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From lawmakers who had to drink their own "medicine", to those who were bad and had

bad things happen to them.

Join me as I show you 15 people who got what they deserved!


What's Wrong With Raw Milk?

I don't know if you're aware, but there's thing out there called "Common sense", and

when something is so apparent that it's "common sense", you really shouldn't mess with it.

Such as, raw milk.

The milk that you (potentially) drink is one that has been processed through various means

to ensure that it's safe and healthy.

After all, if you were to drink milk from the source without such processes, you would

get sick, and who the heck wants that from drinking milk?

Well, apparently, some lawmakers in West Virginia wanted that.

Because not only did they say it was "unconstitutional" to ban the sale of raw milk in the state,

they fought tooth and nail to lift the ban and give those who wanted raw milk what they


Yes, it's as stupid as it sounds, but don't worry, there's a payoff.

Because after the law was approved, these lawmakers decided to go and celebrate by chugging

a glass of raw milk.

...a little while later, they all got sick.

Very likely from the raw milk, but of course, they wouldn't admit that, because that would

mean they were wrong...and they couldn't have that.


Hit And Run...And Leave Proof Behind If you really think about it, one of the most

dangerous things in our world today isn't just people, it's people behind motor vehicles.

We've all had "experiences" in which there were people who drove crazily on the road

and had no business having a license, you know?

But worst of all, sometimes people will accidentally hit someone with their vehicle, and instead

of being sympathetic and checking on the person, they go and run away, fearing that they will

get in serious trouble for the endeavor.

In Dublin, Ireland, this exact thing happened to a person on the street.

They were riding their bike, a taxi swooped in and hit them, and the taxi booked it out

of there.

So where's the justice?

It's simple, when the taxi drove away, they kind of left something behind.

Their car identification number.

Yeah, not something you want to leave behind after a crime of this nature, don't you think?

Anyway, the person who got hit was fine, and since they had the identification number of

the taxi, they were able to get them in trouble.

Plus, they posted it on Facebook for good measure.

So now EVERYONE will know how bad of a driver this taxi guy was.


The BBC Are Troll Hunters Yes, I do wish I was being literal here.

But trust me when I say that this is just as good a story.

You see, the Internet age has given rise to a very terrible kind of person.

A troll.

Basically, they go around the internet and post either disparaging remarks, or try and

controversial just for the sake of being controversial.

Whether they actually believe in what they're saying is immaterial to them, they just want

to stir the pot.

And that's what 41-year-old Darren Burton used to do.

But he did it in a much worse way.

He would go and post the most heinous of comments under the defense of the internet and Facebook

being an "open forum".

Eventually, word got out to BBC (the leader of British television) that this was happening.

So they did an impromptu interview with Burton, and revealed to his family what he was doing.

Then, after doing an actual interview with him, they posted his name and address so people

could find him.

And that started an onslaught of posting on his Facebook account from people who found

out what he did.

He was so scarred he not only deleted his account, he ran away as well.

The lesson here?

Don't be a troll, or the BBC will find you! 12.

The Lion Prophet Let's go back to the "common sense" thing

for a second, ok?

There are few things in life as certain as the fact that if you mess with wild lions,

they're going to mess with you back!

Especially when you decide to mess with one of their meals, ok?

So here's what happened, at the Krueger National Park in South Africa, a man was going on a

safari ride.

And just like most safari rides, he was in a vehicle when this all happened.

The problem though was that this guy claimed to be a prophet from the Christian faith.

And he suddenly had the "compulsion" to go to the lions den and try and get them to follow

his commands.

You can see where this is going, right?

Sure enough, he did indeed get out of the vehicle, made it to the lions, tried to "entrance

them", and then promptly got chased away by the lions, and literally had his butt clawed

off by them.

His thoughts on the situation afterwards?

"I have no idea what came over me."

Me either!

But you got your just desserts for that stupid idea, so congrats!


Workplace Etiquette When you have a workplace, especially one

where there's a lot of co-workers and you all do similar things in the same areas, you

need to be mindful of what you do and be respectful of them.

If you empty the last of the coffee, start brewing another cup.

If the trash is full, take it out.

And stuff like that.

Oh, and if you all use the same bathroom, make sure you flush, and don't leave it smellier

than when you arrived.

Sadly, for one office, one guy would systematically go and use the bathroom, and it would stink

to high heaven afterwards.

Much to the chagrin of the other workers.

And even when the manager of the place went and told them to use the nearby bathroom (which

was bigger), they didn't do it.

So, one co-worker had enough and got even.

They monitored said worker, and knew EXACTLY when they would go to the bathroom.

So, the next day, they went in, took out all the toilet paper, and left with it.

The perpetrator came in, used the bathroom, and found themselves in the ultimate dilemma.

Justice is served.


Do Unto Others There are few things worse than idiots who

feel that their views of the world are so perfect that they to enforce them on others.

One such antiquated thought is that women are "inferior" to men (news flash: They're


Anyway, in Ohio one night, two idiots got drunk, started harassing a woman, and even

threw a bottle of alcohol at her car.

They were arrested, and were going to be put in jail.

But, the jailhouse that night was overcrowded.

So, they went in front of a judge, and got a different ruling.

Mainly, they were ordered to put on women's clothes, wigs, and makeup, and walk up and

down the Ohio street in question for over an hour.

They got a lot of the same treatment from others as they did to that pour woman.

And I bet they thought twice before ever doing it again.


You'll Shoot Your Back Out Gun violence in the world is terrible, and

many countries have laws to prevent it, and yet, more and more people are actually trying

to make it more accessible to get guns, especially in the hands of younger children.

One such person was Jamie Gilt, who not only believed in the power of the second amendment,

but felt that children should be trained in using firearms.

Yeah, well one day she left her LOADED gun in the car with her son.

Who decided to not just pick it up, but fire it right at his mother.

She was shot in the back, and had to get taken to the hospital.

She lived, but it's a harrowing reminder that children should NOT have access to weapons

at a young age.


Coming Through!

Remember when I said people were idiots on the road?

Well, one of the big reasons for that is that they're in such a hurry to get everywhere

that they feel the need to RUSH to get everywhere.

Such as this guy, who was such in a rush to get past some people that he didn't notice

that there was a guard rail coming up, and...he got caught on it.

Now he not only has to wait to get pulled off of it, he most certainly is going to be

even angrier at himself at the car bill that's coming.


Yeah, Keep Talking One of the reasons that cell phones are so

beloved is that while telemarketers still somehow get your number, it's nowhere near

as bad as it was when everyone has a landline.

Those days were filled with telemarketers calling every day and trying desperately to

sell you stuff you didn't need.

So, in 2011, a man named Lee Beaumont had enough.

He was getting so many of these "cold calls" that he decided to charge THEM for talking.

He got his home phone turned into a premium line.

Thus allowing him to charge about 16 cents a minute for people to call him.

The telemarketers started calling, and he let them talk for a long time, raking up the

minutes, and the cash.

By the end of a few months?

He had $470 raked up from just the telemarketers.

And people continue to call him for some reason...


Caught...Because Of Your Own Footage Teens are mean at times, and they can also

be very stupid.

What's worse is when they're mean, stupid, and bored.

Such as when some teens in Australia decided to rip seat covers off of trains and then

throw them out the window onto oncoming traffic.

Yeah, not cool.

The dumb part here though was that they then recorded themselves doing this, uploaded it

onto Facebook, and were arrested because they all got indentified...obviously.

They faced up to five years in prison for their crimes.

And they have no one but themselves to blame for getting caught.


The Vacuum Wars Ok, I'm not sure how beneficial this was to

the vengeful party, but it is kind of hilarious.

If you live in an apartment, you know that sometimes you have to deal with roommates

who play music or TV too loud, or have loud parties outside your door or something like


Well, for one guy, his roommate above him was also vacuuming his floor late and night

when he was trying to sleep.

A very annoying thing indeed.

So, to turn the tables, he waited until 3am, and then literally vacuumed the ceiling to

make sure that the roommate woke up.

Again, it's tricky, because that meant the guy had to wake up at 3am to do this, but

if it sent a message?

Sure, I'm for it.


Son, Get A Life Laziness at times is fine, it's even natural

in some cases.

But it doesn't excuse jerk behavior.

One guy was literally so lazy that he SUED his own parents for an allowance increase.

Oh, and he was 25 at the time.

When the case went to court, the judge wasn't having any of this.

He ordered the case dismissed, and gave the kid a court order to get out of his parents

house in 30 days, AND find a job or be put in jail.

Whether he did so or not is unclear, but I bet you his laziness ended right there.



A robbery is something to not take likely, especially if the robber has a gun on you.

But, in some cases, it's ok to attack the robber.

Such as when the thief is clearly an idiot.

Such is what happened here in this Youtube clip.

Where a thief was having trouble robbing the store he entered, and one of the workers there

used his nearby materials to utterly beat him down.

Then, a customer entered the store and joined in on the fun!

Everybody now, "beat up the thief'!


Cops And Robbers I'll keep this one short and sweet.

One kid named Cameron Cox was in trouble with the law, and since he knew he would be caught

eventually, decided that he was going to be a "Hollywood Criminal" of sorts and get the

police to go on a long chase with him.

He even went onto social media to challenge them to catch him.

Except...they did, not long after that posting.

And that goes to show you, don't tick off law enforcement.


We're In The Endgame Now This one goes out to all of you Avengers fans

out there.

The last year or so has been something of an emotional rollercoaster as you had to wait

and endure the reveals of Infinity War and Endgame.

But one rule held true over all others, "NO SPOILERS!"

Except, since people are jerks, that didn't happen, especially on Reddit.

Right after the release of Infinity War, one fan got everything spoiled for him by a troll

who randomly picked him from a bunch of comments and spoiled everything.

The fan was furious, but, on this very rare occasion, he had the ultimate revenge plan,

and all he had to do was wait a year.

So, he went to this troll, and convinced him that he was ok with the spoilers, and that

they should be friends.

They "were" after that, and for a year, he solidified his relationship with the troll

to make sure he didn't suspect anything.

Then, when Avengers Endgame came out, he contacted the troll to ask if he had seen the movie


Sure enough, he wouldn't be able to opening weekend.

So, the fan went to the film, took all sorts of spoiler-filled pictures, and then rapid

fire sent them to the troll along with details about what happened in the movie.

The troll couldn't believe what was happening, especially since he thought he was "good"

with the fan.

The fan's responded by noting that they were never friends, and that he pulled a jerk move

by spoiling Infinity War for him.

So now, the debt has been paid in full.

And it a snap.

There you have it.

A bunch of times a bunch of people got what they deserved!

Which one of these stories was your favorites?

Did they truly get what they deserved?

Do you know another story that could work on here?

Let me know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe, and I'll see you next time!

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