Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Self-Directed Learning (Part 2)

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Step 3 is to monitor your learning. Monitoring your learning is about checking your knowledgewhat

do and dont you understand? Self-monitoring is an important skill for assessing your progress

towards your goal as you study. You can monitor your learning by asking yourself questions like:

What do I understand? Can I answer practice problems without referring

to my notes? Can I explain the concept to someone else?

Can someone else understand what I am trying to communicate in my writing?

Is there anything that is confusing or unclear?

The responses for the previous questions lead to Step 4seek help when needed. If you

do not understand the material after trying to learn it on your own, it is best to seek

help from a friend, a tutor, or a teacher.

Finally, Step 5 is to reflect on the learning process. After everything is done, consider

whether you accomplished your goal and look back on the plan you created and carried out.

Asking yourself questions like the following can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses

of your approach in order to improve for next time.

Did you accomplish your goal? Was your plan effective in helping to accomplish

the goal? What elements of your plan would you keep

or change for the next time that you have a similar goal?

Remember, You can use reflection for any learning experience whether it be an exam,

completing a lab report, driving for the first time, or anything else.

The Description of Self-Directed Learning (Part 2)