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- Hey everyone, it's Josh with All Things Barbecue.

And today, I wanna show you

six awesome gifts for Father's Day.

First up, we have the A-Maze-N Smoke Tube.

Now, the A-Maze-N Smoke Tube

has been one of our best-selling products for years,

but this year they announced a brand new product

that is actually an expandable tube.

This expands from 12 to 18 inches.

That way, you have a product that gives you

only the amount of smoke you need

for the cook that you're doing.

So, if you only need four to six hours of smoke,

you have it at 12 inches.

If you're gonna do an eight-hour smoke,

you can expand it out to 18 and get all the smoke you need.

This is a really, really great product

for anybody who's using a gas grill,

a pellet grill, an electric smoker

and they need that extra supplemental smoke.

Next up, we have a nice set

of high heat leather barbecue gloves.

Now, these gloves are not made for moving around hot meats.

In that case, we just use nitriles over cotton gloves.

But when you're dealing with cookware, hot grill grates,

cast iron, anything like that,

you want a good set of leather gloves

that allow you to grip and hold that

without burning yourself.

Next up, we have GrillGrates.

These cast aluminum grates are made to sit on top

of whatever surface you're cooking on.

And this cast aluminum absorbs heat,

radiates it through and gives you a more even cook.

Also mitigates flareups because all of the oils and fats

from that food's gonna drop down in the rail

and cook back up, instead of dripping down onto the fire,

causing grease fires and other problems.

These grates are incredible.

They come in an amazing array

of sizes to fit whatever you're cooking on.

Next up, we have knives from Wusthof.

These knives are crafted in Solingen, Germany,

which is the knife-making capital of the world.

This here is an eight-inch classic chef's knife.

This is the workhorse of the kitchen.

This knife is going to do a ton

of chopping, dicing, trimming.

This is the knife you build your knife set around.

Next up, we have a flexible boning knife.

Now, this boning knife here is incredible

for deboning a chicken, getting into pork shoulder,

this is really great for precision work.

And finally, we have a full set

of stainless steel steak knives in a cherry box.

This presentation set is amazing for Father's Day.

And this year only, they're $49.99 for the entire set.

Every dad loves a great rack of ribs,

and the Ultimate Rib Rack from Steven Raichlen

is coated to be nonstick, has an incredibly sturdy base,

two handles to make moving very easy,

even when loaded with food, and my favorite feature

is how wide the spacing between the racks are.

You can do spares, babies,

and you can also fit beef ribs in here,

which is very difficult for most rib racks.

They just do not space them far enough apart.

This is not the most expensive rib rack in the world,

but I will say that it is the best.

Finally, we have one of my favorite culinary tools,

whether cooking inside or out.

This is a Himalayan salt block

and it's sitting in its optional holder.

This salt block is incredible for searing anything,

steak, chicken, chops, on the grill.

You can also cook any delicate foods, shrimp, vegetables,

anything that has the tendency to fall through the grates

is fantastic right on the salt block.

These blocks get incredibly hot.

Simple place it in your grill while its heating up

and allow it to preheat, and then use it

as you would any cooking surface.

And the great thing about the Himalayan salt block

is you don't need to season your meat too much.

The salt from this plate will actually season the meat

as it cooks and gives incredible flavor

that you won't get from just everyday seasoning.

Also, if you never cook on the surface,

you can use it to serve food cold at your table,

serve ice cream and other cold foods

directly off of it as a platter.

Thank you very much for watching.

I hope I gave you some great ideas for Father's Day gifts.

If you have any questions about these products

or any of the other products we carry,

don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

All Things Barbecue, Where Barbecue Legends are Made.

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