Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Train vs Penny at Railroad Crossing

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hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, we're about to see how this our

train is gonna squash these two pennies over here these two pennies and then

this is in the city of Hialeah Florida it's a tropical paradise right over here

next to Miami and yeah so these two coins are laid out

already I didn't put them there that would be wrong little bit of chaos at

the Plaza give the horn in the background

got away

yeah people see headlights oh they're trying to beat the Train beat that train

okay so the gates to the crossing west of me just activated and these should be

activated sometime soon

ambulance which you had waited

have you got head lice

KABOOOM they run around on Mercedes

so this is FPC trained detective Jacksonville Florida 366 miles up north

it's over the end is near Ganges game

okay now let's see the finished product I wonder how smashed they're gonna be

how hot they're gonna be okay yeah yeah oh yeah you're not that

hard okay

so this is what they look like that's over here see if we can analyze them and

see if they're still legible so

these details

and then over here yup so what have we learned the Train is the mightiest force

in the world alrighty guys thank you for viewing this

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