Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adhesives & Embellishments

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Hi, I'm Sara from Stampin' Up! and today I'm here to tell you a little bit more about the adhesives

and embellishments you'll work with in the Kits Collection. Let's start with our adhesives. You'll

experience a variety of different adhesives in the Kits Collection. Each kit will have all the

adhesive you need to complete your project. Our adhesives are meant to be permanent so don't stick

them to anything unless you know that's where you want them to go. Let's review some of the

most common adhesives you'll work with in any kit. These double-sided foam adhesive sheets are called

dimensionals and add depth and dimension to layers of your project. Dimensionals have a hexagon

shape and come on a full sheet. A dimensional will lift whatever element you apply it to.

Adhesive dots are meant for adding kit elements flat to your project. They are transparent, stick

instantly, and are a great no mess adhesive. They are small little things making them perfect for

adhering small elements securely without showing, but they can be a little tricky to use so here are

a couple of ways to make it easier. I use my nail or a pair of scissors to pick it off the backing

and place it on my project. You can also remove the backing and bring your piece to the adhesive.

Another adhesive you might see is Tear N' Tape. This adhesive comes on a roll

and allows you to lay down strips of adhesive. All you do is pull a strip

off the roll and tear then lay the strip where you need it, and remove the backing and stick.

If you're ever unsure of how or where to use an adhesive just refer to your instructions.

The instructions show what kind and how many of each adhesive to use and where.

Now that we've reviewed adhesives let's talk a little bit about embellishments.

Embellishments are the finishing touch to our project. Twine is very common in our kits.

Measurements are listed in the instructions and there's a ruler on the side of the instructions

as well to make it simpler for you. Here's a tip; to keep your twine from twisting you

can unwind the twine from the spool and work to straighten it out with a flat edge; or in this

case my fingernail. Once you have a bow you can adhere it to your project with an adhesive dot.

Embellishments are awesome for adding personality to your project. Most embellishments are adhesive

backed and will easily adhere to your project, or they can be added quickly with adhesive dots.

Use your embellishments how you please, there are no specific rules for how you might use them.

You can follow the instructions exactly or mix it up, just have fun! Hopefully you feel a little

more confident about adhesives and embellishments and are excited to use them in your next

kit project! We can't wait to see what you create! To find a kit to craft with visit,

"click shop product" and then "Kits Collection" to find your next creative experience.


The Description of Adhesives & Embellishments