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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ThoMats Challenge #10 - Anniversary Edition from the Allianz Arena | Thomas Müller vs. Mats Hummels

Difficulty: 0

Lets get one in for sure first.

Servus, Thomas Müller here.

Voicemail again. You just cannot get hold of this guy.

Heres a good tip for getting to the Allianz Arena:

always follow the river Isar.

And at some point, you probably have to turn off,

but through the city centre, just follow the Isar.

This is just for those of you who opted for a little extra city tour.

You can sense it

the Allianz Arena is not far away.

I can smell competition.

There we are.

Thats a glorious view.

Lets see if theyll let us in.

Hi, Servus! Thank you! [youre welcome]. Theyve been expecting us.

Alright then!

Hey Matsi!

Mull, pleased you could make it. Im delighted. And youve brought the balls, great.

Yeah, of course! The younger player carries the balls.

Exactly, thats it! Finally, something reasonable comes out of his mouth.

Yes, hello Mats! Its a pleasure to be here with you.

Not only the ThoMats Challenge fans, but I too am excited

not only to be here with you, but, of course, to be challenging you.

Ive been waiting a long time for this and Im glad youre here.

And I am glad to be invited.

Yes, thanks!

After a long, long time, we are finally back to take each other on.

One-on-one though, not eleven-a-side.

Okay? Off we go!

This is where we part ways

Thomas will go to the home team dressing room, and I, naturally, will go to the away team dressing room,

before we both meet back out here shortly for our first challenge.

20 minutes, yeah? I need a bit more time.

Yeah go on, hurry up.

Okay, Mats! Lets go. Hey, why is there a box of water here?

Why are you wearing a hoodie?

Yeah, come on. Lets play some Football-Bowling.

Its a good idea.

Okay, Football-Bowling has the following rules:

Each player gets three attempts, whoever knocks down the most skittles wins. Lets go!

Easy to remember.

Time to knock-em dead! Lets go.

Does that count as a point?

I wanted you to start. Mind games. Playing you like a fiddle, mate.

Well the beginner definitely has an advantage, so thats me.

Ill be looking very closely at your technique.

Ah yes, in bowling, thats what you call asplit’.

So thats one. But its obviously going to be more difficult for me now...

... to clean up with the second shot.

Now I should probably go down the middle again to split the first two.

Can I go and measure whether the ball will fit between them?


Ah, just fall over!

Weve lost one.

We lost a pin.

Yeah that was a bit hard.

Oh, that was important for me, that one not falling over.

Yeah but its another split...

Yeah, just knock that one over and youll have a respectable seven.

That was always going to happen.

Cant go wrong with that.

Yeah okay, eight out of nine. Good score.

Yeah, that was a good start.

It was! Now its over to you.

But youve taken one of our bottles out of the game.

We probably need a physiotherapist; this one has neck pain!

Ouch, I keep getting electric shocks.

Right, eight is the score to beat.

Eight it is the target.

Now just hit the bottles. The first one is really important.

The one with neck pain.

We took that one out completely, hell be out for at least a week.

But now Ive got a problem -

its looking a lot worse for me than it did for you after your first shot.

Well yeah, cause of the back one.

One of them has burst.

Yeah, that was nice.


I think youll have to go for a draw.

I have to go for a draw, Ill try.

With a bit of luck maybe Ill...

Maybe the middle one will knock over the back left one.

Why am I giving you pointers anyway?

Because you know I cant pull it off either way.

You can, just take that right side out of the game.

Okay, two more for the draw, three for the win.

Nooo! Ahhh!

Wahey, get in!

Yep, that was very brave of you.

Another home win in the bag.

Thank you.

1-0 to you.


Wasnt enough.

Were not done yet though, its time for the second challenge.

Okay, Thomas took the lead in there, now were out on the pitch, I had a think to myself:

How can I level the score?’

So, I decided wed do my speciality: hitting the back of the net.

Okay listen up, well set up points... [Thomas: as the Schnippel-King] ...

behind the line from where well have to slice the ball and curl it into the net.

Okay, got it.

If we manage to score... Well have two attempts from each position...

If we score, and the ball only bounces once its behind the line, or even better goes straight into the back of the net, then its three points.

If it goes in after bouncing, you get one point.

If you miss, then, as expected, youll get zero points.

So yeah, thats what well be trying to do. I guess Ill show you the first position.

Yeah, go for it. Its my turn.


Okay, here we go, Mats.

Here we go.

First shot. Here we go.

Here we go.

Ah, that was rubbish.

Too much slice.

Yeah too much slice and badly set up.

Thats good! Yes!

Yeah that was good.

1-0. That was really important.

Nice one. Was that your third now or what?

That was my second, can you not count? Thomas.

Can you just... [Mats: Of course!] ... just doesnt look right.

The one in the goal or this one here.

Thats never going in.

Aiming for the corner flag...

That was rubbish man!

I have to get some more power behind that, like you did.

That was good as well, unfortunately!


Are we only cheering for one team here or what?

Nice of Thomas to always bring his family along to ThoMats Challenges so that they cheer him on.

1-1 after phase one. Off to the second, okay with you?

Sure thing!


Since were level, you can really feel the tension.

Oh man, I thought I had the lead.

You could almost cut the tension with a knife.

Position number two is the classic corner.

I would say its the best chance to hit the back of the net without the ball bouncing.

The only rule here is that it has to be on the by-line,

so from here to here. Thomas can shoot from there if he wants

it has to be touching the line, theres no VAR here. The fans love that.

Okay lets have a go then shall we?

Come on, Im a risk-taker.

No! That was rubbish.

Unlucky, the technique was all right then,

but yeah.

There are no rewards for good technique against you.

The next one has to go in.

Ohhh dear.

That hurts.

It looked good for a while, mate. Well then, thats advantage me.

Now you can really pull ahead.

Ill make sure with this one, along the ground.

Look, at him there. Oooh, now hes scared.

If you score along the ground now, Ill be really annoyed.

Lets make sure first.

Oh, no, no!

Thats a big miss, I thought that was in, so did you!

Me too, I was already like, ready for the announcement!

Okay lets go.

Oh, careful now, we dont want that.

Time to take some risks.

Fair play.

Were hitting this one straight in.

Nooo! God!

Minus, God! Thank you very much. Mull, that was rubbish.

That was rubbish.

Now onto the next phase.

This is the outside-of-the-boot position.

zur Außenrist-Station.

This will be our decider.

As you can see its set up for an outside-of-the-boot effort.

For anyone who cant do that, you can also use your left foot, or your right foot, if you want to put some crazy spin on it.

Ill be trying a variety of shots. One with my right, one with my left. The rest will be a mixture.

Were level as things stand. This is the decider.

Yes, all the rules regarding bounces before going are the same.

Same rules, yes, otherwise Id have complained.

Okay, okay.

Okay, outside of the boot, lets show him!

Oh God, thats terrible.

Yep, that was glorious.

All we need is a striker who can put one away.

Yeah, you have one.

Yes, we do. Hes on a role that lad.

Oh God, the pressure.

Oh, its the post.

I have one of those so-called

Two match points for the chatterbox.

I could be really arrogant and do a slow one

Yeah, just do it!

Ok, first Ill go with my left.

Yeah, that really hurts. Short and painful.


Yes, I want to see if that stays in!

Yes, nonetheless, Thomas.

Thank you, thanks.

Unfortunately, he deserves to win again.

You cant win anything against this Müller.

So, with a heavy heart I have to congratulate Thomas on the victory, but were not just going to leave it there.

Ive got one more trick up my sleeve, at least to send him on his way with a bad feeling.

It will beespectacular.’

This is really going to beSpektakolo’. Up there in block 204

is where well be next. Shoot the ball up there Thomas, you can do that.

It was on the right line at least.

Not enough potatoes at lunchtime!

Exactly where he shot the ball, were going all the way up there to see if we can shoot the ball into the goal from there.

If the ball goes in, its 25Müllerpoints,

if it stays in the six-yard box, its 15Hummelspoints.

And if it only reaches the penalty box, we each get five sympathy points,

so well at least have something on the board.

If the ball lands exactly on the penalty spot, I have just thought of a special rule.

Then you get 13Müllerpoints for your old number!


And whats your old number?

Always 15 and five!

Ok, were ready to go. Were going to give each other one test shot each, because neither of us have shot at goal from 18 floors up before.

Well, at least I havent. Thomas?

No, at least not from block 204.

Its a first time for me from block 204 too,

which is why we get a test shot and then the competition begins with three shots each.

The line isnt bad.

And the shot was ok.

Yes, it bounced well. That was a good taster.

Good movement left, but there needs to be a bit more power.

You need to give it a little more.

Ok, but weve reached the penalty box at least. A first positive of the day.

Three attempts but alternating.

Not three in a row.

Alternating, yeah. You start.

Oh, thats not even going in the box. Stay out!

Oh God, oh God, oh God. Thats a crap start for us.

Not us, for you.


Lets get that right.

Ill catch you when you fall, so you can follow through.

Its too short, but itll get five.

No, thatll reach the six-yard box.

No, I didnt hit it hard enough, but five points!


5-0, yes! But its definitely doable, because that wasnt a good shot.

Oh, thats good.

Oh well, it should be a

Those skinny little legs cant go so far after all.

God, oh God, oh God.

That could reach the six-yard box.

Ah, but its not quite enough, is it? Come on, come on, move across.


Ah, it has stopped.

Yeah, ok. I need to get in the six-yard box.


I need the six-yard box.

Wait, should I hold you? Do you want to take a risk?

All good, all good.

No, thats moving away again

But its going to reach the box, right?

No, its not going in.

Oh, now I can shoot for goal without any pressure.

Thats so sad.

A little more power

Ah, its too short again.

You need to know where you are shooting, you have to know your pitch.

Yeah, thats true.

15-0, a small win at least.

No, five!

15-5, 15-5. Sorry. I would say we shoot the remaining balls just for fun.


[imitating: Ohhh, they dont count for the competition.]

Okay, they count! You know how to get me, thats the problem.

Okay, they count, two extra shots each.

Thats the democratic way to do it!

Once again, I have let Müller manipulate me.

I get too much slice.

Thatll get the special 13 points

Its too little again, it will never reach the goal.

Its the wrong technique, were shooting too high.

Thats true. Its not going to move enough metres

It was the first one in the right direction that count have reached the goal.

20-10, its all still possible for you.

Not anymore, but nice try.

Seems like I have lost the challenge, completely deservedly.

I will try to reach the six-yard box, at least for my own confidence.

Yeah, that would be incredible.

Thats going in.

Its going to go wide left of the goal.

Move right! So close!

Six-yard box!

Stay! Good! No!

That was the best. For me at least, the best.

That was the closest at least.

Anyway, I win the consolation prize again.

So, whether or not I won isnt really important.

I had a lot of fun, seriously.

Me too. Finally, an even ThoMats challenge again.

Hey, something different. Why are the seats here all covered up?

Im off.

I want nothing to do with that.

Shall we go and collect the balls?


I'm so blind!

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