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"Informing of general culture"

I got to wake up at 7 tomorrow...

(3:00 AM) I can't sleep.

Every morning I think,

should I not go to work?

I'll go to sleep early tonight no matter what.

(That night 3 AM) When will this insomnia end?

(Insomnia) Informing of general culture


I'm a fourth-year pharmacist Jeong Chorong running a drugstore

called 'Get Medicine' in Yeongwol, Gang-won Province.

I update my cartoon named 'Get Medicine' on Instagram

as an amateur web comic artist.

(Insomnia) Informing of general culture

Home you live in, Your Body

Home you live in, Your Body 01. Sleep, how did I get to sleep?

How many hours did you sleep today?

5 hours? 6 hours?

Some of you may wake up early and go to bed early.

But many of you probably stay up until late and feel tired the next morning.

I'm going to give you some tips.

(Insomnia) Informing of general culture

There are many reasons people these days get insomnia.

Smart phones, alcohol, caffeine, and stress.

If you keep using your smart phone during the night time

the light from the screen will provoke your photoreceptor.

It'll prevent melatonin from being created in our body.

Melatonin helps our body to acknowledge

'Oh, now it's night time.'

Your bio rhythm will be disturbed,

leading to poor quality of sleep.

When it comes to alcohol,

some may think drinking

might help you fall asleep.

Continuous consumption of alcohol

will hinder your REM sleep

which will also lead to poor sleep quality.

According to Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety,

the maximum

recommended allowance of caffeine is 400mg per day.

If you're an adult weighing 50kg

125mg of caffeine is the RDA.

An average office worker in Korea drinks 2 cups of coffee every day.

Let's say one cup of coffee

contains 200mg of caffeine.

Then, the person ends up consuming more than the RDA.

Not only coffee but also

black tea, carbonated drinks

and painkillers are caffeinated.

Geworin and Penzal which we can find easily around us

the packet labeling writes that

50mg of caffeine is in it.

Excessive caffeine intake everyday

can disrupt night-time sleep.

Next is stress.

The stress that has accumulated

can reach the maximum level before going to sleep.

The stress you had that day

and concerns over the stress you expect you'll have the next day

sometimes disrupt your sleep.

(Insomnia) Informing of general culture

Insomnia sometimes can't be cured simply by fixing your lifestyle.

In such cases, supplements or non-prescription drugs might help.

The product I want to show you today

is a supplement called 'Sleep N'

'Sleep N' contains

rice bran extract, vitamin B6, and niacin.

These substances help you to have quality sleep, not make you

fall asleep instantly after taking it.

These substances will effectively help you relax, but it won't take effect

just in one or two days since it's a supplement.

If you keep taking this for one or two weeks

the overall quality of your sleep can be improved.

If you need a faster cure than a supplement

which will take some time, you can purchase sleep inducer.

You don't need a doctor's prescription.

You can buy this over the counter.

Two main substances,

doxylamine and diphenhydramine are used.

Half-life of doxylamine is slightly longer than diphenhydramine.

Compared to doxylamine, diphenhydramine has a shorter half-life.

So when you take doxylamine,

you can get a deeper sleep for a longer time.

But you may feel drowsy during the day as a side effect.

For those who experience such a side effect,

I usually recommend diphenhydramine which has a shorter half-life.

Of course sleep inducers are safer than sleeping pills.

But that doesn't mean they have no side effects.

The side effects of antihistamines include not only drowsiness

but also constipation, dry mouth, and urination disorders.

So elderly people have to be more careful

before taking those pills.

Among over-the-counter drugs there are some products that

help improve sleeping patterns

when taken regularly.

This is 'Redormin.'

It's made from a combination of herbal medicines called Oriental Valerian and hop.

Oriental Valerian itself is one of the medicine often used for insomnia and anxiety

because it has a nerve stabilizing effect.

Because it is a herbal medicine,

it can be safely taken by children over 6 years old.

However, it is effective when taken over two weeks,

unlike typical Western medicine.

So you need to take it for a longer period of time.

But that can mean it is safer when it comes to side effects.

Unlike sleep-inducing drugs that can be purchased

as supplement or OTC drugs,

you can choose sleeping pills that require prescriptions.

In case of sleeping pills it is classified as psychotropic medicine.

Drug resistence, and dependence

and even withdrawal symptoms might occur.

Especially if you take more than the dose you're supposed to take,

it may cause symptoms like forgetfulness or delusions,

or even coma.

You might have seen on TV that some people abuse it for crimes.

Not only while you're on the pills but also after you cut down on them

or quit taking them withdrawal symptoms can happen.

I recommend you to consult your doctor

or pharmacist before taking them.

(Causes of Insomnia) Smart phones, Alcohol, Caffeine, Stress

(Tips) Don't use your smart phone before going to bed and drink a cup of warm milk.

(Recommended medicine) Sleep N, Cool Dream, Redormin, etc.

Sleep is a big part of our life.

A good quality sleep

will make your life happier.

Good morning!

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