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This design fail is almost too perfect

Like I feel like somebody purposely put the dumpster there and made it look like she eating garbage

She was like she kind of looks into it, too

this is


They're sitting perfectly under the the ad or above the ad I guess and their legs look on fleek

so I got these buff huge like hockey players and like they haven't missed shaving even one hair like

Nothing those legs are smooth. Do not exceed 20 children. This is just straight-up good life advice

Do you know what happens when you have twenty children instead of one?

Things get a lot more expensive buy a lot cuz do the math times it by 20. There you go. Oh

They meant don't go over 20 miles per hour because there's children in the area

They should have been more specific

Then this film ingo is supposed to hold up your drink, but instead you lost your drink

You should get your monies back or at least they owe you a drink. Like what is this? This is flawed

They should have at least tested it before they made somebody pay for it. Also, it's really tripping me out that the waters green

I know it's because the bathtubs green but why does the water look green? I don't want to take a bath in green water

That's just mm. That doesn't feel right

I'm me not meet see the individual go vegan right above a chicken store

I wonder which one came first

Then the vegan sign go up first and the chicken place is like we take up this

competition or is it the other way around the chicken place was there and then the vegan sign was like

We want to discourage everybody from getting chicken and they put up their son. I wonder if it works

I wonder if people are just liking that I don't care gonna have me some chicken

I'm pretty sure we have a very different definition of wheelchair ramps because this is not look real chair friendly

Unless you've got some mad skills

Lose ain't happening. I don't know what the sign says, but it looks like he's just taking a bite out of the garbage

Okay, I'm gonna translate this one


This one looks pretty accurate actually wait

So you're telling me you guys haven't heard about baby piercings the newest trend what even is that? It's like a bolts

I don't know, but it just

It's too good. It's too good. I see Santa's little hand. Hi Santa here

We got a unicorn pencil sharpener, and I don't know how I feel about this one

You know currents are already endangered as it is. I'm not sharpening my pencil with that

I'm not quite sure where this bathroom doesn't have a curtain. This is a design fail like a massive design fail

Unless like you really want to sit there and wave to the people below like you're in some type of grade if that's your thing

Then I don't know what to say to you because nobody wants to see that nobody. It's a beautiful day to save lives

this is ironic because

It's pretty much flatlining

You're talking about saving life at least keep it going. Don't make this straight. I get it a design looks cool

But like do it the other way like, you know the opposite I say

Goes like this 100% Are you sure are you sure about that that looks 75% full to me

85 max

They drew this on stairs, but from a very different angle it looks very different

This is by drawing things on surfaces that aren't fully flat is dangerous territory. Then you get these type of optical illusions

Oh, no, look at his head. He's touching his head

Can you imagine running up the stairs really fast and not paying attention just going

Goodin like if you're over three feet tall, this isn't gonna work you're gonna be literally crawl up the stairs

How did they not think this through matter?

they were trying to really

Really save off on like square footage like they're like look I get a little extra like we make the stairs like this

This was shipped this way imagine reaching into the bag and grabbing it. I think you would cut your hand

This is so dangerous

The whoever pack is just really mess up

Like it needs to go the other way around that way if you grab it your hand is his floor is making me nauseous

Like I know it's not really this way, but it's tripping me out

Like if this was me walking here, I would be tripping I'd be tripping trip and trip and tripping

I mean, I'm all for having a TV in the bathroom, but how does this help anybody?

It's facing the wrong way. Like if you're sitting down you wanted to be looking at it

You want to be sitting down and being like this the whole time? It's not handy. It's a design though. That sticker placement is

Horrible see a completely different picture than what's really happening. Whoa. It's like cyber baby. She's a good little baby Terminator

We need more baby terminators. I like it. Hey, ma'am. Can I see that receipt for that makeup?

You bought that's what I thought that's pretty much what this story tells right? You know, she got the makeup

She stole as she's being arrested that or just a really bad placement. You don't matter give up

I see what you're trying to do teacher what you meant was you matter don't give up

But this placement does make me feel really unmotivated

Sometimes I don't see how people don't see how it doesn't see the way they wanted to see anyways guys

I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you eyes so much

Stay awesome. Stay sweet and don't forget to be nice other

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