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if maggi was ever included in an indo-chinese menu in restaurants this is how it would have been made

hi guys thi is saurav from


and today i am going to show you how to make

manchurian maggi noodles

so for making that firstly we are going to make the chicken balls

for which we have taken 100 gram of chicken

in which we have added 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste

some salt

enough cornflour and all purpose flour to nicely coat the chicken

again half tablespoon of salt

one teaspoon of ginger and garlic powder

half a teaspoon of black pepper powder

and an egg to bind everything together

we are going to mix it nicely and rest it atleast fifteen minutes

half an hour to one hour is more preferable

But if you don't have that kind of time rest it for atleast fifteen minutes

then we are going to deep fry them over medium flame

and that is a relatively easier process so i am going to skip over to the gravy

for making the gravy we have taken 2 table spoon of vegetable oil

and in it we are going to add one to two chopped green chilies

one tablespoon of grated ginger

two cloves of chopped garlic

we are going to fry it till the garlic starts changing it's color to red

and then we are going to add

one small finely chopped onion

some spring onion

and carrots

the quantity in which i have added the vegetables

is relative to my taste

add anything more and less to adjust it to your taste

so after sauteing the vegetables over medium high flame for four to five minutes

we are going to add

half a tablespoon of dry red chili paste

and to bring down the acidity we have also added

some sugar and salt

after cooking it for two to three minutes we are going to add a lot of water

then we are going to add some sugar and salt as per taste

a pinch of black pepper powder

and half a teaspoon of red chili powder

now let it come to a boil then add

one tablespoon of soy sauce

and a generous amount of tomato sauce mixed with some water

to give it a thinner consistency

once everything is nicely mixed we are going to add maggi noodles

now let the maggi cook nicely

and when the maggi is eighty to ninety percent done add the chicken balls

cook it for another four to five minutes

add one tablespoon of vinegar

and your Maggi Manchurian noodles is ready

now because we have cooked maggi in the gravy

the noodles has soaked in a lot of flavor

and has the right combination of tangy and spicy taste to it.

so do try this at your home and leave a comment below

to let me know how was your experience with my recipe

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