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today we eat food you can't buy at the

store no more let's talk about that



good mythical morning right now

somewhere in the world there are some

food scientists who are working

tirelessly to create the next snack food

that will blow your tastebuds away and

this is a trial and error process I mean

sometimes they strike gold and they

create sour cream and onion potato chips

and sometimes they fall a little short

and create corn nuts today we are going

to be exploring those foods that fell a

little bit short and were discontinued

and but we have used our powers our

magical powers of Rican tin Ewing to it

at least bring some here on the show

today the actual discontinued magical

powers of going on eBay and buying

things yes it's true so we're gonna

determine if the discontinuation was a

good choice or if they should be brought

back it's time for snack back to reality

oh they're so snacky d all right

recently we did a Altima sour cream and

onion snack taste test but there's one

sour cream and onion snack that we

didn't include because it has been

discontinued and that is Doritos well I

don't remember these it sounds like an

incredible idea yeah I don't remember

him but they started they were

introduced in the late 70s and they only

made it until the early 80s and then

there was a they brought them back for a

little bit in 2012-2013 I missed that as

well throwback iver but here's the old

school commercial for sour cream and

onion Doritos if you are fussy about

your sour cream and onion dip I am you

will really love our latest flavors so

for a snack with a great taste of sour

cream and onion already on the chip try

sour cream and onion Toledo's they taste

as good as they crunch well Mario looks

terrible they brought the house down man

all right we've got we've got these we

got some now this is not the mario

package this is not this isn't even to

2012 or 2013 packaging because in Japan

they never took these away hmm

so we eBay these from Japan only paid

three dollars and 25 cents for them

that's a good price

now the only thing I can read on this is

Rito's well I can also read limited it's

Lee Steven Lim I can't read frito-lay

you know lots of English on here I feel

at home now pop it open it will give it

a nice tear now let's smell oh yeah oh

yeah nothing wrong with that

it's actually the chief smell I smell is

still it's still the corn chip well and

that maybe that my friend why they

discontinued them because we know it

works well with the regular potato chip

I'm going oh that's good

what could be wrong hmm man this is

reason to move to Japan mom and they

give these and taketh these away I think

because there's so many sour cream and

onion things that are disposable there

that they're exploring new gimmicky

flavors instead I feel like I can eat

the whole bag right now yes I feel like

I'm gonna fight you for that look you

know what I kind of feel like maybe Cool

Ranch has taken the place of these

because it has this creamy sort of tangy

taste to it there's enough room in my

particular heart for both Cool Ranch and

sour cream oh yeah in ass like taking a

trip straight to Tokyo

so should they be rican tin you'd in

America heck yes absolutely

over the years kool-aid has made many

different flavors and many of them have

been discontinued including this 90s hit

lemon ice let's watch it salsa the

kool-aid man I remember this commercial

who knew he was a chemist why did

everybody have to have like a moustache

and bushy eyebrows it's so funny and it

makes me so thirsty something's

happening in my mouth that's called

taste yeah that's happening okay so I'm

just full of it now your typical pack is

gonna cost like 250 for 12 we have

obeyed these discontinued packs these

are the actual ones from the night need

us for $10.50 for for 10 packets so it's

a bit of a price jump we've got some

sugar water here now I don't know if

this is safe I don't know what happens

to kool-aid you know over the decades

I'm thinking nothing it smells exactly

like I would expect you to smell this is

already sugar water right yeah so

there's there's bunkers of this you know

hidden in like bomb shelters and rush

it's gonna it would take just the same

oh I love the way it looks like that it

looks like there's guys on the jars not

ice in it looks like lemon ice

all right so that's that's that's pretty

you know I wasn't allowed to drink


there was one of the things that my mom

just drew a boundary around you didn't

earn it too much sugar gotta iron it all

right so um like watered-down milk

alright so let's listen let's give it a

sniff it smells smells like a spicy or

eliminate yeah pick it and drink it

what's happened in your mouth right now

what's happening in my mouth should we

call the fire department

should we just drink more lemon ice so

there's got a Facebook you said whatever

happened to lemon ice kool-aid that my

friend was the best kool-aid himself

responded and said Chris lemon ice is

not currently available but if you have

truth if you haven't try lemonade

kool-aid and then he replied and he said

I have but it doesn't have the zing that

the ice has let me tell you it does have

as coulis or something almost like I

might be drinking something that's got

poison in it but you know what I'm

saying in a really good way I don't know

I know I like it I like the poison I

think that giving this to children is

giving them a taste for poison I think

you get a minute in beakers man the next

thing you know they're under the cabinet

you know you don't want that cleaner I

want some cleaner in my mouth I think

you're right so because this is a safety

hazard yeah should this be rican tin

you'd know okay we all know Altoids as

the curiously strong mint but they also

had some curiously strange flavors for a

little bit including citrus Altoids now

these were introduced early 2000s and

they were discontinued in 2010 okay so

didn't make it a decade but there is a

little bit of a movement to bring them

back there's actually a

petition started by Sam Willner has 174

supporters all right sam says let me

start off by saying these things were

the bomb even though they wrecked the

roof of your mouth they were sweet tangy

even not very unhealthy more than that

they were the quickest pick-me-up for a

sixth grader whose turtle died under

mysterious circumstances

feeding them to the turtle not a good

idea so we have some now this is the

curious process to get these because we

paid $50 from David Cross David Cross

was selling these on eBay who knew he

needed the cash right

hey that's what he's doing he's not

acting anymore he's just charging a lot

of money for her old alt oh man okay no

so these are expired 2005 oh my goodness

let's open them and so you you press on

this to get it to okay

there comes okay it's like oh no it's

entirely melted fifty dollars for one

big melted Altoid mass I'm so

disappointed in David Cross right now oh

my gosh it looks like fat that's been

lipo suck it does look like human fat

like when they show you yeah the doctors

like do you know what a pound of human

fat looks like here it is in an Altoids

can I'm selling them on eBay for $50

they don't tell anybody

this is why you gave us spoons now I

understand like give a little bit give a

little bit put it down I got some free

see if you can get some free man this is

a $50 these better be good David my

spoon there you go here's a piece that

that is a good one if I have an Altoid

Oh tastes like an air freshener bad oh

my god it tastes like an air freshener

something hanging down in your car and

it feels like a hardened piece of gum

you pulled out from under oh like desk

like oh man that wasn't gum that was in

here freshener am i see why your turtle

died oh my goodness I feel like the jury

is still out on this one because

something about it being over ten years

old like melted and recon I don't feel

like I can make a judgment call but if

this is what is the best representation

of citrus al toys that we have is should

they be brought back no no and now let

me take you back to 1993 when there was

such a thing as crystal clear Pepsi they

had an amazing commercial which featured

van Halen song right now we're gonna

show you the commercial but we've

replaced the van Halen song with an

arguably even better song which we've

used on our show before


yeah thank you baby

it watches


Computers can laugh now by the way

make it clear whoa

so refreshing it's a big glass all right

I'm gonna stop it right there on a

shirtless man want to see more drinking

a clear Pepsi right now someone just got

a taste of the future you're welcome

it's like a PowerPoint commercial it

really looks like the guy in the ad

agency did a PowerPoint presentation

about why he wanted to bring it back and

I was like the commercial yes that's it

that's right just add van Halen it is a

lock all right

now we actually have it right here the

thing is I'm told it went away in the

early 90s but then it was brought back

in January of this year in a fluke of

marketing and then was discontinued once

again but we did get our hands on these

let's crack open the clearness now I

remember when this came out their slogan

in the 90s I thought that it was there

was a lot of like questions around is

this just gonna taste like Pepsi but

it's clear or is this gonna taste like

is it a different flavor is it not Cola

anymore is it healthy 250 calories per

20 ounce bottle that's healthy studies

indicated that people thought clear soda

was healthier than darker soda all right

the studies also indicated that people

don't understand right alright let's

taste it though $15 for a six-pack

everything I remembered it being of

drinking a Pepsi like a just a normal

Pepsi it tastes like Pepsi that's had

something important taken out of it

I mean honestly I feel like like it's

soul it's like a soulless Pepsi yeah

it's like Pepsi that's been through a

really bad experience

it's like Pepsi without a conscience

well I really wanted to like this just

out of nostalgia I like it you do I like

Pepsi you know so I like this it tastes

no different than Pepsi to me it's clear


that's right because it that's what it

is that's the weird thing it's like when


it tastes like when you go to a

restaurant and the fountains not working

right you're like oh you're fountains

not working the syrups broken well no

that doesn't have any flavor right this

is different it has all the flavor of

Pepsi it doesn't have all the fleet

doesn't it has all the flavor let me

close my eyes and taste it take your

shirt off - probably I think that's what

it means is that just Pepsi right

okay so sure this

doing it for my should this stay

discontinued well if you really like it

I mean maybe I'll get some for your

birthday so I guess we should bring it

back I don't think we should bring it

back I think you should just close your

eyes when drinking Pepsi okay there we

go should not bring it back no okay so

the only thing we're bringing back is

Doritos and they actually already exist

in Japan so I don't think we've

accomplished anything but hopefully you

enjoyed it thank you for liking

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