Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 4 STEPS to LEARN ENGLISH WITH VIDEOS on eJOY English App

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Let's see how learning English with video on eJOY app can help you out.

First, it's flexible

- you can study anywhere, anytime you want,

with your smartphone (midnight, early bird).

Second, it's authentic.

You will listen to native speakers talking about your favorite topic in their native language.

Third, it's easy to understand and practice.

You can translate new words and practice speaking with correction.

Last but not least, it's fun.

You can learn with movies, tv shows, music videos, ... any topics you like.

If you can make sure that you're spending 20 minutes per day,

follow the 4 steps below.

I guarantee that you'll soon be amazed at your improvement.

Step 1: Choose a video.

There's over 60,000 videos on eJOY app,

which are sorted by levels and topics for you to choose.

Remember to consider:

#1 Your interest.

A video in your favorite topics will make your learning much more fun and easier.

#2 Your English level.

Choose a video at your level or a bit higher.

Start where you're comfortable and work your way up from there.

#3 The video length.

Since we are focusing only on speaking, the shorter, the better.

Choose videos less than 3-minute long.

Step 2: Watch the video

In this step, try to guess what the video is about while watching

If you find a new word in the video,

just tap on it and you'll see the definition and translation to your mother tongue.

Does it have new phrases that you don't know?

No problem, just drag on the screen and you will see its meaning right away.

And don't forget to save these new vocabularies for later practice with eJOY

Step 3: Practice with the video.

Now you have more than 3 new words from the video,

Click on Game to practice.

The Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank will help you to become familiar with new vocabulary.

The Speaking Game will check your pronunciation with our speech recognition technology.

eJOY will point out where you should improve in your speech.

After all, do "shadowing" with the video

Try to mimic the speakers.

You can spend as much time as you like at this point

until you are happy with your performance.

If you want to challenge yourself, go ahead,

turn off the subtitles by one simple touch, and speak along with the video

Step 4: Review saved words/phrases.

Stay tunned!

I'm gonna tell you the biggest weapon otherwise you'll forget what you've learnt.

Select "Game center"

then "Play now" to review the words and phrases you're about to FORGET.

This smart repetition will help you remember words FOREVER.


And that's it.

Over 100,000 learners are learning English vocabulary with eJOY.

Why don't you give it a try?

Install eJOY App and Learn Free Now!

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