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- So how does an anime about an absentee dad

have a family tree?

Well, you might be surprised by just how much family matters

in the world of Hunter x Hunter

and the show teaches us that your chosen family

is what's most important

and also explore several powerful clans

and who better to start with than the Freecss Family.

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The first one we're meeting today

is Ging and Mitos grandmother.

We may not know this character's name

but she's been a constant in the Freecss Family

helping Mito, Ging and Gon in their times of need.

She lost both her sons, one in a traffic accident

and another to a Deadliest Catch sort of situation

on a fishing trip.

So she stepped in to raise her grandchildren

Ging and Mito herself.

Mito is Ging's cousin.

When she was a child

she'd often go exploring in the mountains and get lost.

Ging was the only one who could find her,

giving him an opportunity to hone his hunter skills early.

When Ging returned to Whale Island with his son Gon,

Mito stepped up to be Gon's caregiver.

She was furious with Ging for leaving his child behind,

so she kicked him off the island and told him not to return,

which to be honest is understandable.

Mito didn't want Gon to grow up like his dad,

so she hid away the only thing Ging left behind

for his son, a Nen cube.

Ging Freecss is one of the most famous hunters

of his generation.

He started his career at the age of 12

as the only person to pass the 267 hunter exam,

as a two star ruins hunter, Ging travels the world

to research ancient civilizations

and hunt down precious treasures.

In his spare time, Ging's performed other impressive feats,

including creating the nen video game, Greed Island

with some of his hunter buddies.

He also served under Hunter Chairman Issac Netero

as a member of the Zodiacs,

a special Advisory Committee.

Netero even named him one of the five best Nen users

in the world.

Now Ging may have an impressive career

but he's not a very impressive dad.

Just ask Leorio.

We don't know who Gon's mom is

but after Ging took his infant son,

on a couple of adventures including a visit to Greed Island,

he dropped him off at Whale Island along with the nen cube.

See he wanted Gon to become a great hunter,

just like his dear old dad

but instead of you know,

training him or really parenting him at all,

Ging decided to make Gon hunt him down.

Ging may not have stuck around to raise Gon

but he did manage to mentor another young hunter named Kite,

Kite goes on to mentor Gon.

Ging finally ends his tenure as an absentee dad

when he invites Gon to meet him at the top

of the World Tree.

At 12 years old Gon decides to take the Hunter exam.

There he befriends fellow examinees,

Kurapika, Leorio and Killua.

The trio tries to survive the harrowing test

making some enemies in the process,

most notably Killua's older brother, Illumi

and the creepy clown man, Hisoka.

Illumi sabotage Killua into failing the exam

but when Gon and the rest of the crew passes,

they convince Killua to try again next year,

then Gon and Killua go off to spend a little quality time

on Whale Island, where they discover Ging's nen cube,

it gives them the clue they need

to begin their search for Ging,

a mission that will consume their attention

for most of the anime.

In the process, they learn nen at Heaven's Arena,

infiltrate a mob auction, face off against the spiders

and get sucked into a mysterious video game, Greed Island.

They beat the game and Gon makes off with some loot

that should transport him to Ging's location

but it's a red herring of course

and Gon it transported to Kites instead.

What follows is arguably one of the best starks

in and all of anime

and if you don't agree with me

(bell rings) don't @ me,

I don't wanna hear it.

Gon, Kite, Killua, Chairman Netero

and a small group of hunters face off against

the Chimera ants.

A violent and invasive species that is murdering humans

and taking over entire nations in the process.

Gon almost loses his life to the battle

but his best bud Killua comes through

and heals him using his sibling's powerful ability,

more on that when we get to the Zoldycks

When Gon is healed he finally meets up with Ging

at the top of the World Tree,

before setting out on an even wilder adventure.

I can't vouch for this personally

but I'm told it's totally worth reading the manga

to see what goes down after the anime

'cause apparently it's wild or at the very least,

I'm sure it'll make you thirstier for more Hunter Hunter.

As part of that new adventure,

we learn a little history

on another member of the Freecss Family

but if you wanna stay completely free from manga spoilers,

skip ahead, okay.

So technically Don Freecss

should have been the first character in our family tree

but spoilers be spoiling, so we're slipping him in

at the end.

We also don't know for sure that he's related

to the rest of the Freecss clan

but for the purposes of this video,

we're gonna assume he is.

We learn in the manga that 300 years ago,

Don traveled to a place known as the Dark Continent.

He wrote a guide called

"Journey to the New World"

Detailing his encounters there.

Centuries later, Ging ventures to the Dark Continent

with Netero's son, Beyond Netero using the guide.

Perhaps we'll know more about Don

and the strange origins of the guide someday

but for now, let's dig into my favorite family of

spiky haired assassins.

The Zoldycks.

The Zoldycks live in a massive mansion on Kukuroo Mountain,

deep within the country of Padokea.

Maha Zoldyck is the oldest living member

of the Zoldyck clan,

you don't know a whole lot about him,

other than that he's Zeno's grandfather.

He's got a cool jacket though.

The former head of the Zoldyck Family,

Zeno was trained in the art of assassination

from an early age.

We first meet him when Gon and the gang

visit the Zoldyck's Mansion to retrieve Killua.

He keeps a low profile until the Phantom Troupe arc,

where he and Silva take on the troupe's leader Chrollo.

The trio are evenly matched

and as the fight reaches its climax,

Silva is notified that they're clients,

the 10 mob bosses have all been killed,

so their job is effectively canceled.

Chrollo, Zeno and Silva agreed to stop fighting

and go on their merry ways.

Zeno, then reemerge in the Chimera ant arc.

Netero calls him in as emergency back up

as the hunters prepare their attack on Meruem's castle

but he's not being paid enough

to go up against a foe like the Chimera Ant King,

so Zeno bounces after taking out a big chunk of the castle

with his Nen dragon.

Silva is the current head of the Zoldyck family,

Killua's father and probably secretly

a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character.

Before we met him, he married Kikyo, a fellow assassin

and they had five children together

and he trained all of his older children as assassins.

In the anime we first meet Silva when Gon and crew

go to Kukuroo Mountain.

He has a father son chat with Killua

and acknowledges that Killua is a bit different

from most of the Zoldyck clan.

He allows Killua to join his friends

but makes him take a blood oath to never betray them.

Could this be a rare positive parenting moment

in Hunter Hunter?

Well, no, it's not because it's later revealed

that the oath was a crucial step in making Killua

the heir to the family.

Outside of his fight with Chrollo

and his brief appearance to pick up Zeno from the NGL,

we don't see Silva again until Killua returns to the mansion

to see if Alluka can heal Gon.

Silva refuses to let Killua remove his sibling

from the mansion, saying they can't be controlled

and aren't a true member of the family.

Killua pulls a fast one on his dad

and Silva's forced to let Killua

and Alluka leave the mansion.

Kikyo is the matriarch of the Zoldyck family

and the definition of an overbearing mother.

We don't know much about her life

before she married into the Zoldyck family

or how she got her cool robot visor

but we do know she was an assassin long before she met Silva

and has played a major role in raising the next generation

of Zoldycks.

When Killua uses her life as a bartering chip

to escape the mansion with Alluka,

she's actually pretty proud, Killua has grown up into a

decisive and competent member of the family.

Oh, they grow up so fast

but Kikyo isn't always so loving.

She sacrifices eight innocent lives

when she first starts testing Alluka's power.

Okay, technically it's not Nanika's power

but we'll get there.

Ultimately, she keeps the child imprisoned and isolated

from the rest of the family.

For the most part, the Zoldyck family is complicated

and brutal but you always get a sense

that they're guided by some sort of code.

This is not the case with Illumi.

Throughout the series he abuses and manipulates Killua

into doing what he wants,

all for the sake of the family business

and his own desires of course.

On his father's orders,

Illumi plant a needle into Killua's his brain

and manipulates him into failing the hunter exam.

He tries to murder his own sibling Alluka,

just for being herself

and then tries to use Alluka's powers for himself,

once he realizes their potential.

He does give off a lot of bloodlust

when Hisoka threatens Killua's life

but you know, then he tries to run him off the road.

So, so much for brotherly love.

His specialized needles act as weapons

that put their victims in a zombie like state

but he can also use them on himself to reshape his face

as a means of disguise.

The next brother, though formidable in his own way,

lacks the particular backbone that the other Zoldycks have,

even if he's my personal favorite.

The second oldest Zoldyck child and a certified NEET,

Milluki is a different type of assassin entirely.

He hasn't left the family estate since the age of 10.

Why leave when he's got such a tricked out battle station.

He really loves computers, video games and anime.

You can spot Hiei and Kurama on his shelf

for those Yu Yu Hakusho fans out there.

In fact, it's only his desire

to own the super rare video game Greed Island

that eventually makes him leave the mansion.

Even though he isn't the most active member of the family,

he supports his clan by inventing assassination tools

and doing some lit hacking

and that's a word I have not seen since middle school.


Killua has got to be the most beloved member

of the Zoldyck family.

He's the heir to the throne and Gon's best friend.

Ever since skating into our hearts

at the beginning of the hunter exam,

we've been able to watch Killua grow

from being a cold hearted loner

to a devoted and loving friend.

Killua's story is really about finding himself

and gaining the resolve he needs to forge his own path.

After Gon scoops up Killua from Kukuroo Mountain,

they go to Whale Island,

then venture through the Mortal Kombat tower

of Hunter Hunter, Heavens Arena.

After learning Nen they head to Yorknew

in pursuit of Greed Island.

Once their Killua undergoes more training

alongside Gon and Bisky but he leaves briefly to take

and pass the hunter exam.

He unlocks a neat lightning ability

and weaponized some yo-yos

and really just has the shone in boy glow up

we all know he deserves.

When Gon and Killua meet up with Kite,

Killua proves just how much he's grown,

when he knocks out his friend

and drags him to safety as Pitou attacks Kite

but at the root of his compassionate act

is a nagging sense of self doubt.

Killua can't overcome the voices in his head

that tell him to flee from any foe stronger than him.

It turns out the voices are really

a result of the needle Illumi implanted in his brain.

Killua finally removes it

and immediately takes out a powerful Chimera Ant.

He makes good use of his new abilities,

as he can Gon infiltrate the NGL he attacks ants,

makes a new octopus friend

and eventually rescue Gon after his battle with Pitou

He then returns to the mountain

and proves that he is by far the best Zoldyck

because he's the only one who truly understands

little Alluka.

After liberating his sibling and saving his best friend,

Killua is ready to spend some quality time

with his Alluka and Nanika.

Kalluto is the youngest child of the Zoldyck Family.

He's quiet and reserved and doesn't do much

until he joins the Phantom Troupe as member number four,

replacing Hisoka.

He helps them locate the Nen user who can heal Chrollo.

His goal in joining the troupe

on top of honing his abilities,

is to bring Killua home.

We'll see if he succeeds.

At last we're up to sweet Alluka,

one of the most fascinating characters in the series.

Silva implies that Alluka

isn't a naturally born member

of the Zoldyck Family, whatever that means

but Killua sees her as she really is,

just a sweet little kid.

Killua is also the only Zoldyck who understands

that he's got a whole other sibling, Nanika,

a completely different personality that's bound to Alluka.

When Nanika emerges they have a mask like face,

they're able to grant wishes for a price.

The Zoldyck family completes a series of deadly experiments

in hopes of understanding exactly how

Alluka/Nanika's powers work,

but Killua is the only one who truly gets it.

When Killua tells Nanika to go away and never come back,

Alluka explodes in anger

saying he can't be mean to Nanika, if he's nice to her,

then he has to be nice to both of them.

Realizing that he has two siblings,

Killua apologizes and promises to protect Alluka and Nanika

no matter what.

Happy and resolved, the siblings travel the world together.

Now this next guy is

(bell rings) major spoilers.

So skip to this time code if you haven't read the manga yet.

Not much is known about this precursor to the Zoldyck clan

other than the fact that he traveled with Isaac Netero

and Linne Horsdoeuvre

in an undocumented trip to the Dark Continent.

I like his hair on his face though, it seems pretty cool.

I also wanna make some time

for the other members of the hunter exam crew.

Leorio and Karapika.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about Leorio's family.

The closest we get is a childhood friend named Pietro,

who dies from a disease

and sets Leorio on his path to becoming a physician

and Karapika,

well he's the last surviving member of his clan,

but we do learn a little more about the Kurtas

in volumes zero of the series,

the one shot Karapika's memories and the Phantom Rouge film.

The clan consisted of 128 members

and they made their home in the forest

of the Lukso province.

The Kurtas lived a relatively insulated life

and we're distrustful of the outside world.

Karapika is forced to petition the Kurta elders

for permission to leave the protection of their village.

They eventually agree on the condition

that he's able to pass a test.

No surprise, he passes.

The Kurta Clan meets a tragic end

at the hands of the Phantom Troupe

who massacred the villagers

in order to steal their Scarlet eyes.

Karapika, who is away at the time of the attack

returns to a scene of carnage

and vows to exact revenge on the troupe.

He goes on to manifest several specialized nen abilities

created specifically to aid him in hunting down the spiders.

Isaac is the more prominent member of the Netero Family.

As a young man, Isaac learns to push himself

beyond his limitations.

So he goes into the mountains

and begins his lifelong practice of throwing

10,000 punches a day, offering a prayer of gratitude

with each punch.

Over time, he's able to complete the ritual in shorter

and shorter amounts of time

until he gains the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

With this new power,

he rose through the ranks of a local dojo

before re making it into his own martial arts school.

Shingen-ryu school teaches nen based kung fu

and fun fact Bisky, Wing and Zushi

all use this fighting style,

Eventually he's selected the 12th

Chairman of The Hunter Association.

As chairman, Netero is humanity's last line of defense

against the Chimera Ant king.

He cuts off his beard and ponytail, puts on his lucky shirt

and charges into the depths of Meruem's castle with Zeno.

The chairman convinces the king to face him

in a one on one battle in a remote location.

The two powerhouses fight,

until the chairman sacrifices himself

to deal with final blow to Meruem.

After his death, the Zodiacs become consumed

with the convoluted election process

to elect the next chairman

but it's not just the Zodiacs who are eager

to fill up the vacuum of power left by Issac Netero.

Alright, I'm about to go into manga only territory again

but I'm gonna keep it brief and vague.

The chairman had a son Beyond Netero.

Like, imagine if instead of naming your kid Adrian Jr,

you named him Beyond Adrian.

It's a pretty aggressive move but yeah, I respect it.

We don't know who Beyond's mother was

and he only emerges from the shadows when he does

because his father had made him promise

not to go to a certain place until after his death.

With Isaac gone,

Beyond his ready to come back into the spotlight.

Now I can't talk about families in Hunter Hunter

without exploring the best Chimera Ant lineage.

There are way too many ants to cover here.

So I'm gonna focus on just the prominent ants.

The Chimera Ant Queen is the one who started it at all.

Hailing from a distant shore,

she washes up on the beaches of the NGL.

She begins to feed on whatever prey you can find.

So begins the terrifying process of phagogenesis.

Any creature the Queen consumes has their DNA reconstituted

and incorporated into the next generation of ants.

The Queen's offspring quickly evolved

gaining strength, power

and intelligence until they're finally strong enough

to start hunting humans.

They lay siege on the world in order

to bring the Queen high quality food,

so she can incubate her most perfect offspring, the king.

When the Queen gets a taste of a nen users flesh,

the ants evolve once again.

Pitou is the first ant born into the royal family.

They're incredibly powerful both physically

and as a nen user.

Her nen abilities allow them to heal

even the most grievous wounds

and gives them the ability to create human puppets.

It's Pitou who first confronts Kite, Gon and Killua

and it's Pitou who takes Kites life.

Pouf is the second and most stylish member

of the Royal Guard.

He's incredibly protective of his king

and seeths with jealousy

when the king becomes preoccupied with Komugi.

Youpi up is the final member of the Royal Guard.

He's the muscle

and when the extermination squad attacks the palace,

he unleashes some truly terrifying abilities.

He can grow extra eyes and limbs,

regenerate flesh and take a lot of hits.

He falls victim to Killua's Godspeed move

and in one of the coolest sequences of the whole show

and as a final blessing, we get to see him and puff

in tibia form before they die.

So cute.

And now it's time for the king himself, Meruem.

The pinnacle of the Chimera ant species,

the culmination of their evolutionary effort

and a gungi enthusiast, Meruem was born prematurely

killing his mother in the process.

He subjugates the entire country of East Gorteau,

determined to decimate humanity

and spread the rule of the Chimera ants

but if One Punch Man has taught us anything,

it's that with great power comes great boredom.

Meruem off against all sorts of foes

in every arena of combat from Sports to board games,

only a snort nosed gungi champion can truly challenge him.

As he faces this challenger, he begins to care for her

and starts to question his purpose.

If a divine powerful being

can be humbled by a vulnerable child,

should his mission in life really be to

exterminate humanity?

With this question on his mind,

he faces off against Chairman Netero in a brutal

and gorgeous battle,

which ends with him being dealt a fatal blow.

He returns to the castle

so he can spend his final moments with koyugi,

and none of us were ever the same again.

Though, in my personal opinion,

I thought he got off too easy.

Okay, now on to some honorable mentions.

These ants may not be members of the Royal Guard

but they're super important nonetheless.

Meleoron is a chameleon type Chimera ant

who has been able to recover some of his human memories.

He's an early ally of the Extermination Squad

and it's his ability

Gods Accompilce

that allows the Extermination Squad to breach the castle.

Ikalgo is a quick talking octopus

with sniper rifles for arms.

He squares up against Killua,

who almost falls to a pair of fishy Chimer ants

until Ikalgo saves him at the very last moment.

Ikalgo unlocks the most powerful ability in all of shownen,


So you decide to join up with the good guys

to help their invasion.

I love him.

Colt is an early ant and the Queen's closest

and most loyal confidant.

When the Queen dies giving birth to the king,

Colt is the only ant who seems to remember how much

the early ants sacrifice to bring the king into the world.

He seems skeptical of the newer model ants

and when he discovers that the Queen has posthumously

given birth to one final ant,

he makes off with it in the night.

That last ant in question is none other than Kite.

Kite is one of the coolest characters in this series

and it's pretty awesome to see them reborn in this form.

The bouncing baby girl retains a lot of Kites

characteristics and at least some of his memories too.

When Gon finally meets kite 2.0,

he's relieved to see his friend lives once again.

So there you have it.

Every notable family in the Hunter Hunter franchise.

Is there someone we're missing, an angle we missed,

did you not like the way I pronounced something

or maybe you just liked the video,

so be sure to Comment and Subscribe.

I'm Wyatt Chang, this is Getting The Robot,

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