Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (85) Aaron & Robert 17th February 2015 Robert Only Part 2

Difficulty: 0

We shouldn't stay too long

I just...

I don't want you getting upset

That's all

We were gonna have the rest of our lives here

Makes you realise what a short time we have here you know

I guess you just...

you have to be thankful for the time you had

I'm sorry Rob

For what

For ruining your marriage

What you talking about

My time with Katie was so short

and already I've

dumped over yours pretty much from the off

Andy you can't


don't apologise to me

This is where I found her

Oh God

We should go

I didn't want to beleive it

I mean everything she meant to me I just knew

I knew it was over

That I'd lost her

After everything

Andy it's not good for you being here

I'm not leaving

Andy we have to get out of here

Then if you can't handle it go

So how was he

Sorry to intrude but I really need a word

If this is about what I think it is

now's not a good time

Well I'm sure it must be very difficult but

until I know what's happening with the house I'm in limbo

I quite understand that but

which is hardly fair on me considering that I made a deal in good faith

Did you not just hear her

did..did...did you not...did you not hear what she just said

she said not now


no She's not listening though is she

I mean do you not speak English or something

we're a family in grief all right

Are you too flamming stupid to understand that

All right Robert

backroom now

Which is why I said now's not a good time do you see

Well that hardley justifies

How about I buy you an apology drink

Whatever Georgia's drinking please Diane

All right

What happened

between you and Andy

I'm guessing that's what that was all about

I took him there

to Wylie's

He wanted to go

I just planned to talk to him

Make a desicion but he wanted to go up there

Oh Robert


I just feel so

useless Diane

I just freaked out

Of course

She meant something to you too as well


Come on last time we talked about it I could tell you were troubled

I was just upset for him for Andy


What happened between you and Katie was a long time ago


when someone dies it's not just those closest that feel the pain

You've been so solid for your brother but

what's happened is bound to affect you as well

I'm fine

I'll be fine honestly

But you're not though are you

And I'm here for you if you want to talk it through

let it all out

shout scream whatever

I know you're married now and what's past is past

but if there's anything more to it

get it off your chest

there's nothing you can say that'll shock me

I'm fine

thanks but i'll be fine


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