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welcome back to my channel I'm Matt the creator of Airbnb uncovered dot com and

Airbnb sooo browse on this channel I uncover some of the best kept hosting

secrets as well as share with you everything that I've learned after

hosting over 3000 guests one of the biggest concerns are concerns on any

host mind is parties in their home and this is a legitimate concern it's one

that we all have to deal with as hosts there are ways to prevent parties from

happening and on this week's episode I'm gonna show you exactly what they are

preventing parties along with other strategies to become a reliable and

responsible host is what this channel is all about I post a new video every

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Airbnb are lovely and respectful people there are a few bad apples out there the

home sharing community is no different than the community that you live in most

people where you live are likely friendly and respectful but there's a

few questionable ones around town our job as hosts is to ensure were only

hosting the friendly ones hotels are equipped to monitor activity in their

rooms but as Airbnb hosts were often not we

generally don't have the luxury of a front desk staff member on duty 24 hours

a day seven days a week and we also don't have a security team at our

disposal the very existence of our community of home shares depends on us

getting this right I'm sure you've no doubt seen at least

one news story about a big party that happened in an Airbnb these parties

leave the host devastated the neighbors annoyed and angry and the community

concerned it's these types of news stories that push lawmakers to restrict

Airbnb and place rules on home sharing a few weeks ago I did a three-part video

series about attracting the best guests and avoiding the worst ones you can

check them out here here and probably here in this week's video I'm going to

get very tactical about what actions you can take today to prevent a party from

breaking out in your home I'm gonna go over four key areas the first is access

control the second is real-time monitoring from a distance the third is

checking and enforcement and the fourth is vetting in this video I'm going to be

referencing different types of devices that you can buy to protect your home

against unauthorized parties to help you along I've written up a list of the of

these devices and you can get it from my website I'll link to the list in the

description below this list is simply the most commonly used devices I've seen

in my research over the years and it's also the ones that I use in my listings

I'm not affiliated with any of these companies and I won't be earning any

Commission if you decide to purchase them the first area is access control

and this means controlling who has access to your home and when you have a

few options here if you do an in-person check-in then you have the ultimate

control of who you give your keys to for many hosts though this is impossible so

we use some kind of key exchange or technology solution the de-facto for

many hosts is a lockbox if you're using a lockbox make sure you change the code

often to prevent past guests from coming back if you're looking for a more secure

solution you can check out some of these smart locks on the market they either

grant access via a unique keycode or grant access via an app that

the guest downloads to their phone prior to their arrival the advantage of using

a smart lock is that since the locks are smart they're sending information about

when the door is locked unlocked and in some cases when it's

opened and closed I use smart locks in most of my units I can tell you that

after monitoring the activity of about 3,000 guests a guess is up to something

they're not supposed to be doing when they're locking and unlocking the door

numerous times over a short period of time I like smart locks because they're

non intrusive and can provide helpful information not related to ensuring a

party isn't happening they tell me if a guest has checked in

or not and I also know when they've checked out the second area is real-time

monitoring again here there are a few options if you live close enough to your

listing that you can easily check on it in person to see what's going on then

this is the best option but a more common scenario is that for the host not

to be on site or nearby for these hosts we need to use technology to monitor how

things are going in real time the best solution here is to have a video camera

pointed on every door to your home this way you can see who's coming and going I

am 100% against having video cameras inside your home guests deserve their

privacy and I believe that seeing who's coming in and leaving will give you

enough information to properly monitor your home video cameras on the exterior

of your home is the ideal situation but sometimes it's not possible especially

in condo complexes where private cameras are not permitted in the hallways in

this situation we need to turn to noise monitoring devices again there are a few

different options out there but all of them basically do the same thing they

monitor the noise level and they do not record the calm

stations of your guests by monitoring the noise level these devices are not

intruding on the guests privacy if noise reaches a certain level then these

devices send an alert to your phone with access control and real-time noise

monitoring in place all that is left to do is check on things if you're alerted

the number one thing you can do to prevent a party from happening is to

actually go there I don't believe it is simply enough to send a guest a message

when you receive an alert that things are getting too loud or you notice

strangers entering your home on camera or you see that the door is being opened

and closed repeatedly over a short period of time I recommend that you or

your property manager actually go over to the listing and check on things I'm

going to bet that if your guest has set off more than one of these thresholds

you're going to want to evict this guest and put an end to whatever is going on

in extremely rare situations it may not be safe for you to put an end to

whatever is going on so please don't put your safety in danger call the local

police for help but if you're following my methods this type of situation is

probably never going to happen to you and I really hope it doesn't if you

worry that the police are taking too long because perhaps your situation

isn't that serious or maybe you're not comfortable calling them then I

recommend keeping the number of a local security company on hand I know of a

local host who had trouble getting her guests to leave once she googled private

security officers and within a couple hours she had Hey six-foot-two

large and scary man on her property enforcing her directions without further

incident the guests left soon after I can't do a

video on preventing parties without stressing the importance of doing a bit

of checking before agreeing to host a guest I went into this very topic in

detail in three part series on avoiding the worst

guess so if you want to know more please check out those videos but briefly

setting your house rules and properly understanding a guests intention will go

a long way to keeping your property safe and secure before we wrap up I need to

point out that whatever monitoring devices you have on your property need

to be outlined on your listing even if it's just a smartlock Airbnb wants

guests you understand how your home is set up including any cameras or noise

monitoring devices there is the also the added benefit of deterring would-be

partiers from booking your listing since these items are noted on your

listing page you can also reference them in any messages that you're having with

guests that you're not comfortable hosting I know that you don't want to

have an unauthorized party in your listing but it's too easy to say that

this will never happen to me please heed my warnings and make the investment in

at least one of the party prevention devices there's a list of the most

commonly used devices on my website and the link is in the description below

this list is entirely for your benefit and I'm not affiliated with any of these

companies or earning a commission from the sale of any device

my recommendation is for you to invest in an access control and a real-time

monitoring device I hope that you never have to use any of these but at the very

least you can use them as a deterrent to prevent would-be partiers from booking

your listings I hope this video put some of your hosting stress at ease if you

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together we can build a community of responsible and reliable hosts that

refused to allow unruly guests ruin the home sharing industry together we can

put an end to the headlines about parties happening in Airbnb s I hope

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