Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sheila E. on Honoring Prince in a Grammy Tribute Performance | Grammys

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- [Interviewer] We are here with the phenomenal Sheila E.

You'll be performing in a Prince tribute tonight.

What can we expect to see?

- A medley of three songs that I worked with Usher

and FKA Twigs and it's gonna be pretty cool, it really is.

It's something that we've wanted to do

and it's part of a celebration that we're doing

in a couple of days as well.

- [Interviewer] Why is it so special to you

to honor his legacy still to this day

and for the rest of your life, really?

- Well I mean, his legacy is his music.

He's left us so many wonderful and amazing songs

and why not celebrate him with the music that he's left us?

And it's just hard to believe that he's still gone,

that's the hard part about it.

So yeah, we have to celebrate.

- [Interviewer] Of course,

and this is music's biggest night,

an opportunity for celebration.

I'm also curious,

the industry has been in the news a lot lately.

Are there any changes that you hope to see

made going forward?

- I don't know.

Probably, but I mean this is today,

the reality of what's been going on today

and I think the focus is to celebrate and be in the moment

and I think there will be a time and a place

of what needs to happen

and figure out what's going on with that.

It really is important, yeah.

- [Interviewer] And I have to ask,

you said that you want to collaborate

with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

Tell me why they would be such a good fit

for you to work with.

- Well Usher, we are working tonight on the Prince tribute,

so I did do that and Bruno,

I love that he's an entertainer as well.

I like working with entertainers like with Bruno,

with Usher, where they can sing, dance, perform,

write music, play instruments.

I love working with those kinds of artists

because I grew up with my dad being the same

and so that's why it's so special.

- [Interviewer] Thank you so much, have so much fun tonight.

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