Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Navy Health Care - Humanitarian Missions

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The Navy does a lot of humanitarian work,

not just - not just the big hospital ships the

Mercy and the Comfort but also the Peleliu and

some of the other amphibious ships go out on a

lot of - on a lot of humanitarian missions.

You go out in the field, help educate the labs

there, help educate the physicians, the nurses,

on what - you know, what some of the more

modern methods that we use and what we can do

to help the folks overseas. When I was

stationed in Egypt, we did everything from

helping to rebuild their National TB program

to helping their hospitals with infection

control to working with villagers to help

diagnose diseases in the villages. It's more

than just a - you come to us, we'll treat you

we'll send you home, we're actually going to

go out to you, take care of you, and educate

you at the same time.

The Description of Navy Health Care - Humanitarian Missions