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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENGSUB] 제주 올레시장의 신기하고 재밌는 해산물 탐방, 여기오면 꼭 사야할 것들(The Wonderful Seafood of Jeju Traditional Market)

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Wonderful seafood of Jeju traditional market in Korea

There's more to this place than Dongmun Market.

It's all farmed seabream ,Korean rockfish, flat fish

There are not many (specialized) that can only be eaten in Jeju Island.

Due to the bad weather, can't catch many wild fish right now

Cutlassfish is common here in Jeju.

But didn't look very good

Is that Cutlassfish?

what did you say?

over there a black one, is that cutlassfish?

no cutlassfish here..

we passed it

didn't see

In the eyes of a fish columnist, a cutlassfish so common that it was invisible for him

What does black pig Hotteok(chinese pancake) taste like?

This place is full of chub mackerel and red horsehead

Norwegian chub mackerel that is now too common in Jeju Island

chub mammoth and red horsehead, what is the price difference between the two?

How much for red horsehead?

40,000 won / Kg

40,000 won / Kg ?

Too expensive!

red horsehead vs chub mackerel 40,000 won/kg vs 5,000won/kg

How much is this?(red-banded lobster)

10,000 won

how much for kg?

13,000 won /kg

Can I eat this sashimi?


Is this a defrost? Is it frozen?

Frozen while it was alive on the ship

If you go to the sushi restaurant, it cost you 10,000 won for full of ten (red-banded lobster)

Can I buy something that's frozen a lot?

Should I? 2kg? 1kg?

give me 2kg.

buy 3kg then i will box it up

3kg is too much.. Just 2kg

Please, box it up

because i have to fly back.

If the box costs 3,000 won, I don't have any profit.

will give you 3,000 won

It's very fresh because it froze as soon as it's caught on the boat.

so after ddefrosting, able to eat it as sashimi

look! blue eggs

is it eatable?

of course


doesn't have any special taste, but it's just like bubble tok-tok

collect those eggs

collect those eggs and make the warship

not funny;;

bigger one ..

Thanks ;;

where do get all these?

caught off near Jeju Island

Shouldn't you go far and get it, not close?

yes. go far

This is caught near the sea in Japan.

need to go down a lot

But didn't catch much this year.

Didn't catch a lot of cutlassfish so there are not many cutlassfish.

Because they won't let near it.

Cutlassfish is caught near Daemado Island.

(red-banded lobster) Which of the four seasons is the best?

this season

give you 200g more

Back at home, scale it again and it was exact 2kg.

The sea cucumber we eat is bump sea cucumber.

Whether it's red sea cucumber or not, it's just a difference in habitat.

wanna try , daughter?


very large natural abalone

Look at that. It's as big as my daughter's face.

170,000 won / kilo. One is likely to weight about 1 kg.

1.. I think 2 weight about 1 kg.

170,000 won for 2

Dried Brown croaker is here.

how much?

100,000 won

for 1 ? no no for 3.

100,000 won for 3 ? (What?)

what's this? Sea eel?

Conger eel

Here's flounder a lot

The fins you see at the sushi restaurant are stained.

Starry flounder is a species of fish. Most of them are farmed.

TA-DA a Big Striped beakperch!!

possibly 60cm long?


about it.

It's awesome.

There's a striped beakperch fish around me

It is said that selling striped beakperch about that size usually cost about 1,500,000 won

It's an old saying now

Assuming it's sold now, that's about five kilos

100,000~150,000 won per kilo means 500,000~800,000 won.

It's Bluefin searobin.

it has legs.

This time Meter long Bulgyhead wrasse

symbol of a male

Bulgyhead wrasse is one of the most feared catch fish of striped beakperch

It's all goldstriped amberjack

This is for packing raw fish

ask a question for a minute?

It's flat fish from Jeju, right? How much?

fish? flat fish?

25,000 won / kg

Did the price go down or up?

lately, it goes down

didn't it?


even if it went up, still 25,000 won

almost no profit

how much is it(Bulgyhead wrasse)?

200,000 won / 10kg

Bulgyhead wrasse eat for sashimi?

not really

perhaps some eat it because it is alive.

Nothing much different?

Also cost 20,000 to 30,000 won at Noryangjin.

slightly cheaper

Considering the nature of the area, it is not very cheap.

if i ordered assorted raw fish, do you have spicy soup and side dishes?

nope. Gotta order each

Here they called it Turbot

Grunter right? where? above there!

Here are opaleye

Grunter, too

Grunter is a representative summer fish species found only in Jeju Island and Hongdo Island in South Gyeongsang Province.

in June~July is best season.

Turbot is from oversea.

it dosen't live in our country, livesin Europe.

talking about this one, right?

nope, this one here

It's same

Flip over?

It's not flip over. It's the color on top.

same one but different color?

It's a mutant. albino like?

Here's too.

It's bringing things that live in Europe

and farm in Jeju.

this one welcomes you

it's good flat fish that breathe on the floor and do nothing but

swims around like this isn't in very good condition.

It's a good fish that stay still

we can take out raw fish here

and eat it at accommodations is cheap.

just take out

Standard name: flap fish

Standard name: flap fish Flag fish is a fish species called 'paddy' and 'flower dome' in Jeju Island.

Flag fish is a fish species called 'paddy' and 'flower dome' in Jeju Island.

It's a grass-eating fish so could be smelly

That's why it's a fish species that needs to be sharp and accurate.

Is it shrimp?

It's Japanese fan lobster. We tried it in New Caledonia.

looks wierd

It's probably because it's fliped

still looks weired


tasty but it has very small portion

Spoon worm!

What's this?

Spoon worm

It's like a worm living in the sea, but it's a little different from a worm.

This one is yummy.

It lives in the sand.

Wanna try this?

Why don't we take a look more?

still don't get it

cute lol Where's its mouth?

cute lol Where's its mouth? Weher's its nose?

cute lol Where's its mouth? Where's its nose? Where's its eye?

cute lol Where's its mouth? Where's its nose? Where's its eye? I don't see it yet

it has no eyes

has only mouth and a hole for poopoo.

How dose it live without it?

Just live

give me a kiss.

hey~ he's mine~!

no~ It's my daddy!

Like more daddy than mommy~

Look. It's unusual.

fried Jeju pig.

This flat fish looks wild one.

Yes. All of them

How much?

3o,ooo won but give me 20,000 won

it's very cheap.

if we live near here then would buy it(tasty for fish cutlet)

This is a species of fish called White croaker

Wanna bring Horse mackerel, too.

There's a squid elongate ilisha, not fish elongate ilisha.

You know, imported frozen and dried one.

dried squid elongate ilisha?

don't have here?

Kindness If you go up this way, the alley is the same. Go find it in dry fish.

red horsehead?

this one red horsehead, that one is yellow horsehead

yellow horsehead

it's from China?

Yes, these are all made in China.

Which one is more tasty?

this one (red horsehead) is more expensive?

(yellow horsehead) 25,000 won per kilo / (red horsehead) 30,000 won per kilo

only 5,000 won difference

It's a little different. The tail is a bit different.

I know it for my job, but I always want to check it out :)

Is it salty enough? or need to put some salt?

It's salty so no rinse it and just keep it in the freezer

and Fried it

Can we make a seaweed soup with it?

If you want to make a seaweed soup then use red horsehead not yellow horsehead.

Red one is good for seaweed soup

Why not yellow horsehead?

you can use it but not recommend

not tasty as much as red one

For fried, it doesn't matter

at least, they are honest.

some says, (pointing at yellow horsehead) asking is it red horsehead? then they say 'yes'

but we know a lot

they are honest

say red horsehead

To tell differentiation, start call it 'real' red horsehead

Which one is black piggy in it?

It's all in.

1 original and 1 curry

eating well

What's the taste like?

ofcourse, it's like black pig taste

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The Description of [ENGSUB] 제주 올레시장의 신기하고 재밌는 해산물 탐방, 여기오면 꼭 사야할 것들(The Wonderful Seafood of Jeju Traditional Market)