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Caught in the act. Julie Andrews.

Don't deny anymore. Game over.

Mount Everest approached Juan.

And Happy erupted like Mount Pinatubo

when she caught Agatha and Juan.

Will the show's title change to Juan and Happy's Break Up Story.

Forgive me. For my boldness.

Other guy's motto is don't ever admit no matter what happens.

But if the wife saw this scene,

Will Juan's pretend school of acting still work?


- Why, you shameless woman! - Let me explain.

- You are such a flirt! - Babe, let me explain.

Get away from my husband, you animal!

Shame on you!

You think my husband is a seminar, huh?

You think he is a car that you can ride on?

I am just trying to help him.

Help? Help! You are shameless!

Why, you are beautiful and fair

but your peg is like a carinderia (eatery)!

You are open 24/7 to anyone who's hungry!

They can always enter.


It's your fault, Happy.

If I am a carinderia,

then you are a restaurant which is always close.

You don't give in to Juan's request.

You told her?

Is that the reason?

- Babe, let's talk first. - Talk?

Talk about what?

You're already caught in the act.

That's why you are so sweet to me.

You even gave me flowers and steamed buns

because you're trying to cover up a shameful act!

Babe, that's not true. Let me explain.

Ali, call security. There's a ruckus in room 301.

What? Okay, wait.

Isn't that Juan's room?


What's happening? Let's go.


Don't call me babe.

I caught you on top of that woman.

Maybe you're still unsatisfied that's why you're pissed off.


How many rounds is it already?

Look, babe, it's not what you're thinking.

I came here to apologize and to make it up to you.

I know I have shortcomings as your wife

but I didn't expect that you'll do this to me.

Babe, that is not true.

Nothing happened between Agatha and me.

Wow, I am so ashamed.

You are on top of her and yet nothing happened?

So what were you doing? Having a meeting?

Are you talking about something?

You're both professionals,


Don't make a fool out of me, Juan.


You want whipped cream?

Use this! You want syrup? Use syrup too!

Be sweet with each other!

I hope you'll both have diabetes!

What's the number again?


Hey Happy.

Why are you crying?

Let's go home.

We just got here and now you want to go already?

Wait did Juan and you talk already?

Did you kiss and make up?

I don't want to see him,

I don't want to see his face.

Come on. Let's go home.

Happy, why?

Juan, I am really sorry for what happened earlier.

Your sorry is useless.

You saw how angry my wife was.

Now I don't know how to explain it.

I was just honest with what I feel about you.

Juan, I like you. I really do.

I'm married now.

There's lot of single and unattached men out there.

If you want,

you can go to them.

If you want, you can have Bob.

But you're the one I want.

And if ever Happy leaves you,

I'll be here for you.

I'll give you everything that you want.


I can give you a child.

I will never leave Happy

no matter what happens.

Even if she'll have many

shortcomings to me as a wife,

I can fill that up with love.

You know why?

Because I love her.

Happy, what's happening?

That's enough.

Wait Happy.

You said you saw Juan on top of Ma'am Agatha, right?

I don't have to see that.

I know what they're doing inside that room.

How'd you know?

Did you see it?

Was the ball inside the ring?

You don't have to ask that.

Does she has to see it?

That's it already.

In court, there should be strong evidence, not mere speculations.

In short, we might not know the real story.

He has a point.

Let's go back and talk to Juan.

I don't want to see him.

What will he say?

He will make alibis and lies?

He'll say a lot of nonsense

like what Henry is saying?

Love, look.

She is crying even more.

Happy, are you okay?

What's your plan now?

I've had enough.

I will leave him.

- Happy! - Ma'am, how was it?

Are you and your husband okay now?

Happy, what are you doing?

Can you not be hasty with your decision?

Just cool off.

It's not the trend with couples now.

What? You're leaving?

It only happens in soap operas.

For what?

So that when I cannot give him what he wants,

he'll divert his attention to other women?

I don't want that to happen again.

I won't allow him to fool me again.

Not that I am siding with Juan

but is that it?

Couples go through problems.

Are you just going give up?

Look at me and Henry.

Henry is different.

My husband has a history in womanizing.

Now, he just confirmed that

he cannot change for me.

I should have listened to Mother.

I was stubborn.

So I will follow your footsteps sister.

So are you going to fix your problem?


I will live with Mother and Father.

Agatha, good looking people don't act like that.

They shouldn't be aggressive.

You really made a scene.

So, were you hurt?

Hurt? I wasn't hurt.

She better be thankful I was wrapped in a towel

otherwise I have beaten your Happy up.

Wait. That's not the kind of hurt I was talking about.

Were you hurt because Juan rejected you?

Sure. Remind me of that again.

You know I always visit my derma?

Isn't it spread equally?

It's equal.

I think my skintone isn't balance

because I am always under the sun.

Oh. You mean your skintone?

It's balanced.

Is there a problem with my figure?

Am I fat already?

Come on.

She's already fat?

So what do you call me?

Come on. I lost my appetite.


there is no reason for you to get insecure.

You see,

gorgeous people like me

make friends with my kind.

Since you are with me it means

you're still hot.

Juan has the problem.

This was the first time

a man refused me.

And I cannot accept that.

But there's always a second time.

Then do it again.

That is if he still comes with me.


it's easier now because

Juan and Happy are fighting.

And it's never too late for us.

You're beautiful and I am way too handsome.

How can they compete with us when we have abs?

Babe, please answer the phone.

Juan has been imagining things while stuck in traffic.



Let's go.

Babe, where are you going?

Please don't leave yet.

I am leaving. I've had enough.

Please listen to me first.

Nothing happened between us.

Please believe me.

Believe you?

I don't want to believe you anymore

because until now you haven't really changed.

You are still a player and a cheater.

Babe, I've stopped doing that a long time ago.

And I don't flirt with girls.

Please believe.

I said I don't want to believe anymore.

Henry, please bring my luggage outside.

Henry, wait.

Please return the luggage there.

- Babe... - Don't touch me.

Henry, bring my things out.

Wait, Henry.

Put it there first. Please.

Henry, as your wife's sister,

bring my bag out.

Henry, wait.

As your boss,

can you bring that back?

Come on.

Babe, what will I do?

Henry, as your wife,

bring my bag out and bring my sister's bag as well.

I am sorry, Boss.


Don't touch me. Stay here.

Don't follow me.


Juan, I will not tolerate you.

This is what you get

after you followed

the footsteps of your grandpa.

I was the one who refused

so I won't sin,

and still I am at fault here?

That's what I was talking about.

Our only crime is that we are good-looking.

What can we do

if girls chase us?

Shut up, Caloy.

Girls don't run after you,

you run after them.

Then what happens after?

They run away from you.

I am not telling you this

because you'll get jealous.

I know Juan's problem.

It's so difficult to be good-looking.

That's my problem before.

Instead of lecturing him,

you tolerate his silliness.


correct all your mistakes.

Fetch your wife and ask for forgiveness.

Mamu, how will I do that when

she doesn't want to talk to me?

It's your fault.

See, I am right. It's his fault.

It's his fault that he got caught.

He wasn't careful.

What did you say?

I mean, he did not catch Happy

so he wasn't able to apologize.


Mamu, what can I do?

Don't get tired of

apologizing to your wife.

Repeat it until her heart softens.

We have a saying that with

hard work and determination,

nothing is impossible.

So go to your wife now and end all conflicts.

It's not good. Go ahead. Go.


don't ever forgive that Juan.

That Juan better be ready for me.

He'll see how I am as an angry person.

Mother, Father, sorry.

Why are you saying sorry?

Because this is embarrassing.

I know we'll hear a lot from the neighbors

that your pretty daughter is

already separated in less than a year.

We don't care what other people say.

You are more important to us.

Maybe that's the reason why

God is not giving us children

because He knows this will happen to us.

I am so funny.

I keep on asking for signs

and yet this is the biggest

sign I failed to see.

My dear, from the very start,

I already had doubts with that Juan.

But you said you love him.

That he's your the one

so I didn't meddle anymore.

I was praying that I am wrong.

So now I am sad because I was right.

I have no regrets.

I just felt that it was too fast.

Is that how quick he got tired of me?

Don't think about that.

You know what's important now?

That you knew all his wrongdoings this early.

That's what's important.

We are here.

So Happy, are you alright?

You went through so much.

I am sure you are an emotional wreck now.

That's why I am here for you.

The truth is I just came from Davao for a lunch meeting

but I didn't meet my colleagues.

Chief, excuse me. Ma'am Happy, excuse me.

You have to go to Macau now.

Are we going to cancel it?

Bro, this is Happy.

- Cancel Macau. Cancel. - Yes, Chief. Hello?

Thank you very much Bob.

You are really a reliable friend.

Of course,

I am always here for you.

You know I'm wearing

my waterproof polo

so you can cry on it the whole day.

Wow. Thank you.

But I am over crying.

I don't want to waste time crying.

If he wants to be with that

Mount Everest, so be it.

Right. We should really move on.

Of course, I know you are an intelligent woman.

From the very start, I already know him.

He will really cheat on you.

I am sure he will never go here at all.

- You can cut my... - Chief...

My finger nail.


Boyong, what's that?

Didn't I tell you to do the laundry?

Why are you drinking?


I will do the laundry later.

Don't worry.

Why are you being emotional?

What's that?

I didn't play around with women

when I was younger, right?

I didn't take advantage of girls, right?

- Yes. - You know that.

Because I don't want my daughters to suffer hardly.

But then Juan cheated on Happy?

You are a good father.


It's not your fault that it happened to Happy.

It's Juan's fault because he cheated on our daughter.

He cheated on Happy.

When that Juan appears here,

I don't know what I can do to him.

Stop it, Boyong.

What will you do?

I don't know, okay?

What are you doing here?

Don't come near me.

Happy, I am here to ask forgiveness from you.

So now you're admitting that you did something wrong?

I admit I did something wrong.

But please listen to my explanation.

Happy, nothing happened between me and Agatha.

Maybe she did seduced me

but I avoided that because I don't want to hurt you.

Is that so?

Good thing you went here to clear things

and explained what happened.

You see, Agatha said something different.

It was the opposite.


Bob, can you please not meddle with us?

No, Bob. Stay here.

You want me to stay?

Tell him what Agatha said.

Agatha said it was Juan's fault.

She was dressing up

and Juan peeped on her.

I don't know what's true.

But he said

he's telling the truth.

Maybe he is telling

the truth after all.

Happy, that's not true.

Please believe me.

Alright, look into my eyes

and tell me that you didn't

peeped on Agatha.

Okay, I admit.

Maybe I glanced at her

because when I went to the bathroom.

Leave now.

Then I got my cellphone to text.

Wait, excuse Juan and Happy.

So Agatha is right?

You said earlier you weren't peeping

but now you're telling us that you did.

So it's confusing.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Here's what.

I won't meddle anymore.

You two should talk.

It's just so confusing.

So many lies.


- Leave now. Leave. - Babe, I didn't mean it.


Boyong, can you stop it now?

I am so mad.

Your blood pressure might shoot up.

I'll get your medicine. Stop it.

- Yes, I will. - Wait.


Babe, believe me. I am telling the truth.

You said you didn't peep on her.

Now, you admitted it.

I have no time for you Juan so please leave.

Leave now.

Babe, I won't leave until you believe me.

- Leave now. - Please listen to me.

- I've had enough. - What's happening there?


Happy. You're really shameless to come here.

Father, I love your daughter.

I am a faithful husband.

There's nothing going on between Agatha and me.

Is that so? You're a faithful husband?

Father, that's enough.

Ouch. Will this be Juan's fate if he is already marked

as a womanizer even if you've already changed.

Nobody still believes him.

That is so sad.

Up Next!

Will Happy still forgive Juan?

Sorry Babe.

Will Happy forgive Agatha?

Hi Happy.

Of course not.

So the fight of the century will commence.

Why? You really want to snatch my husband from me?

What if I say yes?

Can you do something about it?

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