Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Official] | Love Mechanics กลรักรุ่นพี่ | EP.2 [4/4] | En Of Love รักวุ่นๆของหนุ่มวิศวะ

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Im sure theyre getting back together

Someone took a photo of our legendary couple who were apart for a while

Someone told me that she saw every moment

Ploy was waiting for Vee. Vee came and talked to her

They were holding hands too

All those dramatic scenes

Also, they were hugging each other before they left

All the fans are commenting about this

I'm sure they didn't break up. The legendary couple has returned

What is this?

I thought you and him are together

What the hell is this news?

I just saw this too

I didnt ask if youve seen the news or not

I just want to know the relationship between you and him

I dont know too, James

Give it to me

I will allow you to pick up only his call

Whats going on?

Arent you guys in a relationship?

Im waiting for him

Youve been waiting for him for ages

Its too long already

Do you know that you wait for too long for his clarity?


He said he likes me

Its just a word

And you like him first

Its almost a year before he said he likes you back

Thats too much, James

Its his life

Our job is to take care of him when he gets hurt

But what James said is right

Thank you for coming. Everything remains the same

Fake one should leave

You guys get back together, right? Congratulations

Vee, you asshole


Did you see that post?

I did

Listen to me first

Im listening

Why did you just call me?

Im with Ploy right now

Youre with Ploy? You guys are not separated yet?

What are you guys doing together?

I did. I came out since told her that I wanted to break up

But I dont know why Dew posted it like that

I called Yiwaa to clear things up with Dew now

She will delete it soon

Then why are you guys still together

Yiwaa asked me to come

My friends are coming now


I met Ploy by accident

Why did she post like youre going back to her?


Which post?

Ploys post?


I went in to say hi


We broke up already

Were friends now


I told her that I like someone else

I told her that I dont love her anymore

I just dont want to ruin our friendship

Thats it


You guys broke up already

How can you guys be friends?

Come on, Mark

You dont like Bar now but you can still be his brother

How is that the same thing?

Dont be childish, Mark

You can come and see by yourself that theres nothing between us

Where are you?

Were going to Wink Bar

Come and see

And tell her about our relationship

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