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How to stand in the mid lane to give vision

How to stand in the top lane to give vision

You are able to see the river

You are able to see below

I'm coming in to take damage from the towers

Or to kill people?

When killing in the tower range How to make it better

This red Don't go in again

If I teach you, you will improve faster

So I am telling you the person who is playing as a supporter

is very generous

It's like when you take part in a competition

When you take part in a competition, what do you see

The teammates show off their skills

Caesar Lane show, Abyssal Dragon Lane show, Mid Lane show

Jungle show

But what the supporters do are...

Blocking the people, giving the vision, providing information, being responsible for containment

So you guys can have a good position for damage output


The things that people can see in the competitions are those damage output positions

In contrast, they can't see what supporters are doing

So that's why I choose the supporter role

I am livestreaming this supporter role so I can give you a better understanding what supporters are doing

For instance, a mid right bush and a mid left bush

You can only choose one to give vision

If you get the mid right bush but lack of the mid left bush

Why aren't you giving me vision

Why Teemee is not using the ult

Why aren't you equipping the vision supporting items

Why aren't you helping us to get the position

The vision of Caesar Lane Why it hasn't been cleared yet?

These are all the things that a support needs to do, especially during the competition

People can not see when you show off your skills

But when they get in troubles they'll scold at you

Supporters are like that

But I still take this role

Feeling sad?

No way, I have a good feeling when playing this

I have a good time when supporting

I like to be beaten

From then till now I like to play tanking

I like to be beaten but can't beat to death

Very naughty

I like to go tease others and run away

The past competitions no one would remember the time

Just because I had more time after

Livestreamed on the weekends

My habit is like this

I remember the sec of something

Then report to others

Now everyone is learning this thing

I think now more people who play support are becoming stronger

Because the key thing is about concept

If I teach you the concept or the basic operation

You'll become stronger

Because your game operation might be better than me

There is always someone who can do it better than me

But regarding the concept

You still need the experience

The experience of competition

If I teach you, you will improve faster

Who likes SM with you

The most important when playing support

Take care of our damage output

Map view

How to give vision

Let me give you a training course

Ok so for example if you are playing Bot Lane Abyssal Dragon Lane

Marksman (Abyssal Dragon Lane)

In what conditions how to give vision

For instance this hero is a marksman

Marksman is here to push to the tower

I remember this point

This hero is a marksman

So which place should the supporter hold

This place Hold this place

Because if you stay here

The marksman will have vision of this river and the monster camp of bot lane

About the front side, basically if you have basic operation of a marksman...

You will not be killed from the front side

But there is also the possibility of being spied on

So that's why this place can give vision of river and below

Vision of opponent's monster camp

He can look at the front side by himself

Furthermore, from this point you can see

The mid lane and down there

So we can start to push backward

I will ask the marksman to withdraw

Slowly push

To this point

Even when you target the towers

You shouldn't stand at this point with him

Because if you stay at this point

The person standing near the river to give vision will come here

And kill both of you

But if you stand inside this bush

Our marksman can withdraw slowly from these bushes

So there is another way of blocking

For example our marksman already is here to target the tower

So how can we block the people

Stand at this point

Hold it

So if he dies

Will withdraw from this point

Hold this point

If he targets this tower

We hold this place

Because we push this tower

I have videos teaching about this

If the opponent comes next to the tower

We'll do like this

Don't hit him

A tower will target you whenever you damage an opponent

It's better just to stay here

There are 2 possibilities

Firstly, when killing in the tower range

How to make it better

Rush inside to target the hero first Because the tower will target you

After targeting me Our damage output

We'll have better damage output

The second posibility

I don't touch the hero or else the tower will target me

This concept you should know when entering the game

You rush inside to take damage from the tower or to kill the people?

You consider from the beginning

To help take damage from the tower

Then you go inside and touch him

Ok I'll take damage

Just stand on the sideline

The output damage position will do the killing

To kill the Omega in the tower range OK, come inside

After using the ability

I am taking damage

Mid Laner, jungler will come inside the range to kill

Because the tower is targeting me

From the moment you touch the opponent, the tower will target you immediately

The second possibility is to push forward

For instance like this

Don't fight with him

Just target the tower fast

There are 2 possibilities like that

About the late stage of the game

There is no way to do good planning like in the early stage

How to move

It's hard to explain

Because we need to have the real case

So I need to have my teammate with me so I can explain you

(Welcome to watch the livestream and videos, you will have many opportunities to get the practical explanation)

How to stand in the top lane to give vision

Start of the game you are lv 1 You have to hold the place of this L shaped bushes

Right or left

Then look around

He slowly clears the minions

Opponent supporter doesn't reveal himself

Go to see the opp's monster camp

Red buff is still here = Start from Blue buff

Then estimate the supporter's position

For instance this point

I will go up like this

To take a look at the Caesar Lane

Immediately help him eat the minions

After eating

Eat the bird

Top and Bot are the same

After eating the bird immediately go near the mid lane

Already the second minion wave

So that's why my level is high

Because I was going to the side lane to eat the minions

It helped to upgrade l2

His experience wasn't diminished

Because I helped him get extra experience from the bird

But go there and return got us 100 difference

A bird is around 70 80

Let's say 70

Opponent got 70 less

Total 140 with the return journey

Money is already 140 difference

If we eat all both sides top and bot, how much will it be in total

We will see the money difference

So from the beginning of the game, you have to do these things

If our team is weak, do not need to go outside

Protecting our monster camps is enough

You have to make the best use of this L-shaped bush

Sometimes the opponents come in

We can hide here. He'll not see us

We can see him quitely

This might have blind spot

How to stand in the top lane to give vision

Everyone from the beginning is L1

I will rush into this spot

I will get this bush

Staring at him. Staring at the Caesar Lane

Then see which buff to get started

You need to determine which buff the opponent jungler take to get started

So there is a way for you to go like this

Today, I am L1 standing here to give vision

When coming in

I realize that they get started from the red buff

This red Don't go in again

Never do that in the red area because

After the jungler eats the red buff

You will die for sure

You don't need to run for sure

Unless from the beginning you tell the teammates that you will go to the red buff

So there will be a way out for you

Blue buff is not the same

Get this right right L-shaped bush

I will go inside to see

I basically have the flicker with me

If there is something dangerous, I will use it

Get started with the Blue buff is not the same. You can look at it. You can be naughty in this area

But it doesn't work with the red buff

You guys sometime have difficulties in battling during the late stage of the game

Every bush you have to check

No high level skill here You have to check every bush

As a supporter, you have to check everything

Especially in the late game

The opponent team has the Assassin

You have to walk through

Even our towers are still here

It might have a dragon battle You have to walk through

One by one

Next is to remember the time

Heal is 2 min Flicker is 2 min

Each time the opponent uses the flicker You have to remember the time

This 0:0 has the time

Plus 2 mins

Flicker: plus 2 mins

Purify: plus 2 min

For instance D'arcy and Chaugnar are L4

For instance Lv4 D'arcy gets me Once I find a way out

Chaugnar CD 10s

So that means

When Chaugnar's ult is 10s

D'arcy will have the ult again

Use your ability to remember the time

This is a supporter's skill

So you can remind teammates

When he has the ult

So you can fight in this wave

Especially the main junglers, you can estimate the time of ult, for instance Kriknak's

You can check how many seconds

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