Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Scooter Wants To Be A Superhero

Difficulty: 0

- [Girl] Whizzaroo!

- I wanna be a superhero!

I'll be back in a flash.

(upbeat music)

I'm ready to use my superpowers to help.

(air whooshing)

Who can I save today?

(cartoon running)

- This car is so much fun.


Help! Someone help!

- Somebody needs my help.


Did someone call for help?

- I need help.

I have an accident.

My car's on my legs.

- I can save you.

(cartoon lifting)

- Thank you Flash. You're my hero.

- No problem. Have a nice day.

- Bye

- I've gotten to like this.

- Hmmmm. Where's scooter?

- I have a snack until someone else need me.

(dog barking)

- Oh no. I hear a puppy calling me.

Hey guys, this puppy is stuck in a tree.

(dog barking)

Hang on puppy. I'll save you.



Told ya I would save you little guy.

Now run along and play.

(dog barking)


(dog barking)

I guess I will take me a nice little walk.

- Gosh it's a nice day to take a walk.

Oh no! Oh no!


Owey. Help! Somebody help!

- Did someone call for help?


Did someone call for help?

- I ran over a rock with my scooter and had an accident.

- I'll help you.

(cartoon noises)

- Thank you Flash! Thank you!

- Anytime

- See you later.

- Wow! What could possibly happen next?


- Basketball? That's my thing.

(ball bouncing)

Going for the slam dunk.

Whoa Whoa!

(cartoon crash)

- Help!

- Did someone say help? I'm on my way.


- Did someone say help?

- I was dunking the ball and lost my grip

and everything fell on me.

- Huh I see. I will help you with that.

- You will?

- Sure.

(cartoon noise)

- Thanks Flash.

- Just doing my job.

- Now back to playing basketball I go.

- See you later.


This superhero business is hard work.

It's time to take a nap.


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- Bye friends!

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