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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ответы на вопросы? Answer the question?

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Hi, my Milanchiki! My name is Milanka.

And today I'm shooting a Question-and-answer video.

I wrote to Instagram stories for you to ask me questions., you threw a bunch of questions, well, I selected the most interesting and now I will answer them.

I don't want to drag it out. Do not forget to subscribe, click on the bell to learn about my videos the very first. follow me on Instagram, on Likee.

And I'm going to start.

And our first question "Favorite ice cream?"

I like salted caramel ice cream, I love it. I love black ice cream and ice cream balls.

The balls in your mouth melt, so delicious, just like ice cream.

Your favorite singer and favorite song?

My favorite singer is Billie Eilish and my favorite song from her is "Bad guy".

I advise everyone to listen to, very cool.

Who do you want to work for?

I want to work as a blogger, but if it does not work with blogging, then most likely, I will work as a translator or teacher.

I haven't decided yet.

Next question :" How do you care for your skin?"

I take care of my skin simply. I do not apply any creams, no masks.

So, remember, if you try to cover up acne Foundation, then you will still be visible bumps.

If you do not completely wash off the Foundation, then you will have even more acne from it.

There are just a few simple rules.

Try not to touch your face with your hands.

It is simply impossible to get rid of all microbes.

Even if you wash your hands well, you will still have particles of dirt on your hand.

Therefore, try as little as possible to touch the face.


But if you urgently need, then you can cover up.

But I don't use it

Next question.

And look, what is my case. Yesterday I drew.

When you started instagram, did you plan to do It professionally?

No, when I started instagram, I didn't plan to do It professionally.

I kept it for myself.

I had 300-400 followers and 40-50 likes.

But then I became more engaged in it, put my soul and I began to grow subscribers.

Next question.

Your favorite bloggers?

Next question.

Burger or pizza?




At McDonald's, I don't really like burgers, so I choose pizza.

I don't know why I said Burger first.

Do you want to dye yourself?

If so, what color?

Entirely, I would not want to dye myself, i.e. from the roots. But the ends of the hair I would dye in purple, pink or red.

Are you a diver or a swimmer?

I am a synchronized swimmer.

I'm half a diver and half swimmer.

Half swimmer because we swim, so we warm up.

A diver, because we swim underwater, hold our breath.

Therefore, I am a cross between a swimmer and a diver.

Do you have pierced ears?

No, Im not going to pierce in the near future.

I dont feel like it.

The next question: "How long are you going?"

No, on the contrary, I'm waiting. I'm waiting for my mom to get dad out of the computer. I wait until they get together.

I am going to be one of the very first.

Hi girls, let's continue.

What is your favorite fruit?

Passion Fruit and Mango

Favorite vegetable?

I dont have a favorite vegetable, because I hardly eat them except tomato and cucumber. Everything.

Would you like iPhone11 Pro Max?

It seems to me that every child would like the coolest phone.

But I do not have such an opportunity. But in principle, my phone suits me, it does not lag, it removes perfectly and therefore there is no need to buy an iPhone 11.

Do you want a haircut?

No, I dont want to get a haircut. I like my hair length, I have it 70-80 cm and I would like to grow it.

So all the questions ended.

Perhaps I will still make such a video if you have a lot of questions.

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I love you my Milanсhiki.

Bye Bye.

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