Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018 | 20 Years of Endymion

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How weve put up with each other for 20 years?

I ask myself the same thing every day when I wake up.

Luckily, we dont live together.

Weve been friends since we were young

I think that is the base of our long-term cooperation

and thats why we can put up with each other so well.

Were actually just friends

and this started out as a hobby.

It got a bit out of hand.

Our transition to RAW

We were already in the hardcore scene for 16 or 17 years

and we noticed that hardcore just started getting harder

and the really hard stuff got more popular.

What we did is called millennium now

but back then it was just hardcore.

That has lost its popularity.

The really hard stuff just wasnt for us.

The hardcore that we made was actually almost hardstyle.

Our first tracks were also about 150/160 bpm.

Actually we didnt change

but the name of the genre has shifted

and we had the feeling we were almost already making hardstyle.

20 years ago there was no hardstyle yet.

Our first records had the same speed of whats now called hardstyle.

Its a difference of a few bpm maybe.

And then we were in the middle

between hardstyle and hardcore

and we thought, that 200 bpm hardcore,

with all due respect, but thats not for us.

Thats not our thing.

People love it, but you have to make what you feel.

And then we thought, you know what,

lets start all over and start a hardstyle record label.

Were going to gather young people around us

and try to make them big.

Also considering the future.

The label, Nightbreed, is still going better than expected.

We started out with Bass Chaserz, Myst, High Voltage.

And in three years time theyre all playing at the BLUE

so thats going pretty fast.

You notice that the fan base of the label is growing

the merchandise is selling well.

Yeah, the label is going really well,

also the hostings.

In three years weve reached so much

and its only getting bigger.

Nightbreed Live is also booked regularly

and you notice that every artist has its own fan base.

When Nightbreed Live or one of the artists performs

you really see true fans and thats really cool.

Highlights of the last 20 years...

Qlimax of course, 2 times already.

Both times were a highlight.

The first time was a hardcore spot with Evil Activities.

The second time was actually when we started out with Nightbreed

so we kind of released our new sound there

so that was pretty special.

Were at Defqon.1 every year and every year its great.

Were going to Australia again, weve been there a lot of times.

Bookings abroad are also really cool.

Its not that we just like the bigger parties.

Weve played in Canada once literally at a table

for about 80 people a long time ago.

Or in Russia in a nuclear bunker

60 meters underground.

I can think of the craziest things.

This was for only 800 people

well not only but compared to Qlimax or something.

But that doesnt make it less fun

the experience is awesome

to go underground in an elevator with a huge door.

I think weve stagedived 20 times in that bunker.

You cant imagine how crazy that is.

Defqon.1 Chile was also insane.

We can go on and on about this.

10 years of Q-dance in the Arena was also amazing.

I think the trips that come with it are also a lot of fun

Im talking about bookings abroad in this case.

In Russia for example we went into an underground sauna

and there were pigs and beluga fish and 10 to 15 bottles of vodka

and youre there with a large group

thats quite an experience and youre not even at the party yet.

Youre at a table with 20 people

you dont know half of them, theyre fans or crew

and then you take a shot of vodka, eat something

and 10 minutes later you take another shot and another shot.

And there are people waving these huge palm leaves

and then you get to dive into the warm water

just because youre coming to play there for an hour.

Those are pretty special experiences.

Our new album Invincible comes out on June 20th.

Our Defqon.1 performances are dedicated to our album.

In the BLACK and BLUE you can expect a lot from it

were probably going to play everything.

Yeah, weve made this album because Endymion exists for 20 years now

and to celebrate this with everyone.

Its mainly a hardstyle album

but weve asked a lot of people to make remixes of our older tracks.

So we have D-Fence, Wildstylez, Rebelion, Mad Dog and more.

We have a few remixes on the album and a lot of new tracks.

The older Endymion music is on it, but then in new versions.

At the BLACK were going to play millennium hardcore

so really our older sound

and also a few tracks of the new album.

The Pussy Motherfuckers remix by D-Fence for example

were definitely going to play that,

not the original, but the D-Fence remix

At both stages well be celebrating 20 Years of Endymion

but at the BLACK well have an emphasis on hardcore and older tracks

and at the BLUE its mainly new tracks and new versions of older tracks.

They know you by your hits

back in the days those were mainly hardcore tracks of course.

Last year at Defqon.1 we played hardcore for the first time again.

That was insane.

It was crazy, that tent was so full, were you there?

Then you know it.

The tent was full,

outside of the tent was a whole group of people as well.

We heard more than once that it was the greatest set at Defqon.1 at the GOLD

and it really felt like that for us as well.

I think because there were a lot of foreigners as well

that can see you play hardcore.

Alfred is definitely going to be at Defqon.1 as well.

More than once.

He called me, but I couldnt hear what he was saying.

But hes coming to Defqon.1.

And hes mainly looking for chicks.

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