I found this one by going on Amazon and just looking for the ones that were the most popular.

This one had a lot of good ratings and it wasnt too expensive.

Oh wow.

Look at the size of this thing.


A lot of wires in here.

Pretty good instructions and look at the size of this.

Look at this compared to the cheap one.

It looks like its a moon around the orbit of the larger one.

Ill be really curious what kind of a difference this makes.

Alight so you may or may not remember back in 2013 when the original Clear TV was advertising.

It was a pretty slick marketing campaign because a lot of people watched that commercial were

under the impression theyre going to get all these new channels without paying for

cable or satellite.

Well those channels already exist because theyre broadcast by TV antennas like those

back there.

There was nothing really special about it.

It wasnt some sort of a Fire Stick or Roku.

It was just a television antenna.

Just very slickly marketed.

But there are people that want to get rid of their cable and satellite and watch some

TV and television antennas do fill that void.

The question is how close are you to the broadcast antennas and how much of a difference will

the antenna make?

Ive got some right in my backyard.

Those will probably be pretty clear.

Theres some across town.

They may not.

So lets see what a difference the cheap ones and the more expensive ones actually


Indoor antennas are best used next to a window so I re-positioned this television next to

a window so all of them can get maximum opportunity to get the best signal they can.

So Im going to put the first cheap antenna up and see how it goes.

This is my $3 antenna.

I like the design though.

The instructions I dont like so much.

Theyre not very good.

What do you expect for 3 bucks?

Youre supposed to attach this antenna to this base and ideally attach it to a window

which is what Im going to do.

OK, I think its going to stay.


First thing you have to do with any antenna is scan for channels.

Hopefully it hold upit didnt hold up.

Actually used some picture mounts to hold this thing in place and Ive got it here

pointing at the Las Vegas Valley, so every TV antenna in town is that direction.

Alright and now Ill try scanning for channels.

I expect it to be a pretty high number here in Las Vegas, so well see where its


Its already at 11% so its not taking that long.

They say 20 minutes.


Thats a lot of channels.

Are any of them any good?

Well have to find that out pretty soon, too.

Looks like it found 76 channels.

Well the quality is so-so on that one.

Oh, its Tac Visor, and its loud.

I reviewed this one.

Sweet, Tac Visor.

I love it.

The volume really varies a lot on these.

Some of them are blasting.

Some of them I can barely hear it.

The picture quality on this one is very good.

This is the local NBC station.

Ive gotta watch my soaps and theyre not looking pretty good!

Alright Im not going to go through all 76 channels on all three of these but it looks

like Im getting kind of a mixed bag of some look pretty good and some dont.

Some are loud, some are quiet.

Next up, though, is Clear TV.

Alright next up is Clear TV.

This is the new version, not the old version.

They give you a little sticky mount for this but they say youre supposed to mount it

vertically, so what Im going to do, Im going to put it on the table right behind

the TV which is right next to the window, so its basically at a window mount anyways.

So Im going to put it right here, plug it in up there, and see how it goes.

See if this actually comes off when Im done with this.

Ok so we are right next to a window and I guess these just pull up.

Aww little cute rabbit ears, just like the old days.

Now let the Clear TV scan and see how it goes.

Alright so the Clear TV only picked up 66 channels when the cheap $3 antenna picked

up 76 channels.

Its a little bit surprising.

And I think the picture quality on this channel 2.1 is not as good as it was with the cheap


See, look its stopping.

It didnt do that before.

Wow is that loud.

And I reviewed this, too.

This is actually a pretty good product.

I reviewed this, too!

I reviewed this, too.

This is a great channel.

I need to leave these on all the time.

This is like the greatest hits of some of the stuff Ive reviewed already.

This was one of my best of 2018 actually.

See this picture is also good once again.

NBC is once again good.

Its a great picture.

Great sound, too.

Alright well so far just on first glance, the Clear TV doesnt look as good as the

$3 one but Im going to do a better test tonight where we check all the channels and

see how they look.

Next up Ive got the expensive amplified antenna and were going to see how that

does next.

And finally its time for this bad boy.

Look at the size of this thing.

Its about the size of a TV itself almost.

Its got an 18-foot cable.

Its got a sticky strip on the back for mounting.

Its got an amplifier which goes in the USB port.

If you dont have a USB port on your TV, they even give you an included power cube.

Got the amplifier here.

This goes into the TV.

Hopefully this sticks better than the $3 one did.

Will it stay in place?

Once again Im going to scan these channels, see how many it picks up.

Alright so obviously its not right.

It only picked up 15 channels, but the instructions state that if you have the amplifier and youre

too near broadcast towers that you could actually pick up less channels, so Im going to take

the amplifier out and try it again without the amplifier and see if theres a difference

because 15 versus 76, its definitely not right.

It looks like its already picking up more channels.

Im at 11 at 5% so the amplifier was obviously actually causing problems, which the instructions

said could happen.

Alright so 74 channels, take a quick look at these, and then well do our big test

later tonight.

Once again this channel just doesnt come in very well no matter what.

Once again NBC looking good.

So right now my first impression, Im not seeing a big difference between the more expensive

antenna and the $3 antenna, and the Clear TV seemed to be kind of in the rear so its

going to be interesting to do a little bit better comparison with multiple people all

giving our opinions on this, but right now it looks like the $3 antenna is hanging in

there with the rest of them but lets see what happens on our more extensive test later.

Now because a picture quality is kind of a subjective thing.

Some people might say its a good picture, some people may disagree.

I wanted to have more opinions than just my own so I invited my twins to help me out.

We kind of had a TV watching night.

We went through all three antennas, all the channels, and rated each one of them, and

heres how that went.

Were going to have a family TV night with some popcorn.

Its time to get started.

Alright so Im here with my kids.

Were going to watch all the channels from all three antennas.

Were going to rank them and come up with a decision on which one is the best antenna

based on the quality of the channels we see.

So you guys ready?

Got our popcorn here.

So were going to start with channel 2.1 and work our way up, and see how they all


Were not going to share our scores with each other.

No looking over here alright?

This is the $3 antenna and I re-scanned it before we started so it has a fresh scan on

it and 2.2 is not showing up at all.

I dont know that guy!

One of your friends looks like him a bit.

I forget his name though.

Way back in the day.

His hair.

Thats like 70s or 80s.

Yep weve got Westerns here.

I love that music.

Sounds like 90s.

If 90s.

Looks like bad vacation footage.

What is this?

Looks like home videos.

The Crispy Colonel, right?

I did the Crispy Colonel.

They have pot pies?

Brandon has reviews on his channel.

Weve done a bunch of KFC, right?

A couple of them.

Oh this is Forensic Files.

Dont ever watch this show when youre about to go to sleep.

Oh no.

This is not a good show when youre trying to fall asleep.

Its fun to watch, but not at night.

One time they had an episode that kept sayingJames White.”

I know there was a killer named James White on the show!

I recorded it because it freaked me out hearing him say my name over and over again.

This is the $3 antenna.

I think its doing pretty well so far.


Thats the Duke right there.

The Duke!

I dont know.

Ive got nothing.


Ive never seen something jump from a 10 to a 1 so quickly.

That looks like when the bitrate is really messed up.

Thats rough.

So 21.2.

The low ones were good.

Now its not looking so good.

You cant watch that.

Looks like Voldemort a bit.

Have Proactiv and youll have lines on your face like that.

Youll have like roast beef face.

Roast beef face?

I love it.

Thats a new thing now.

It looked like roast beef.


Very loud!

Its the loudest one.


Its actually distorting its so loud.

Found a lot of channels that dont have anything on them.

I love this show.

We can watch it later.

Very quiet.

Oh boy.

Gotta love shopping channels.

Those are cute though.

Oh great.

Im not going to buy them though.

More shopping.

Now we have to do this two more times.


Two more times!

I mean its not the worst.

We're going to take a break.

Im going to switch the antennas, re-scan it, and were going to do it again.

Alright taking a look at the final results for the $3 antenna.

These are what I call the raw stats and thats the rating we gave to all the channels, regardless

whether theyre good or not.

We all agreed there were 62 channels, so I gave all the channels a 7.6 rating on average,

Noah gave it a 5.7.

She was less impressed with some of the channels than I was.

Brandons average was 7.2.

That gives the overall average raw rating as a 6.8.

Now what I did next was I filtered out all the channels that were pretty much unusable

even though they had a signal, all of them that were so bad they werent unwatchable,

so basically anything with a 5 or above rating to see where the rating of those channels

were and how many channels we actually thought were usable.

So I call this my adjusted rating for the $3 antenna.

I found there to be 58 channels that were usable with an average of an 8-star rating.

Noahs less impressed.

She had 41 usable channels and a 7.0-star rating.

Brandon kind of in the middle, 7.6 and 55 channels.

That averages out to 7.5-star rating with 51 usable channels.

Next up we tried the As Seen on TV Clear TV and heres what happened.

Alright time for Round 2.

Weve got the Clear TV.

This is the new version, so lets see how that goes.

I dont trust him for some reason.


I reviewed this one.

This is the second time Ive seen this one.

I reviewed this one.

Why would you melt candy?

I did that same test!

I did that test and it actually passed the test.

That same guy does all those voices for the As Seen on TV commercials.

Just like the pros!

That wasnt exactly it, was it?

Thats for the kid products.

Oh yeah.

Magic Pad!

Magic Pad!

Alright this is Clear TV.

Clear TV!

Yeah see.

Is that Frank Sinatra?

Yeah see.

Uh oh.

Its breaking up a bit.


There he is again.

Old creepy Forensic File guy.

Would you rather have a channel that doesnt come in well, or just have it not come in

at all?

Which one would you prefer?

Look at that.

That looked freaky.

Like someBlah.”

Id rather have no channel than have to look at that.

Oh no.

Oh theres a big discrepancy between the first one and this one.

Take a nosedive.

Oh no, not again.

Clear TV is starting to fade!

Come on Clear TV.

Ooh mama.

Oh no.

Clear TV.

Not so clear right now.


No kidding.

Its negligent in its signal.

You know whats weird is some of the channels are better and some of them are worse.

Its like its not consistent.

What happened?

All the 21s are gone.

And the 23s.

Clear TV is not impressing me.

What do you guys think?

Its not very clear.

How is this this improved version?

This is the new improved version so imagine the original?

Should we review this cat litter thing?

She might be scared.

Its like 500 bucks, isnt it?

Look at that cat.

They look good for about 1 second, now it froze again.

Alright guys, so that was the Clear TV.

Well have to add up the scores and see how they do but weve got one more antenna

to go.

Were going to take a break and come back for the final one.

Alright here we go.

Alright so taking a look at the Clear TV raw ratings.

Again this is the average rating for all the channels whether they were really watchable

or not, just if we had a signal.

As you can see theres arent as impressive as the $3 antenna as far as the raw ratings


5.9 for me, 4.8 for Noah, 5.7 for Brandon.

That averages out to 5.5 and 57 total channels.

Now when you get rid of all the garbage out of there, the numbers are much more impressive.

I had a 7.7 and 40 usable channels.

Noah had 7.3 but only 28 usable channels in her opinion.

Brandon had the highest rating for Clear TV with 7.9 and 37 usable channels.

So as you can see theres much less channels that were really watchable.

But the average rating was 7.6 with 35 usable channels on average.

And finally it was the highly rated Amazon U Must Have antenna, and heres how that


Alright for the final test, this is the U Must Have antenna which cost I think 27 bucks.

Lets get started.

Some good acting man!

Oh man.

Love the acting.

Thats perfect.

What a moment to turn on.

What was that man?


Thats Ron Howard the director of like, The Grinch right there.

Wait really?

That little kid.

That little kid directed The Grinch.


Its like let me see.


This is the second John Wayne movie weve seen tonight I think.


Ooh weve got Star Trek.


I want to watch this now.

Can I watch this instead?

See Clear TV didnt pick up any of these 21 channels.

Thats true.

This was my favorite show when I was a kid.

I love Jack Tripper.

That chicks hair, though.

No thank you.

Were getting into all these shows now.

Every one of these seems to struggle with a certain range Ive noticed.


Their voice is getting blended with this blender.

He did it.

What kind of movie is this?

Is he blading?

Ive heard of Blade Runner but not like this.

This is the 90s blade runner.

Got those shorts.

This is great.

What the heck is that?

Its like the desert version of Tron.


I dont know what this is.

I love it.

Do you guys know these movies, comment because Im curious.

I love this.

What kind of video is this?

Walking barefoot in the street.

What is that?

This is so perfect.

Anthony Sullivan is a great way to finish.

That's my boy right there.

Anthony Sullivan.

There we go.

Its hard to tell because someeach one of them seemed to have ranges they were good

and bad at.

Some of them seemed like they picked up channels the others didnt.

So what Im going to do is compile all these numbers, see how many channels they actually

picked up, as opposed to just the ones that scanned and they had nothing on there.

Now its time for me to do all the tallying and see which one we picked as the best antenna

of these three.

Thats next.

Taking a look at the U Must Have antenna, just the raw data.

These are the ones that are just, either they worked or not.

My average rating was 7.3, Noah was 5.8, Brandon 6.7.

That averaged out 6.6 stars and the highest number of channels at 66.

Now when you adjust these, remove all the garbage channels that werent really usable,

the numbers are a little bit different.

Mine was a 7.9 with 60 channels, Noahs went up to 7.2 and 45 usable channels.

Brandon 7.6 with 54 channels.

That averaged out a 7.6 with 53 channels.

So after we were done, I had to crunch all these numbers.

We all had our ratings here.

I had to figure out what to do with all that.

Now lets look at all three antennas with the raw ratings.

Again these are just channels that were there or not and I didnt filter out any of the

kind of garbage channels.

The $3 antenna had a 6.8-star rating with 62 channels, Clear TV 5.5 with 57 channels,

and U Must Have 6.6 with 66 channels.

So the U Must Have had the most channels but the $3 antenna actually had the highest rating.

But once again, that includes channels that really werent very usable, so lets take

out all the garbage channels and see how the adjusted totals compare.

The $3 antenna had a 7.5 with 51 channels, Clear TV 7.6 with 35 channels, and the U Must

Have also 7.6 with 53 channels.

So really when you adjust them, all three of them had about the same rating, but look

at the number of channels.

The Clear TV had 18 less channels than the U Must Have really in the watchable category,

so even though it had a high rating, it had much less channels that really met that criteria.

So what this tells me is that the $3 antenna and the U Must Have, which are both window-mounted,

outperformed the Clear TV which was standing vertically right next to a window.

The final graphic here.

This is the total of everything, the raw and the adjusted next to each other.

The $3 antenna didnt really change a lot.

The rating went up and the channels went down because youre filtering out a lot of the

lesser channels.

Clear TV really, the star rating went up but the channels went way down to 35.

U Must Have, it kept the most number of channels and it had the same star rating as the Clear

TV but much more channels.

Keep in mind the results for a TV antenna is going to differ for everyone because theres

so many different factors that play into it, like your distance from the television broadcast

towers, the placement within your home, any obstacles between you and the tower, any obstacles

within your home.

So this is just an example of how it worked for me, but I think my example might translate

to a lot of people as far as my final results goes.

Because I live in a big city, within 35 miles of the nearest broadcast towers, I really

the amplifier wasnt really something I could use.

So if youre living in a remote area, you probably want to use an amplified antenna

if youre going with an indoor antenna, but if you live in a remote area, youre

probably going to go with a roof-mounted antenna to get all the distant TV broadcast antennas.

But if youre in a big city and you want an indoor TV antenna, it appears to me from

my very unscientific test that a cheap window-mounted antenna will probably perform about as well

as an expensive one.

I probably wouldnt go with the Clear TV over a window-mounted option.

Have you used an indoor antenna like these or another one?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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