Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cloud and Barret Trash Talking for Six Minutes Straight (Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo)

Difficulty: 0

get down here murder

this is a one-time gig when it's done we're done nobody do something this

crazy just for money they may not think you're a true believer but you know what

you better be worth the money mark every last year

Final Fantasy VII Remake demo

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo

FFVII Remake demo

FF7 Remake demo

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud and Barret

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud and Barret

FFVII Remake Cloud and Barret

FF7 Remake Cloud and Barret

Final Fantasy VII Remake Mako Reactor

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mako Reactor

FFVII Remake Mako Reactor

FF7 Remake Mako Reactor

save the screaming for leader just bear with him for me

what you should have asked for more money

your job

so I'm you don't forget - oh yes how about you

no time to celebrate we knock it down again no time to complain what like 20

something first soldier first class doesn't go

all right let's see if little stamp really can bite the hand that feeds go

on do the honors prove to me you're the man t4 says you are that you're one of

us never said I was I'm just here for the Paycheck didn't do the damn job

didn't I tell you to use magic


thought you would yeah so what's your brilliant plan

50 is my time to shine or go down in flames

get tired or complaint did you get tired of my complain

solid copy

no repairs we gotta take it out quick or we're

screwed new focus soldier boy you ain't gotta worry about me miss it's my shot

shut up and climb you're not helping

have it your way

I've got your cup

ex-soldier boy can you walk if I couldn't believe me you'd be the

first to know I'll take that as a yes

okay that was pretty cool alright come on

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