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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wi-Fi Withdrawal

Difficulty: 0

We know you have a choice in airline providers,

and we thank you for choosing us.

So just sit back and enjoy the flight.

Oh, and there's no Wi-Fi on this plane.




This is fine.

I don't need Wi-Fi to entertain myself.

It's not like I haven't been alone with my thoughts

in years.

Oh, no.

No Wi-Fi?

For six hours?

My poor followers.

Dad, we wanna watch videos.

We wanna watch videos.

Or why don't I read you kids a, uh, a picture book.

[CLEARS THROAT] There once was a little boy

and girl who discovered a magical seat belt buckle.

Sad how addicted all these other people are to having Wi-Fi.

A mama came prepared.

I can make any place my office.

Can't think about my crippling boredom

if I'm busy reorganizing my home screen.

Yep, this is fun.



Barfnarius of house 22F, lord of the tray table,

defender of the upright seat back position

during takeoff and landing!


I'm sorry.

Do you like this photo?


Like, we all like this, right?

I guess.

I just need, like, a little hit of validation.

But I'm good now.

I got my fix.

Look at me!

I'm getting work done on a plane, no Wi-Fi required.

Oh, no!

[GASPS] An invading army from the overhead compartment realm!

And items have shifted.


Are you seriously watching this?

Oh, no!

They're coming from everywhere!


It's the only thing on.

Plus, they're in season 3 now, so, you know, I'm invested.

Oh, no!

They're attacking in numbers!

I would kill for a mountain right now.


Do you guys have any fluffy clouds coming up, you know,

the ones that look like things?


Excuse me.

She's trying to influence me.

I am not!

I'm just saying if you want to use my offer

code for some really great beauty products,

it's totally up to you.

No pressure!

Hashtag sponsored post.

And I guess the real magic seat belt

buckle were the friends we made along the way.

The end.


That's it?


Bad ending!

Bad writing!


I'm starting a petition.

I hope you do that.

I'm an accountant.

I don't do this for a living.


Wi-Fi is for the weak!

I'm getting so much done.

I am the CEO of plane!


I think we need some help back here.

Yeah, is it possible to die of boredom?

Because I think this guy maybe just did.


How long until we get to New York?

About five hours and 45 minutes.


Don't let Wi-Fi withdrawal happen to you.

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Wi-Fi than any airline in the world,

plus free movies, TV, and music to enjoy

on your personal device.

The Description of Wi-Fi Withdrawal