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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: President Moon raises COVID-19 alert level to "serious"

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with the rapidly rising number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus 19

in the country the country has upgraded its level of

alert level to its highest and president moon jaein also ordered an establishment

of a stronger response system to the people our Kim Minji with report

South Korea has raised its kovat 19 alert level to serious falling huge

spike in the number of new infections over the past few days it's the highest

level in the country's four tier system and the first time in 11 years as Seoul

is raised the alert to serious during a prime ministry meeting on Sunday

president moon jae-in called for a strong and I'm president a response to

contain the virus butum a chilly day on Avenida

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legal control say what on getting knocked on get the president said that

the situation had become utterly different following mass infections

involving those lame to religious group known as Shin Chan G a majority of the

confirmed cases in South Korea are linked to the group noting that health

authorities are taking special steps moon expressed hope that once an

extensive inspection into thousands of followers is complete the country will

likely see a drop in the number of new cases the president meanwhile called on

people to refrain from taking part in group events including religious

activities saying that it's for the people's safety as far as can spread

easily under such conditions moon also request a cooperation by

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okay soto sasural sir ji sook Oh sir tango Damita president moon also said

the government will provide full support to the southeastern city of Tengu

a nearby County of kondal amid a growing number of new infections there it has

raised concerns the medical services may become exhausted Tom Boonen

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young younger more nagas Amida very quality wood also modern Tijuana but the

general question Lida while the president noted that the situation was

grave he expressed confidence that the government has the capability to control

the spread of the virus moon also called on the public to shrug off full-blown

fears adding that together with trust and cooperation the country will be able

to overcome the outbreak Kim Minji Arirang news

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