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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR (Sub✔)체온계 테스트실 상황극 (체온계 소리 잔뜩) Thermometer Test Room RP

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Hello, are you Lee Mandu?

I am so sorry. You have been waiting for a long time, right?

The conference finished later than I thought...

As far as I know, you are the person who I was supposed to meet one month ago but you were sick, so our appointment was postponed, right?

But you are fine now?

Ahh.. you had a test on that day?

Anyway, it went well, right?

On that day, there was also another person. Do you remember?

His name was Kim Bread or Bam Bread.. something like that. Anyway, he appeared on that day.

On that day, we tested an armpit thermometer.

And in fact, he was very ticklish

That's why it was a bit hard.

Today, we will test 4 different products.

All of them are ear thermometers...

And because of that, we need to check your ears and skin condition before the test.

If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know anytime.

Let me conduct a survey first.

As you may know, this test is not about performance or accuracy.

Most of all, the condition of the tester is the most important because it focuses on the hand-held grip.

And this survey is a way to get to know all the things.

All the questions are very easy, so please don't worry.

I will try to finish as soon as possible.

First of all, have you had a sudden fever or a sudden drop in temperature last week?


Have you ever been to or visited a hospital because of disease, including a cold?

Oh, you haven't

Do you take any medicine?

No? Okay, great.

The test today is all about ears, so

Do you usually have ear problems, or have you recently had ear infections?

Not really?

Do you often use earphones?

Oh, you do.

Have you ever felt any pain or pressure while wearing earphones?

Oh, sometimes?

Okay, this is the last question.

Do you think that you have sensitive skin?

Oh, you don't. That's good!

Okay, thank you. We have finished the survey.

From now on, I will check your ear cleanliness.

When did you last clean your ears?

Oh, your ears look cleaner than I thought!

Let me take a look at the other ear.

Okay, this one is also fine.

So.. I guess you have cleaned your ears recently?

It's neat, but even a little bit of earwax can impact the test results.

I will try to remove the earwax lightly

I will come a little closer

And I will use an alcohol swab to get rid of all the stuff.

This is a disposable package, so

It's extremely hygienic and safe.

I will use it to wipe your ears.

I guess it will feel nice.

Okay, I will do the same on the other side.

Is it cold?

Does it feel colder? Ah, it's a joke, of course!

So, these are the thermometers we are going to test today.

Okay, so let's try out those 4.

Okay, so you will check them out and tell me your personal opinion on them, okay?

Let's start with this one.

Turn it on and...

Which side would you like to test first?

Right side?

Okay, I will put it inside.

And now, I will slowly take it out.

The other side as well.


How was it?

Oh, you don't know well? Okay, let's do it again.

The other side, too.

I am taking it out.

How did it feel when I put the thermometer in your ear? Did you feel uncomfortable?

Ah, the bottom part? I see.

Did you feel anything else?

Ah, the sound was a bit loud?

Let me check both sides once again.

This time, I will start from the left ear.

How was it?

Did you feel the same as before?

That's how you do it. Seems easy?

Could you do it yourself this time?

You can do it yourself and then tell me how it felt.

Please press the upper part?

How does it feel?

Okay. Please do it once again.

Did it feel safe to hold it?

How about the size?


We usually need to wait for 10 minutes before we start another test.

This way we will refresh our senses to focus better on the next product

Also, if the thermometer goes into and out of the ear many times, it will stimulate the ear a lot.

Okay, I will wipe your ear with a cool alcohol swab.

Okay, shall we start with the 2nd test?

Okay, so now we will test this product.

Let's start the test!

This is the original version of our precious product.

It is the closest version to the prototype.

This time, I will do it slowly as well.

How does it feel?

You don't know well?

Let's do it once again.

Is the sound better than the previous one?

How does it feel when it goes inside your ear?

So, the previous one felt much softer?

It looks a little bit spiky.

This one is a bit long so I guess you could feel a bit painful?

Did it feel like it stung your ear?

Okay, let me insert it once again.

How did it feel?

Please, do it yourself now.

Please turn it on...

How does it feel to grab it?

Ah, so it's a bit slippery? I see.

And also the size is too small to grab?

How about the button?

It was smooth? I see.

Sometimes, it doesn't work at once.

So you mean, you need to use the product more to know it better?

Okay, I see.

I will clean your ear once again.

Relax, please.

Would you like some tea?

What kind of tea do you like?

I have Earl Grey, Lemon Black Tea, Milk Tea, Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea, and Coffee.

Lemon Black Tea? Okay. Hold on for a sec, please.

Here you are.

Does it taste good?

Okay, let's start the 3rd test.

Okay, so this is the 3rd product.

This one is a very small and portable model.

And, it's mainly for kids so please bear it in mind while using it.

Okay, let's start from the right ear.

How does it feel?

Wow, so even it's a bit small it felt comfortable!

Yeah, I understand that.

So, you mean that this one was the comfiest one?

Okay, let's try again.

You are quite good at this!

Okay, so try it yourself, please.

Press the upper button, please.

The size is a bit small but it still felt great to grab it?

How about the button?

It should be a bit softer. Right?

Okay, I see.

So, it's very convenient to carry around?

Yes, that's right.

Okay, so we have the last product here.

So, this is the premium model.

And it has a lot of different functions...

You can also choose a melody. That's rare, isn't it?

If you purchase this product, we also give a disposable vinyl cap. Replacing it enables you to maintain it in good condition for a longer time.

Because of that, I would like you to use it once with and once without the cap.

And now, the other side.

How was it? Did it feel like a premium model?

It felt soft? Okay...

How about the sound?

Let me do it once again.

Was it okay or a bit painful? It seemed to stimulate your ear a bit...

Was it okay? I see! Now, test it yourself, please.

How does it feel?

I completely agree with you.

This model is not curved but a bit angled so it's easier to hold.

And.. it's the most expensive one.

Was it the easiest to hold among all the products?

Okay, now let's try it with the vinyl cap on.

Okay, that's how it looks with a vinyl cap. Let's try it on!

How does it feel?

But it felt comfier than without the cap?

We wanted to make it softer than the one which is usually used for patients.

Would it be better to use another kind of vinyl to silence the sound?

I see!

Next month, we are going to test a stethoscope.

Would you like to come then as well?

We don't know the date yet but it will be around March or April.

We will contact you again around then.

Thank you for participating in our test.

It was great to have you as our guest.

I will wipe your ear once again.

Have your tea, please.

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