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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MI NUEVO FERRARI SE QUIEBRA EN 2 - RETO DE FINAL EPICO | El Mundo de Camila

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Hello Youtube, welcome to Camila's World

Than you very much for being with me one more time

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My lovers in today's video i'll tell you

That in 2020 i want to do more activities with my family

and with PUCHI

Yeap, that's right

So more content of us is coming inventing stuff

Thanks to THE LITTLE INVENTOR, which is me.

So today guess what are we going to be inventing?

The Flinstone's car with all my family

With my cousins, my friends, my sister, my PUCHI

And everybody

and let see how's going to look

Because let me tell you

it has a little twist

thats right..has a style like

Just like Camila's World


You'll be wondering

Cami, What kind of tools you'll be using?

well, this is easy easy

We are going to be using

this metal drums

That we always see laying around as trash cans

two of them

And they are going to be our tires

Also, we are going to need wood

Yeah, that's right, WOOD

to be able to make the whole structure

we are gonna need 4 caster wheel

because somehow it has to run

Dont you ever think the metal drums will do the job

huh, huh, huh

The car will have wheels

Also, we are going to be using these tube floaters

that we use when we go to the beach and we climb on top of it

Those too since we need it to decorate our car

And also, for our steering wheel

Well, the steering wheel isn't working

PUCHI, Why the steering wheel does not work?

PUCHI: Because there isn't a system to make it work.

The car is a hardcore FLINSTONE

We are going to be decorating it in PINK

Because i dont know if you know but my favorite color is PINK

And the roof that had like animal skin

kind of greyish

is not going to be like that

NO NO NO, In Camila's World it cannot be like that.

Is has to be like a Tunic with Pearls

How do you think is going to look?

Well, lets get to work

because we will be here until 2021

What can you tell me about the outfit that i've been created?

For a very fashion Wilma

To start with, i dont have a orange hair like her

So, the best i could do was to make this bun with braids on the sides

I think it was very fashionable back in the prehistory times

Thats what i think

But well, Wilma always wear this white dresses

So i made this cape that looks like im going to a GALA

And this glasses

I saw Wilma in a episode wearing something like this

But made out of stone

I imagine her face dropped

Let's make a tour to show you the materials

Hammer to pound

and not PUCHI's head but....




I this a hacksaw blade?

A Jigsaw

and i don't what is for

This probably will be used by PUCHI and my cousins

Because im afraid of this

Here we have a lot of nails and screws

and i have no idea where is going to be used

But i think is to hold the car's structure

Ver strong glue

to hold everything in place

and water to keep us hydrate it

and....DJ put the music

We are going to apply this PINK color

My camilover and this is how it looks

Our Flinstone's car from Camila's World

what do you think about this?

Hey, this is like a Ferrari or Lamborghini

How pretty it looks

and the best part is that we made it in Family

and now, the fireproof test

Let see if this is a real FLINSTONE's Car

and we can....LOOK

transport ourself with our feets

1..2..3 GO

Second Fireproof Test

Does the car withhold the weight of my sister and I

CHICHI push us

The car stopped and in the middle

The test was a total fail



if the car could not hold my syster and I..

what do you think is going to happen with my mom?

I already feel like im going sideways

MOM in 2020 a diet is needed


Well, 1...2..

wait guys, we are missing the engine starter

here is the engine starter


start moving your feet mom

oh my god

MOM: i don't know why im doing all this


MOM: im falling

i think my pants are screwed

let me see

the third test was another TOTAL FAIL

mom i thought the car could hold you

But well, im going to fix it again

and you stay in tune for the next aventures

of Camila's World

I love you, I adore you and i send you many kisses

very big kisses



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